Top 3 countries That I Plan To Travel Soon

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Traveling around the world is something I really aspire to do someday. It's been my dream for quite some time to be able to go to places without having to worry about regular life. I envy those who are able to travel around and work at the same time.

Life is too short to live inside a small circle. Every place has its own story, lifestyle, traditions, and culture. I would like to explore them and experience them firsthand. I would like to go to famous places and landscapes and take thousands of pictures.

There are lots of incredible places that I have yet to travel to. For this post, I'm going to list down the top 3 places that I might travel in the near future.



I was planning to go to Bali in March of this year. I was already making plans and made sure that the office I was working would approve my vacation. Unfortunately, the virus started everywhere so the plan got canceled for who knows how long.
I got interested to go to Bali after hearing wonderful things about it from my cousins who went there last year. I've researched quite a bit about the place and although many people consider the place overrated, I want to experience it myself.
Bali has a nice tropical climate with lots of cultural and historical landmarks. The beaches are beautiful (at least on pictures 😄) and I hear that there are lots of fun stuff to do like water sports, trekking, and other adventurous activities. I hear they also have great local cuisines.
Overall I think the place would be great for a week of relaxation and refreshment while experiencing a different kind of lifestyle that I'm used to. The fact that its budget-friendly destination makes me even more convinced about traveling there.


Australia is also a country that I'm quite excited to travel to. This trip might happen sooner than later. I have quite a few relatives over there including my own brother who now lives there. It's been almost 4 years that I haven't seen him, so I'm quite excited about it.
Australia is also home to many famous landscapes, beaches, and wildlife. One of the top things that I want to do over there is scuba diving around the Great Barrier Reef. We can come close to some wildlife which makes it even more thrilling.



Japan is one of those countries that I want to visit simply to taste various authentic Japanese food and experience anime themes places. Japan is best known for technologically advanced cities, however, there are also lots of forests, hills, and nature to be explored. Japan has 21 world heritage Sites with 8 currently pending for classification. Japan also boasts majestic and historic castles and templates which dates very back into the future. Japan is very clean and is considered safe for travel.

Do you guys have any countries you might visit soon? Of course, the plans are on hold due to the pandemic. Among all the places, I can't wait to go to Australia and meet my brother after 4 years.

Stay Safe guys :)


I'd also love to visit Japan one day, maybe a longer visit, involving work 😅. I'd like to stay more than a couple days, much more.

By the way, for the past couple of days I've been in contact with the @projectHope especially with @crypto.piotr who thinks you might be suited for a place in our community. He was particularly interested in the fact that you work asa developer while holding a degree in business administration.

He has been very helpful getting me some more exposure on Hive and the community he built has some very interesting people which I found is a pleasure to engage with.

If you want to check out the community, we have a discord server here: . I guess Piotr will be more than thrilled to talk to you about Project Hope and what it stands for.

Have a great day, give me a sign if you think it's interesting, or if you don't think it is, I'd like to hear either way 😋😂

Travel while working. That's the dream right there.
There are some really helpful people in the HIVE community. I'd been in touch with few as well. It's nice to hear that you were able to get some exposure and you deserve it. Your contents are really good.

Thank you for your recommendation and Project Hope seems interesting. I've joined the discord and will go through their website to know more about them.

Have a great day as well. :)

Thank you for the kind words 😄. I found that Project Hope is the community I resonated with the most, but I was reluctant to join since I didn't know how my content will be received, but after talking with Piotr and taking the leap I realized they're just a bunch of great people that appreciate a variety of different topics.

I agree that traveling while working is somewhat tempting though I wouldn't like spending like a week in a country than be relocated and then again. I'd love to spend at least a year somewhere where I work so I can really get a taste of the local culture and life

That's really great. I'm still refraining myself from posting about tech and programming stuff because those usually take a good amount of time to put together. So, all I've been doing up to now is choosing those topics that are fairly easy to write and are fun to engage with others. Thus you see lots of contests related stuff on my blog. 😄
Also, I've been able to help with a few things coding wise on a game here called Rising Stars, so that has been super fun. 😄

What's the game about? By the name it sounds either strategy or shooter, but I think I'm wrong. 😂😂😂

It's actually a game that mimics the journey of a musician to become a Superstar. It's a really chilled and laid back game and doesn't take much time of your day. You do missions, collect STARBITS (game token), and collect cards (NFTs).
It's still in the alpha stage so lots of new updates are rolled regularly. Come hangout at discord.
HIVE account: @risingstargame

Sure, I'll check it out sounds more interesting than what I expected. I'm more into chill things than fast-paced games

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Are you sure that invite link is ok? I can't seem to get into the channel it just goes to my own messages 🤔

Nevermind: just joined from the site, everything's fine 😄

I can highly recommend @the100 who has been working on our game. The coding is of a high standard and they are as polite as can be. What more could you want?

I'm sure he did a wonderful work 😄

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I can recommend Australia. I worked and backpacked there many decades ago and had the time of my life! The Aussies are so friendly!

I'm sure you have some great stories given the fact that you used to play in a band. I'd imagine you were very energetic, and I base that on how you always start your live stream. 😉

Unfortunately I wasn't in a band back then. That would have been amazing fun!

Waiting for restrictions to lift so I can get back to rehearsal with my band and yes I have been known to jump off the stage! :-)

Cheers for the post, mate. Japan and Australia are on my list, as well. I have relatives who study and live in Australia, and I've yet to visit them there. Japan's countryside and scenery is surely something that needs to be experienced, at least once in a lifetime :-)

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Made a post after almost a week due to busy schedules. I've been meaning to go to Australia for quite some time now. The pandemic certainly didn't help that cause as well. Traveling and connecting with different places and lifestyles is very rewarding which I plan to do.
Also, I didn't realize Dapplr is already available to be used. Just found out from your comment. I'm going to give it a try.

Travelling to other places, while connecting with those peoples and cultures is no doubt a grand experience for everyone. No doubt the pandemic's thrown everything down the toilet, but I always remember that those wonderful beaches and lovely scenery will always be there in a year or two, once we beat the Coronavirus to the ground!

@Dapplr's app is available to download right now as a Beta (Early Access) on the Google Play Store, no word on iOS yet though, but it's coming. The app is working pretty great, and it's actually had the effect of making me engage more while on the go! Being in early development, bugs and annoyances are present, but the overall experience is working pretty well :-D

I'm using it right now. I can't say I overly love it, especially the fonts are really small for my eyes and looks bit stretched out. The Animations are also bit too much for my taste. I guess they will improve it overtime or I might get used to it. 😆

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Ah, good point. Font sizing is something that should be added. They're fine for my eyes, but it could be troublesome for others. There's certainly quite a lot of animations, and I can see how it might be distracting. Personally, I'll just get used to it, I think 😁

But loads of additions have been made since I updated 15 minutes ago. There's more interactability in the comments section, and GIFS!

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It's a great app and quite happy that we now have more options for mobile. Kudos to the devs. However for now I'll stick to esteem until the fonts are bit bigger as it really strains my eyes.

Haha, no doubt if its becoming hard an inconvenient to use, it's better to go with something else. I'm hoping for someone at the @Dapplr team to notice this thread, and quickly implement more options for font-sizing :-)

Hi @the100

We have made some fixes to the Font Sizes already. Did you get a change to update the app?
Please let us know What device are you using? It will help us to resolve out the issues.

Your feedbacks are important to us.

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