For Content Creators: Why Should You Post On Hive?

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Dear Hivers,

Before I explain why content creators should start publishing here, let me take a step back and explain a little bit about Johnny.

Johnny is an ordinary guy who lived in a village with no electricity and no clean water.

At the age of 23, he made a switch.

He moved from his village in Vietnam to US even through he couldn't speak English — had no friends — no connections — and zero money.

And today? He is known as the King Bling — who makes custom diamond grills (for your teeth). He is surrounded with wealth and skills. In fact, he is so popular that he doesn’t know rappers — but rappers know him.


All this happened because Johnny made the switch. He started life by changing batteries, repairing bracelets, and broken necklaces. And then, he switched his existing business — and turned into the King Bling we know today.

Since the last 3 months, Hive is making the same switch in the content industry.

No longer do content creators have to worry about rigid rules, censorship, or even centralisation. And when you make a switch from different platform to Hive, you will begin to notice new miracles.

With this thought in mind, let's dive deeper.

To share every important reason to post your content on Hive, I am creating two parts. The first part deals with the features — the features that makes Hive the best place to share your content. These are the “reasons to post.”

And the second part are the personal results you will start observing as you publish your content here. I call them the “outcomes.”

Part 1: 5 Reasons To Post On Hive


(You may want to glance through the graphics again — especially the right side)

Reason 1: 100% anonymity

You don’t have to share your location — real name — or any personal details. In other words, no one can know you — which means you are not sold as a product. No marketers or advertisers can track your behaviour.

You and your content has 100% anonymity (something which attracted me in the first place).

Reason 2: 100% freedom

There's complete freedom of speech here. In technical words, Hive is a censorship-resistant platform. No one will stop you from writing anything and everything.

In fact, if you combine anonymity with the freedom of speech, the result is something beautiful. In my case, because of the anonymity, I also had the freedom to share even my blogging income, make challenges, and start my spiritual series.

Reason 3: 100% acceptance

Unliked traditional platform where content is controlled, you can literally post anything here. Even adult content, if you wish to. But beyond that, one can reveal untold facts, bitter truth, and be highly opinionated as well. No one will ever stop or delete your post.

Every type of content is accepted here. Every. Type. YES!

Reason 4: 100% transparency

Note: Hive is an open-source project where developers and people who are likely to invest show their interest.

So not only do you get to see your content history but also check others. You can see who has written what — and if they have deleted any content after publishing. While most of us will never do this, the point is you can observe transparency.

On Hive, everything is stored on the blockchain and everything is as transparent as the depth of the ocean.

Reason 5: 100% ownership

As I discussed in my earlier article, a lot of centralized platform fight for your attention — and then they punish you by controlling your attention. They control the content, which is not something you will notice on Hive.

Here you have complete ownership of your content — and of your data with no strings attached.

Part 2: The Outcome (Results)

We just saw the features — the 5 reasons — why content creators can publish content on Hive. But these reasons cannot exist without personal outcomes — without personal results.

You see, the moment you start publishing your content here, you begin to observe these 3 miracles. You will notice rewards, opportunities, and positivity.


Miracle #1: Unlimited rewards

While unlimited doesn’t mean thousands of dollars a day, it certainly opens the door for every content creator out there. As you write and contribute on Hive almost everyday, you can start earning rewards that only adds up overtime.

I personally started with 0 HP and turned into thousands within 3 months.

Miracle #2: Unlimited opportunities

There are so many ongoing opportunities — where posting content had led to new businesses and connections. Everyone works together to build something.

On Hive, you can build relationship quickly — and work closely with people even without knowing them. This is because — unlike most platforms where connection is all about a transaction — the connection here is all about building a stronger and bigger Hive ecosystem.

Miracle #3: Unlimited Positivity

I live on positive energy. And the entire place is buzzing with activities filled with love. In fact, because of the built-in audience, you can see engagement 24/7.

There’s a reason why I shared the differences between Medium and Hive. As I wrote on Medium, I don’t have any personal connections or positivity simply because there is no "community" there.

Hell, Hive's community is next level. We really focus on having a good time — and share good energy. Deep down, no matter what we do, a fulfilling life is the most important.

And it feels fulfilling to stay on Hive.


So there you have it...

We come to the end of the article.

As a summary, we first saw the King Bling and why a switch was important for growth. And then, we started noticing the same switch in the content industry and how Hive is leading the way.

Next, talking about the core topic, we moved onto 5 strong reasons to publish your content on Hive. After this, we saw 3 more personal yet concrete benefits.

All of them combined should make noise — and hopefully ignite the soul of every content creator out there.


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Really amazing stuff, and incredibly informative as always! Hive's model is certainly the future of social networking, and now more than ever it's needed. With either censorship, privacy concerns, or growing centralisation abound, Hive's a great example of how to have all the benefits of 'traditional' social media, with very few of the downsides, plus even more upsides to it!

I can personally relate to your experiences on Medium, as I felt that there's not much of a community or networking there as well. Certainly better for sharing more serious posts, and being able to monetise them for longer, but from a social standpoint, it's quite dead. The community here on Hive blows it out of the water!

Its a great place to be right no, no doubt

I pushed this post on Twitter with 6 tweets - enjoying this! #posh

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