The Ultimate Guide To Making $1 A Day On Hive

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Dear Hivers,

The other day I was talking to someone from Venezuela. And his words moved me. He said Hive is putting food on their table and smiles on their face.

And if that’s not enough?

Hive is also moving them into a zone of creativity. They are compelled to create unique content. It truly warms my heart. Feels magical as I think about it.

For many people, Hive is a fantastic platform to earn rewards which is then translated into a better lifestyle. That is why even a single dollar matters.


And if you are new to the platform or wish to increase your earnings, then this is the article for you. Most of the time people posting in #introduceyourself earn a couple of dollars right away.

But nothing after that.

So for those who are interested, committed, and driven to make this work — the solution is simple. First, we will start with the actual truth and then look into a simple 3-step process anyone can follow.

Let’s get started:


Be it life — or Hive — there is no progressive growth. Everything happens exponentially. One day you might make a couple of dollars. And another day you will be graced with few cents.

In my first week of Hive, I made a couple of dollars as well. There is also another reason I am writing this. Last month, on one of my article, I received this comment:


In short: @rmsadkri was making cents on ALL of his post. So we decided to fix it. It was a worthy experiment that worked:


You don’t have to zoom into the image to know the details. I will share them (and more) later. But I do want to take the opportunity to discuss something even more important.

Here’s the short version: If you want to earn good rewards then you have produce perfect articles — which adds value. You have to commit — for more than you probably thought. So we will discuss all of these right now.

In fact, there are 3 simple steps worth remembering.


This is the foundation. I call it the market-value fit. Basically, if you think like a content creator, the market is Hive. It already has a built-in audience.

So what does this market need from a content creator?

Value. You fit in — by becoming the value vehicle. You see Hive as your market — your audience — and then offer what it really wants.

ezgif.comgifmaker 27.gif

In short: You deliver value to the market. The market loves good value. In our case, everyone here wants good knowledge.

ezgif.comgifmaker 26.gif


As I shared in my life lessons, if you want the result, you have to put in the work. Hard work works. There is no substitute around it.

You have to be committed.

ezgif.comgifmaker 28.gif

In the early stage, think of all these as entering the ring. No one cheers you right away. There is no crowd. You stand alone punching the air while producing one post after the another. You show up daily. You visit Hive daily — no matter how you feel — you give your time.

Eventually, as you do it often, your punches get better, and the crowd appears to cherish your work. It won’t happen in a day — or a week. It might take you months.

In many ways, it is a test of your patience. And keeping this in mind — to be committed — you follow the challenges:


Here are 10 challenges you can pick up right now. This is mostly for new users and I am keeping them simple:

Let's explore:

#1: Update your profile: This is basic. We are all humans here. So add a picture and complete your Hive bio.

#2: Follow people you love: Start following 20 people every day. For 14 days.

#3: Start engaging. Write at least 10 comments everyday. If you have more time, go with 20. Again, do this for two weeks. See the do's and don'ts of engagement.

#4: Continue writing 1 article a day for the next 14 days. Make sure at least 3 articles are good tutorials / exclusive articles (your best work).

#5: Start publishing your post in various relevant communities. Look at the communities here.

#6: Make connections: You can do it by being active here and also on Hive Discord. (Make connection because you enjoy learning)

#7: Use relevant tags in your articles.

#8: Make your content presentable. This is very important. Focus on formatting.

#9: Don’t spam your article with irrelevant links (at the bottom) or big banners. You will lose people.

#10: Have FUN (always important).

These are good enough challenges to start with.

With time, you are free to add more of your own challenges here. But you get the point. There is no secret or trick to this.

Basically, the moment you start writing, engaging, and enjoying your time here… you are also inviting other people into your world. And when you do this, one dollar is not a distant dream.

It is a reality.

Here are the 3 steps once again:


That's it. Very simple, right?

I hope and wish this article helps at least ONE person. I hope and wish everyone treats reward as a by-product for the effort. Always — be it Hive or life — one must pick effort over luck. Because, with time, this effort actually creates luck.


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Solid advice for anybody starting out on hive. Find a community that fits what you like to do. Comment and get engaged with them and as you feel confident try to post regularly with interesting content.

I've started a #500wordsaday community for people to get into the habit of posting daily and engaging. It's only beginning but I will be supporting and engaging with all of the posts there so it's not a bad place for new users to get posting. Get into good habits.

THIS is wonderful. Very good initiative. Thank you for sharing.

Get into good habits.

You nailed it.

I have been on hive for a few days. Earned like 10c on three posts. I will try your advice.

Yes, please. Let me know if I can do anything. All the best.

Muy interesante para mi que soy nueva en hive ❤️👍🏻

English: Very interesting to me that I'm new to hive ❤️👍🏻

Thank you! Absolutely delighted to know!

I agree 100%. Giving value, commitment and challenging yourself to improve your hive 'brand' will also improve earnings. I myself will follow these great tips and tricks on how to gain 'luck' on hive and say that your article have already helped ONE person. Thanks.

THIS warms my heart. Thank you! Glad it was useful. And so glad to know you are using them all.

Yes, I am that individual who was luck enough to have that chance encounter with @sidwrites. He was extremely helpful and guided me on how to properly navigate the platform. Always thankful. 😇
Great post and it surely made more than a dollar 😁


Great post and it surely made more than a dollar 😁

Haha! Absolutely glad you took the steps. It was all YOU. Thanks for doing this!

You were my mentor. Appreciate that.

Haha. Oh please. You must be a cool dad.

Hope this article was useful. I also shared it on Twitter with love - #posh

Waooo interesting the content of this publication, despite already having some time here it was useful to me thanks for sharing it.

Wow. Glad to hear. We all learn with time I suppose. Thank you for leavng your comment. Means a lot. Following you!

Hey man,you know you have a way of making me love your post,you try as much as possible to make it exclusive, thinking outside the box,
I don't really know so much about hive though, but this? Guy,this is a milestone for me,to spread the tentacles of this post,I have reblogged it.thanks

I am @sirmartinet

Haha! Love your comment. THANK you. Made me smile!

I try my best. Again, much thanks for the love and support.

Hi @sidwrites thanks for your advice, I will put it into practice. I am also one of those who think that I am not valued on the platform and although I try hard and put all my efforts many times I get depressed. But we must continue because duty forces us and this platform has me in love, I know it's worth it.

Hi Isabel, I understand when you say "not valued." Between us, the idea is to carefully construct value and offer it one piece at a time. Perhaps you can start a series. Continue piling it up for the next 50 days at least (as you are serious about it).

Things do change. People (here and in life) always notice hard work. Following you now. Let's make this happen!

Goes without saying: YOU ROCK!

And you consistently put out simple yet important articles that I appreciate highlighting from my account.

Also, I’ve been noticing that these blockchains work better for people who don’t have imposed, lofty ideals on what success looks like. The opening anecdote about people finding contentment from as little as a $1 a day is such an important point to grasp.

Highest regards. Please keep up the fantastic work and HIVE.ON!


Wow,that's amazing for the Venezuelan folks given the tough economic conditions they are in.

Oh YES! I am filled with gratitude when I get to hear this. To know we an connect with people and know their story and see how grateful they are...

Makes life more meaningful. That is the biggest reason I wrote this article. If more people can make a couple of dollars and lead a good lifestyle through their own efforts... it is truly magical.

Thank you , very helpful !

You are welcome. Appreciate your comment!

Hey,@sidwrites recently came across your blog.They are very helpful for a beginner like me.

Hi Diksha, I am so glad to connect with you as well.

solid advice for newbies like me.

Thank you, Reza. I am glad you are finding this useful.

Commenting really does make a difference. For one, it shows that you actually read the post. Second, it provides value to the creator because it is feedback. Often, there may be new ideas the writer did not consider or clarifications that must be made. It’s also opportunities for other readers to upvote the conversation.

I enjoy that back and forth discussion, or even a quick acknowledgement of my work.

I enjoy that back and forth discussion, or even a quick acknowledgement of my work.

Gosh! I am like YOU. Absolutely adore the conversation that happens in the comment section.

These days I am a little busy otherwise I make sure to visit at least 50 posts and leave my thoughts. Always fun. You remind me to get back to it soon. :)

Go get ‘em, tiger.

Commenting is what helped me break through when I was new and getting no notice for my articles. Coming home and seeing an unexpected upvote on a thoughtful comment I left was really heartwarming.

  • If english isn't your first language, let pictures help tell the story.
  • Think you don't have a story to tell while living in a small village? Share your daily walk in life, I look for posts like that to upvote.
  • Consider time of day when posting. When trying to reach a certain region, publish at the optimal time to have the most impact.

And once you get off the ground running... KEEP GOING! :)

Two words: Absolutely brilliant. Forgot to talk about the time. In fact, the "small village" idea is equally wonderful. Very thoughtful comment.

You made very valid points. Luckily for me, I had known these things from my days on Steemit. However, towards the end of my Steemit career, nothing seemed to be working.
But I'm glad Hive is different, and I'm making something out of it.

The level of financial stress Hive has taken off of me ehn!.

Just to reiterate what you have said, being committed and building relationships are the tips helping me on Hive.

towards the end of my Steemit career, nothing seemed to be working.

Ah, I missed that phase. I have only heard horror stories of people leaving with nothing but disappointment.

being committed and building relationships are the tips helping me on Hive.

So true. I have only started 3 months ago and I am absolutely delighted to connect with so many people. In fact, I am surprised we never connected before. Followed you now. :)

This is an incredible post👍

Thank you so much. Means a lot to hear that.

Superb post !!! looking forward to see more such contents !!!!

Thank you! I notice you are using some good formatting. Hope you are enjoying the process.

thanks for visiting that post, i am using ... i can make this formats by using html css but hive not support it. so i am creating images by using that tool. well, it's not good like your formats :p

So true. One of the biggest issue is the support of HTML / CSS. The editor is really limited. Looking good though. We work with what we have! :)

well said ! ☻

What a solid and useful post, @sidwrites.

Well done.

You often say this. I am so grateful to hear it again and again from you.

Hope and wish you are doing good.

Hello, @sidwrites, I am another Venezuelan who has been able to complement the food on the table thanks to Hive's rewards. Thank you for sensitizing yourself to our circumstances and for writing this valuable post that will help us (Venezuelans and non-Venezuelans, new and not so new) to have a better experience with better results in Hive. You have managed to place your finger on the focal point in a short post, easy to read, not boring and that can be put into practice immediately. Again thank you very much for your publication. Deserved upvote and reblog

I can't express how valuable your comment is. Thank you new friend! So glad to connect with you.

thank you for the tips. I will start implementing them.
As always your posts are very informative, thanks again

I see you are mentioning me in your post. Truly appreciate it. Always hope and wish these articles are useful. :) Thank you!

Excellent post and I like the advice you shared through this post. Great work.

I am so glad to know this, Alok. Thank you for reading and supporting!

Hola, gracias por las recomendaciones, me ha encantado lo simple de tu explicacion, definitivamente hay que esforzarse, aunque a veces nos desanimamos con facilidad, pero hay que continuar.
Gracias tu articulo ha sido muy motivador.
Que tengas un feliz dia.

Yes, please don't get discouraged. Think like shooting arrows. You have to do it again and again until you hit the target.

Wish you all the best.

Excellent post, congratulations, in addition to putting a plate of food on our table, #Hive is helping us to keep our minds busy while all this nightmare passes. Greetings from Venezuela. blessings..

Heavy words there. Thank you so much for sharing this. Really glad to see so much love from the #Venezuela community.

Your strategy seems very good to me. It is what we learn along the way.
Thanks for sharing these tics.
A hug from Venezuela.

Hug back to you! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughs. Means a lot to me.

Thank you very much. For teaching these tics. It is a way to help those of us who walk blindly. I am already reading several of your previous posts and trying to understand as much as I can to apply from now on.
Keep up the good work.

Excellent article @sidwrites. Thanks for your recommendations I will try to put in practice these advices. Have a nice day!!

Yes, please. Hope and wish it helps you immensely. All the best.

Great guide to understand how HIVE works (and wins) @sidwrites!

I am so glad this was useful. Thank you.

Being commited is very important. On Hive and in everything in life😊

You know. You definitely know. Thank you!

Really helpful post. Gave me some idea to perform as a newbie. Love to read your post as it gives information and easily understanding.

So have to follow the rules to start things out.

I am so glad to see this. In fact, I am glad you are regularly posting as well. Let's continue doing this. Wish you all the best.

I have not been so regular this week but yes I'll be continuing from now on coz now everything is coming back to normal

I definitely agree on the comment part, I don't think anyone is really attentive to follows, but most people read comments and might be interested in learning more about the user.

So true. A good comment leaves me eager to check out the profile. Works everywhere.

Good morning @sidwrites. This is a great article that many of us can learn from and contribute to the platform.

There is one thing you mentioned here that I can put into practice right now, it is the comment about leaving 20 comments a day. I must admit that I have neglected that part a lot, at this moment I have a lot of work but none of that justifies me. I will put more effort into that.

However, there is one other thing that I have no idea how to do well and efficiently. It's about publishing articles for at least 14 days in a row. I know how to create quality content, but I find myself very limited by the topics I offer that involve full-time research, and now that I'm venturing into uploading videos to Threespeak (I'm a musician).

I have also published other types of content but on an occasional basis, as well as participation in competitions. The last thing I published weekly was some funny poems I came up with to give variety to my blog. But the inspiration is gone and I'm making a great effort to find it. In the meantime, I'm trying to publish articles for a series I've been publishing, but that series requires me to do a lot of research, something I haven't had time for many times due to my personal commitments outside the platform. What I'm trying to say is that I've gone a long time without publishing, and that has affected me in the growth of my account.

So I'd like to ask your advice, or if you have an idea you can implement to find immediate inspiration. I've thought about other important issues, but it's precisely this issue of inspiration that is affecting me a lot. If you can give me some advice, I would be very grateful.

Thank you very much. Happy day!


People were waiting for this article. I am going to try because since Steemit I have been posting and It hasn't been so promising.

Wow. I didn't know that. And YES, please. Do try. Wish you all the best.

I will, thanks for the wishes.

It works, people -- FOLLOW THE STEPS consistently, from someone who averages a bit more than a dollar a day on Hive!

Haha! You know it. To put in the work is all it takes. :)

Hola @sidwrites… He elegido tu post para mi iniciativa diaria de reblogear. Este es mi aporte para Hive…
Sigamos trabajando y aportando ideas para crecer en Hive!...
Hello @sidwrites... I have chosen your post for my daily reblogging initiative. This is my contribution to Hive...
Let's keep working and giving ideas to grow in Hive!

Thank you so much for the love and support. Appreciate it. 😋

This is great advice for the redfish or anyone struggling. Thank you for the effort you put into all your posts and it's paying off for you.
@unspoken.truth look at this.
At the moment during lockdown, Hive is also helping me to put food on the table, I am grateful for every cent earned.

Redfish is the word. Thank you! Totally forgot.

At the moment during lockdown, Hive is also helping me to put food on the table, I am grateful for every cent earned.

Warms my heart to know this. We are in this together, so let's make it work. Wishing you all the best.

Thank you, same to you. Wishing you a great weekend. Don't work too hard. Go smell the roses. 🙂

I will definitely give it a go! Will record my day to day progress and post after 2 weeks?! :)

Excellent publication @sidwrites I am Venezuelan is really true Hive Blog has been of great help even more in the pandemic for many families.

I will take your advice really I have not socialized as much as I should in Hive, I will put some of this advice in practice to achieve to be more visualized and so my content is more valued.🙂✨

I share my latest post here

Hi, thank you! I saw your article. Lovely post. Glad to connect as well.

I will take your advice really I have not socialized as much as I should in Hive, I will put some of this advice in practice to achieve to be more visualized and so my content is more valued.🙂✨

YES, please. You already took the fist step by commenting here. Wish you all the best.

Great advice. I think one important part of it is being flexible about the content you produce. After all, you are writing for an audience, not just for yourself. Obviously, it's not quite a business, but you're also not just writing out of vanity. It's an investment of your time.

It's an investment of your time.

Wonderfully said. Can't express how important this is. The time has to be justified.

Really solid advice presented in easy to follow manner. I think finding a community is the most important first step. There you build your network and as it grows so does your earnings.

True. Finding a good community (much like real life) plays a vital role. For me it was #OCD I believe. Found them as they support original content.

I like OCD and Beersaturday

Never knew about Beersaturday. Thanks for sharing!

It’s a great community of beer lovers @detlev runs the beer Saturday contest where everyone can post their beer content. The #beer community is growing rapidly on hive.

I see. I got some BEER tokens through dCity. Will explore the community as well. Following Detlev. Thanks!

Here’s some more !BEER

Hey @sidwrites, here is a little bit of BEER from @cryptictruth for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Much respect ✊ for this post
Decentralization is the abolishment of human slavery worldwide ...... and it’s happening in the front of our eyes.

Wonderfully said. What a time to be alive!

amazing stuff as usual!

Love your ongoing support. Thank you!

Great article and very helpful information for people,
I have been on the blockchain for just over a month now and have been following these principles since coming on, It is good to see them written down here for all to see.
It does work people :)

Thank you! Really appreciate it. Love your #engageonhive username.

It does work people :)

YES! I am so glad to hear this.

Yes @sidwrites you have put together some very useful information.
The journey on hive or any such platform can be tough however the points you mention can be very useful and can be followed to grow one's account.
Surely it can be the survival guide for anyone who wants to survive, grow and thrive on hive

You shared wonderful tips @sidwrites in this article. I am also an Indian. I was born in Bihar, but have grown in Kolkata. After reading this article, I came to know that How difficulties your mother faced to nurture you. I would like to salute your mom. You are so lucky that you have got such a good mother.

I just discovered your blog today, I can't afford to keep missing your contents anymore.

Consistency is key

Even though I have been on the platform for three years, I admit that I need to comment more. Although I do community directly when I talk to newcomers, the comments in the post are key to motivate.

I feel proud that everyone we bring to the platform (from Venezuela) and follow our instructions is doing well and making more than $1 a day since the first month. This is because I correct even the submissions before I create the account for them. Thanks for your post, I'm going to promote it on Twitter from @rutablockchain, greetings

Translated with (free version)

Sid you are one the best creators on Hive and one of my favorites. The amount of stuff Im learning from you nearly every day is astounding.
While your articles mainly focus on writing they can also translate into other forms of content as well. Which I am putting them into practice in my show/podcast and my postings as well.
Thank you for being a great teacher. And thank you for being on Hive!

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Sid you are one the best creators on Hive and one of my favorites. The amount of stuff Im learning from you nearly every day is astounding.

Wow. I am truly grateful. THANK YOU so much!

Which I am putting them into practice in my show/podcast and my postings as well.

YES. Please. I see you are actively operating here. Delighted to know that.

Let's make this a great year! :)

I shared this on twitter, because the outside world needs to know about HIVE outside of the already onboard HIVE-ers..YEAH!

Good tutorials dude!

Thank you so much! Talking about Hive outside of Hive is important. One of the reason I also started using Twitter and also a newsletter.

Appreciate your support. :)

Thanks for this article mate. You Truly add value to the hive community and also a big source of knowledge for new Hivers.
Thanks again.

Oh, thank you! I am so glad to hear this. Means a lot. Let's continue operating with faith! :)

I'm glad you mentioned having fun. If you treat it like work you will get frustrated. You need to connect with people who share your interests as you would on other social media. Making connections is what has allowed me to earn a nice amount.

I'm glad you mentioned having fun. If you treat it like work you will get frustrated.

So true. You know it better. I always feel anything done out of necessity leads to dead-end. Moment I personally starting enjoying — immersing myself with joy — was the moment I discovered true fulfilment. Good times!

There are so many cool people I have met through the blockchain. Going to my first Steemfest was scary, but it was one of the best experiences of my life. I value the interaction as much as the rewards.

There are so many cool people I have met through the blockchain. Going to my first Steemfest was scary, but it was one of the best experiences of my life

Interesting. Was Googling this! 2016. And wow, quite a crowd.

I missed Amsterdam, but I was in Lisbon the following year and then Krakow. Some people have been to all of them.

Oh yes. I remember the website. Gosh. Hope we will have Hive Fest soon! :)

Thank you very much for your precious advice! I am new to Hive and I am trying to explore this area. I am really thrilled on how much knowledge I have gained and it's been less than a week! I have many interests and I wish to offer my knowledge and skills to many communities!

Thank you @sidwrites, excellent post!
I wonder if you had this post translated. Cause if not, it would be wonderful to share this with the hispanic community. I would be more than glad to translate it for you. May I have your permission?

Nicely done @sidwrites! You have created an excellent aide to help your fellow Hive bloggers increase their chances of succeeding. Glad to see you have not ducked the critical importance of hard work.

I will bookmark this for future reference and provide it as a link to some of the "newbies" I encounter "in here." We never know when one idea or one word of encouragement will make or break someone. I speak from experience ...

Hi there I really like yours blogs the way you present your blogs is really amazing.

thanks a lot for the great information. i will try to make this all things possible one day ⁦☹️⁩👍

This is a great article for beginners like me in hive. thanks for the tips. I will try it.

Valiosos consejos en verdad fue una fortuna haberme topado con este post, seguire estos tips y estare pendiente para crecer como creador de contenido Gracias

Been with steemit for 2 years but don't remember had a dollar reward even on articles I put effort in. Thank you so much.

When my post gets liked here on peakd do I earn money here too?

YES. That like (heart_ is actually an upvote. :)