Could somebody help me out to find a good tutorial available on internet to learn NodeJs?(And my thoughts on upcoming Hardfork)

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I have been trying my hands on learning computer programming for a while now. Now that I guess I got acquainted with all basics of JavaScript and ways of coupling it with HTML and CSS to build a nice website. I have been learning jQuery for frontend development and that's when @bala41288 suggested me to focus on Veu.js instead as jQuery is getting outdated. He also suggested me to get familiar with React.js so that I can understand the working of

Since I already got familiar with jQuery for frontend development I'm thinking of learning other variants availabel for the same purpose at a later period. An year back,when I approached @bobinson to get his advice on choosing my very first programming language, his suggestion was to stick to 'NodeJs' so that I can do both frontend and backend development.

However, due to various factors I was unable to learn it at that time. With the announcement of lockdown I got a lot of free time and ventured into learning something new. I started learning programming from scratch while giving more of my time to learn 'Stock market and it's way of working'. I'm sure I gained a lot of knowledge in trading.

Coming back to coding, as of now I have started the basics of NodeJs from this playlist available on YouTube. In fact, this is the only best tutorial available out there it seems or am I missing something? The problem is that this tutorial is from 4 years back. Many concepts he shares might be irrelevant in 2020.

Would you suggest me a best tutorial series (Paid or Free) to learn NodeJs and advanced JavaScript?

There are lots of programmers here on HIVE. Maybe some are beginning with NodeJs just like me. I have already watched 20 out of 37 videos in the above mentioned playlist and understood some basics such as exporting and requiring a module, creating and streaming through a server and some other things.

Would you suggest me a complete video tutorial series available on internet that you think will worth my time?

Bala had suggested me traversy media which seems to be covering not only NodeJs but more topics than that.

Which IDE is most preferred for NodeJs works? As of now I have visual studio code installed in my system. Some are suggesting Atom and others prefer Sublime. Give me some inputs in this as well.

About Upcoming Community Fork on Hive

Off late, I got to know about the upcoming hardfork on HIVE. We really need to have a look at proposals. Many are overpriced and are exploiting the system it seems. We need to bring it under control.

One more thing I want to be added into hive blockchain is the reduction of powerdown period. 13 weeks is still a long period . Wouldn't it be great to bring it down to 4 weeks to attract more investors. If we do it, it will surely be a plus point for us as we have a real community with us, something STEEM lacks now.


I'm going to suggest you the same thing that I suggested earlier. By the way Nodejs is only for backend development. You cannot do front end development with nodejs. But you can use it as a REST API for your front end code which can either be in Vue or Angular or React. You can check out this series and do it alongside to learn.

Traversy media is one of the best youtube channels that helped me learn so much. I would be recommending the same to everyone. For you to get more clarity, you have to start doing realtime projects or get some hands on experience. You can watch tutorials that can help but doing a project gives you more learning.

I prefer using VS Code which I find it very comfortable with all the extensions that it has.

You are doing the best by making most of the spare time....

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By the way congrats on the learning bro. I guess you will soon become a great coder and start doing freelance projects and even start coding something great for Hive. Kudos. Keep going. 👍

Thanks bro. 3 more days to go for my quarantine period to end. I'm planning to get vigorously involved in learning once I reach home.

Here, YouTube is not loading at all. I put playlists to download during night time and it keeps going forever for atleast 24 hours. 😃

This internet speed always remains a villain no matter where I go. Just because of slow internet speed i have not been able to analyse and enter great trades.

Hope you get out of that quarantine soon. I'm able to imagine how difficult it could be.