What Does My Normal Day Look Like Since The Lockdown

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Hello everyone, hope you're all doing great. It's the 3rd day of 30 days Blogging challenge that I took part in and so far it is going great. I'm enjoying writing as well as reading what others have written.

For today's topic, we have "Your Day in Details". I would love to go through every detail, but my days are pretty much spent in front of a computer 😄. So, it's somewhat boring to listen to.


I usually wake up around 8 o clock in the morning. Lockdown has made me lazier. I'm not a morning person and every morning is quite a struggle. I usually check my phone as soon as I wake up and browse through the news feed. I wonder why it feels like I never get proper sleep. Anyway, it's time for some exercise. It's one of the few things I don't forget to do every day. With that done, I take a quick shower, and then I have my breakfast. My breakfast is never fancy. I always have a cup of coffee and some toasts, maybe a boiled egg sometimes.

At this point, normally I get dressed up and leave for the office on my motorcycle. However, the country is still on lockdown. Although things are starting to ease a little bit, businesses are not functioning as they use to. On top of that, I was put on temporary unpaid leave. So basically I don't have a job. Fortunately, I work in the IT industry, so it's pretty easy to find some projects both locally and on the internet.
Back to the topic. Since we're still on lockdown, I head to my work table and turn on my computer. The first things I check are my emails and Discord. After that, I browse through HIVE feed and engage with the community.


Finally, my work begins. I quickly list down TODOS for the day on Trello. It's a neat web app, check it out if you like. I've been working on a project that requires me to build a mobile application for a grocery business. I haven't worked on building mobile applications, but at times like this, I can't afford to be very picky. Besides I'm a fast learner.

While I'm working during these hours, I usually don't let myself get distracted with things like social media and notifications. I'm quite insecure so I put a lot of effort into my work to please the clients.
I stop to take a quick lunch at around 1 PM and get back to work. I work till around 4-5 pm before calling it a day. Sometimes I might work much more but usually, I go for a walk or stay at home watching TV series or anime. I might even play some video games.

I usually have my dinner at around 7 PM, then it's time to get back to my computer. Lately, I've been spending this time learning how to build simple games. It's quite interesting and challenging. I also spend time on HIVE and other social media during these hours. It's also a perfect time to relax and write a blog post or two. After I'm done, I watch a few episodes of TV series or anime before I go to sleep at around 12 midnight.

That's how I've been spending my days since the lockdown. There are lots of things that I didn't write like spending time on phone calls and text messages as it was getting quite lengthy. Anyway hope you enjoyed reading about my boring life 😄.

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Yeah I know what you mean, I also spend a lot of time on my computer trying to learn stuff. Recently I started learning Hyperledger, to develop some sort of blockchain-based hiring system, but the documentation is absolutely atrocious, I don't know if I can pull this off

Yeah so many things to learn, but so little time to spare. I haven't had time to explore many things in programming, so blockchain dev is out of the picture 😄. Hyperledger seems neat. Good luck with your project.

It seems great until you want to work with it, then you realize it's a dumpster fire. And Hyperledger Fabric is developed and maintained by IBM, and they can't put together a mediocre documentation. It's pathetic really

I can almost feel your frustration from over here 😄. It a part of a developer's life where you start questioning your life choices as you try to put together pieces of puzzles for hours or days. When you finally do figure it out, the satisfaction is unreal. 😄

Oh yeah I'm sure I'll figure it out, I had similar moments in the past, but I still can't get used to it 😂

Good luck with the 30 day challenge @the100, but I must add that lockdown really sucks! When we started our stricty lockdown end of March it felt kind of good not being interrupted with phone calls and visitors etc etc (we run a bnb from home) but then it became not so good being cut off from the world, but thank goodness for Hive as I could spend more time blogging, enjoy the challenge!

Wow! So awesome!
Truly, Hive helped out during the lockdown and after too...
The biggest lesson I learnt from the lockdown is the power of the internet coming to play in all sectors

Absolutely. HIVE is a nice place to hang out and meet new people. In addition, engaging with the community is fun and rewarding. I got hook pretty quickly.

Haha, yeah. Initially, I felt the same about the lockdown. It was nice not going to the office and working from home. Who knew that I would be jobless in the very next month 😄. Fortunately, I was able to get a few projects that I could work remotely. I guess it's helping me become a freelancer.
Thank you for your wishes and take care :)

Yes our income also stopped but fortunately our business guests are slowly coming back! I'm glad that you can freelance, but often it's times like this that forces one to make drastic changes, that actually turns into a blessing as new opportunities come along, good luck!

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Seems like you've had a productive day. Most of your schedule is nearly similar to mine, just... A lot more proactive XD. You call 8am lazy, but to me, waking up at 8am would be considered a miracle! Happiest, and the grumpiest of times.

Haha yeah. I cant afford to slack off especially now due to the current situation. I try to finish lots work a bit early and spend bit of time giving finishes touches. Imperfect works makes me nervous.
I guess you're bit more lazy than me 😄 . Waking up any farther feels like having a very slow start to the day.

Lol, laziness IS me! A good and early wake-up is crucial to a productive day. I find that waking up later, or over-sleeping can put a real downer, and it really throws a spanner into your schedule. As you say, it's important now more than ever to keep working, and work harder!