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Today, we bring you a new and somewhat different initiative, where we will all be winners.

The objective of this initiative is to write a reflection on COVID-19. It has been more than a year since this pandemic started, and we need to remember the biosecurity measures and not let our guard down. COVID is not a game. This virus has affected a large percentage of humanity since 2020 and has caused the death of millions.

Below, I share some points to keep in mind if you wish to participate.

This initiative intends to help @jauregui98, a Hiver that has done a lot for this community. Because of COVID-19, he and his family have been having a tough time.

  • Write a post making a reflection about COVID. You can also share your experience with this disease and recommendations. The idea is to raise awareness.

  • Place the user @jauregui98 as a beneficiary. You can choose the percentage you wish to donate to this cause.

  • Use #helpingjau as one of the first four tags on your Hive post.

  • If you follow all these points, your post will be eligible for an upvote from my account or some other projects that join this cause.

  • If you make a quality video on https://3speak.tv/, they may be eligible for a vote from the @threespeak account.

UPDATE: On 3Speak.tv, you cannot edit the beneficiaries, but you can mention in the video description that you will donate all or part of the earnings in HBD to @jauregui98 when the video rewards are claimed.

Remember to place @jauregui98 as a beneficiary. Any percentage is ok, the purpose is to help collect money for his medical treatment, oxygen, and food. He is the breadwinner of his family, and as a result of this disease, he has not been able to continue posting on HIVE.

In this case, we will not choose winners, since, as I said at the beginning, we are all winners, for the simple fact of helping someone else. @jauregui98 is a person who has contributed and has been very active in our community, and we want to see him publishing again.

For more information on @jauregui98's health status, budget, and how the donated funds are being used, you can see this post written by @roadstories.

If you have questions on how to place a beneficiary in HIVE or ideas for future initiatives, you can contact @eddiespino via Discord (eddiespino#1698) or Telegram (@eddiespino).

Main Image by @josecarrerag.


UPDATE: On 3Speak.tv, you cannot edit the beneficiaries, but you can mention in the video description that you will donate all or part of the earnings in HBD to @jauregui98 when the video rewards are claimed.

Self-voted for visibility, the beneficiary of the comment rewards is @jauregui98.

Pasar por covid- 19 no suele ser nada facil ya que te afecta principal mente la mente pero tenemos un Dios poderoso quie tiene el gran poder de nuestras vidas hoy casual mente estube escribiedo un post sobre mi experiencia pero por cuestiene de luz no lo termine pero bieno el tiempo de dios es perfecto y podre darle mi aporte con esta iniciativa a @jauregui98

That s so nice of you! I ll try to post something about it

Que difícil resulta esto, triste, todos a aportar nuestro granito de arena con una publicación dedicada a todas esas personas que estan batallando contra el Covid19 y las mejores energías para que @jauregui98 se recupere.

Gracias por tu apoyo amigo theycallmedan. Un abrazo en la distancia.

I love this initiative, and even more if it is to help a friend of the community. In my country Venezuela we have a phrase when a friend, neighbor or co-worker falls with this disease and we say " TOGETHER WE ARE MORE ". 🙏

Excellent initiative to promote awareness about the fashion virus. It's hard that someone has not lost a loved one for this cause. Solidarity at this time is very important when the capacity of the governments themselves has been exceeded.

Just a week ago I lost my aunt, my father's sister. Although she was close to eighty years old, she was still at her full faculties, only two weeks were enough to lose her life. The worst thing is the treatment that the corpses receive when the cause is suspected. The suffering of the relatives for not being able to give him the funeral treatment and respect.

I hope this campaign helps fund the recovery of our friend, a member of this great community. Thanks, @theycallmedan

Many people around me have gotten the virus, and some of them didn't feel good at all. My colleague says that even after he get over the disease, he still feels very weak and tired. Keep yourself healthy, strengthen your immunity system and be well!

Una gran iniciativa amigo, @theycallmedan. La solidaridad en el mundo de hoy es una necesidad, sobre todo en un país como el nuestro con servicios de salud muy precarios. Gracias por este apoyo hacia nuestro amigo @jauregui98. Bendiciones para ti. Un fuerte abrazo desde Maracay.

Un gesto solidario!! Gracias por el apoyo. Ánimo @jauregui98, todos contigo! Fuerza.

Que se mejore @jauregui98 - todas las buenas vibras, fuerza y resistencia! Que saldrás de eso, ánimo

Covid is definitely not a game. It is no longer to be taken lightly. Not when people close to you start dying. That's why I think this is a good initiative, because in this way more people will become aware of it and one will begin to feel empathy for others. When you start to see that people are going out, there is activity, movement, you think of lowering your guard and that is the mistake. We should never let our guard down, not even with the neighbor you have known all your life because you never know. I applaud the initiative. Let's take care of each other and help where we can.

Mi estimado Jauregui. No pondré aquí deseos vagos ni esperanzas a medias. Sé que todo está encausado hacia tu bienestar y esta publicación es una muestra de ello. Recupérate pronto y sigue haciendo lo que tan bien sabes hacer: Aportar tu esencia al ecosistema de hive.

Wuao que lamentable, mucha fe me unire para aportar mi grano de arena🙏

Awesome initiative @theycallmedan ! I made a video for that, but when I went to upload it I realized that there is no way to set beneficiaries on @threespeak. Maybe that's one of the next develops needed for 3Speak!

Anyway I published a written post, but I think that's important too!

Oh this is really so sad. I pray he gets better soon enough and I hope this initiative goes a long way to helping fund his medical bills.

Covid-19 is not a game, here in my country many unpublished figures are being affected by the virus and hopefully many good-hearted people take the initiative to help the most needy, so that together we grow as humans and this law of life gives us a lesson to value things, that in reality we do not take importance, but at the end of everything, no matter how small it is, it can change your life!

Its heartwarming to see people on Hive coming together to help someone who has been stricken by COVID-19.

The worst part about the last year, for me, is seeing those who are most vulnerable suffer most. Both the elderly who were at highest risk for serious and fatal outcomes from infection, and the young people who have lost more than a critical year of social and educational development. Watching people not only lose their loved ones, but lose the ability to grieve and say their final goodbyes. Its been a terrible year for so many people, let's hope that we are finally turning the corner.

I wasn't sure how to designate a beneficiary but I have sent @eddiespino a few Hive in solidarity. Get well soon!


Hello @one-eye, thank you for your contribution! But I think it did not arrive.

Sorry, I'm still getting the hang of Hive even though I've been here for more than a year! I've tried to send again, please let me know if it doesn't come through! Hope your recovery is quick and easy!

Thank you! I've forwarded the HIVE to @jauregui98. He is the user that we are supporting.

Thanks, my mistake once again. But I hope you are feeling great in any event - and thanks for helping facilitate the transfer!

Visualicemos la pronta recuperación de nuestro compañero, enviemos nuestra buena energía y apoyemos a ésta noble causa para que nuestro amigo @jauregui98 logre vencer ésta fuerte y dura batalla frente al Covid19.
Muchas gracias @theycallmedan... Gran abrazo!

Love this great initiative, that is why "Hive relation the best Relations' and we will prove it again. #hive for #helpingjau Let's try something for @jauregui98

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Thank you for this great support for Jau! 🙏

very nice initiative, even me have some friends who have been victims of this virus, its not what you wish for a brother at all so i will do my best to contribute to our dear friend @jauregui98.

50% of my reward for this publication will go to my friend @ jauregui98, together we will do a lot.
50% de mi recompensa de este post sera destinado al amigo @jauregui98, entre todos haremos mucho.

He pasado por el Covid-19 y debo decir que aunque a mí me tocó leve, fue una experiencia que no se la deseo a nadie. Con esto en mente, creo que puedo comprender aún más por lo que está pasando nuestro compañero y con más razón, darle el apoyo necesario para atravesar este calvario.

Hagamos lo necesario para ayudar en esta situación que nos amerita nuestra pronta acción.

Saludos excelente y humanitaria iniciativa de tu parte , gracias a Dios que contamos con un amigo como tu @theycallmedan y pido en oración Salud que el amigo @jauregui98 y su familia así como las personas afectadas por este virus reciban sanidad en nombre de Dios y que este virus sea eliminado del mundo./ Greetings, excellent and humanitarian initiative on your part, thank God that we have a friend like you @theycallmedan and I ask in prayer Health for the friend @ jauregui98 and his family as well as the people affected by this virus receive healing in the name of God and that this virus be eliminated from the world.

@theycallmedan Nice idea! Wow ! How did you get so much HP?

So sorry for @jauregui98 and I will definitely participate in this and support him in my little way. Thanks for bringing this up and I believe he will recover from his illness and be back to hive again.

Hello! here I will leave my participation and giving my grain of sand for the help of my friend @jauregui98. The publication is configured to give 50% of the accumulated earnings to the friend @jauregui98.


Praying for your fast recovery @jauregui98. Thank you @theycallmedan for your great initiative.

Esta pandemia ha tocado cada vida, ya sea de manera directa o indirectamente. Lamento mucho que @jauregui98 le haya tocado pasar por esto, mis oraciones serán por su salud y la de su familia y que pronto este nuevamente en la plataforma con nosotros!

My entry to this initiative, kindly find the link below;



sweet where do we post it to? good to help someone and think about covid....

The life is an activity to do something everyday and Living regularly if we do good will bring good results.

Greetings @theycallmedan. It is an excellent initiative and very humanitarian. I would like to participate. Anyway I will be guided by the post already published. I have a lot of experience on the subject and how I take care of myself to protect my family. Since I work one hour away from my home. Excellent topic for people to become more aware of this pandemic. Thank you for sharing.

Saludos @theycallmedan. Les voy a comentar algo que nos paso hoy en el mercado. Un hombre de aproximadamente unos 40 años llego al mercado sin tapa boca . El dueño del establecimiento le llamo la atención. El sr no le hizo caso al dueño. Tome la iniciativa junto con otras 20 personas de salir del mercado hasta que la persona abandonara el mercado. En ese momento se amenazó con la policia y abandono el lugar. @jauregui98

Amigos es mi aporte para nuestro amigo @jauregui98. Estoy segura de que se va a alentar y saldrá de esta situación. Él es fuerte. No lo había colocado acá, pero igual espero que aún sea oportuno. Saludos para todos.