Hive Newsletter #8 — A Powerfully Productive Week! 🔥

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Hi guys, Sid here with the weekly Hive Newsletter. I hope and wish you are doing great. This week is filled with new listings, coverage, and more social media buzz.

Let’s dive right into the newsletter. We have 13 bite-sized updates and each one is crisp, short, and worth a glance.

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#1: Good news:  South Korean exchange Upbit adds a new Hive pair this week. This pair Hive/KRW (Korean won) led to a 25% price surge. 🎉

#2: How to earn crypto? By traveling and staying. This was the theme of the’s article. The article features 3 Hive dapps — TravelFeed, Pinmapple, Actifit. [Article here

#3: Hive is also listed on StealthEX. If you didn’t know, StealthEX supports anonymity. You don’t have to sign up — just choose your cryptocurrency, enter the wallet address, and complete the payment. Simple and effective. ✔️ 

#4: The first #HiveChat on Twitter was a success. Going forward, this will be a weekly event. The next chat will be held on July 28th. ❤️ [Details]

#5: Did You Know: The middle class of Hive (Dolphins) have now more power than the Whales? Dolphins hold 5000 to 50,000 Hives while whales hold over 500,000 Hives. [Details]

#6: Rabona is a new soccer manager game based on Hive. Still in the development stage, the game draws inspiration from the space simulation game NextColony

#7: Two Leo updates: 

  1. Leo has a new 2020 roadmap.

  2. Leo’s HiveStats now receives over 20,000 visitors every month. 

#8: Would you like to spread Hive through postcards, QR codes, and postage stamps? Then check out this personalised HiveStamp service. Here are two examples: 12.

#9: Art marketplace is gaining traction. Not only has it been optimised but was also reviewed by CryptoMoonPress this week. 🎨

#10: Previously known as Esteem, Ecency is now live this week. For now, the web version is accessible on [Details]

#11: Based out of Guatemala, Recording Box is a recording studio and agency — and now accepts Hive as payment. Pretty cool to see businesses saying YES to Hive tokens. [Tweet]

#12: Here’s a fun fact: $50 and above. That’s the amount of money over 1000 people have earned on Hive in the last 30 days. Are you one of them? [Tweet] 🙋

#13: Tweets of the week: See how others are describing their Hive experience here. The second tweet is a question from David (98000+ followers) askingHow many people use Hive? Feel free to add your response. 🐥

Tip of this week:

Wish to check the number of times you have blinked, traveled around the sun, or fell asleep. Just visit life stats to know a rough estimate — enter your date of birth to witness magic. 

That’s it for this week! Hope you are resting too! 🎉

See you in the next!



$50 and above. That’s the amount of money over 1000 people have earned on Hive in the last 30 days.

I didn’t know that

So much better than other platforms. Perhaps I will write an earning comparison post soon!

Thanks for the update. It’s helpful in weeks when I’m barely active in the blockchain.

Delighted to know. In fact, this is why I started the newsletter. For the busy souls. :)

Glad to connect.

Here here. Here comes the famous hive newsletter. @sidwrites at his best 😇

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Haha! Thank you for the love and support. Makes me smile! 😇

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I love this sentence. I hope you leave it as is:

This ass the theme of the’s article.

Curious about that article.

Thanks for keeping us posted. I didn't even know about the Upbit thing.

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Great run up!
#3 especially sounds interesting. Many exciting stories this week though 👍

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