Let's Make a Collage, Round 155 - Winner Announcement!


This Week's Highlights & Announcements:

🌟 Huge prize pool with 99 HIVE to award winners in this round!

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Hello Hivers, Hello LMACians!

Yesterday's poll to choose the winners of Round 155 of Let's make a collage has just been closed and the community has decided on the distribution of 99 HIVE in prizes!

Join us in applauding this round's fantastic winners! 👏👏👏

First Place: 14.85 HIVE

Second Place: 12.87 HIVE

Third Place: 10.89 HIVE

Fourth Place: 8.91 HIVE

Fifth Place: 6.93 HIVE

Top 10: 5.94 HIVE (if eligible*)






Top 15: 2.97 HIVE (if eligible*)





Template image


Thank you all for your engagement, by creating these awesome collages and joining the polls!

See you all back tomorrow in LMAC Round 156!

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Some found a way to go around the bridge. Some found a way to use the bridge. Some found a way to ignore the bridge completely. Every week a new image, and amazing surprises. Congratulations to those who took on the challenge and created a collage.

Tomorrow we start again. I'm eager to see what the community comes up with.

I saw the bridge as a major element and crossed it! 😁

You did indeed cross that bridge. Wow. Quite beautiful, @mballesteros. Delicate and memorable.

Today I would like to turn to all the creatives who have attempted @shaka's template.
As there are: @limpbizkit, @anibal-aa, @osomar357, @edgarafernandezp, @m16uellop (who reminds me enduringly of @muelli's approach), @sachingeorge, @wonderhero, @eve66, @evagavilan2, @seckorama, @yetsimar, @bayuismail, @zenai, @funtraveller, @muelli, @anibal-aa, @osomar357, @limpbizkit.
Here's my question: Why does a collage only become a collage in your eyes when strange-looking objects are inserted? Cutting up, reassembling, creating a new point of view - all this can be so exciting without my cat looking at a dull future with a confused look.


Heute möchte ich mich an alle Kreativen wenden, die sich an die Vorlage von @shaka gewagt haben.
Als da sind: @limpbizkit, @anibal-aa, @osomar357, @edgarafernandezp, @m16uellop (der mich nachhaltig an die Herangehensweise von @muelli erinnert), @sachingeorge, @wonderhero, @eve66, @evagavilan2, @seckorama, @yetsimar, @bayuismail, @zenai, @funtraveller, @muelli, @anibal-aa, @osomar357, @limpbizkit.
Meine Frage: Warum wird eine Collage in euren Augen erst zur Collage, wenn fremdartig wirkende Objekte eingefügt werden? Zerschneiden, neu zusammenstellen, eine neue Sichtweise erschaffen – all das kann so spannend sein, ohne dass meine Katze mit wirrem Blick in eine öde Zukunft schaut.

That is a very good point you have made, and I agree with what you pointed out. But, at least from my point of view, @shaka's basic templates are empty (and I don't mean that the photos are bad or anything) but they just cry out for some new elements.
Now, if you want to animate an audience, you need something to get their attention. And the eyes of a cat staring at you are a pretty good attention-getter.
But I agree with you. I don't know, maybe I'll try in the future in that direction, but for me, it all depends on the first fleche and my current state, in terms of what I'm visualizing in my head at the moment. And then I try to put that into a collage.
On the other hand, we have the LMAC gallery in Hive, where there are some interesting objects that you can use so that more artists can contribute to your collage...Well, that's just my opinion, I hope it won't be misunderstood...

I hope it won't be misunderstood

After all, that's what we're here for – to exchange and reflect on each other's views.
You say that @shaka's templates are often “empty”. That's true, and it's meant to be that way. And this is accurately where opinions begin to diverge. My approach goes in this direction:
I look at the empty picture and dream a story into it. But that doesn't necessarily mean filling the picture with objects. It can also work by cutting the original into strips and weaving them into a basket. Dividing the bridge over the valley in two and thus symbolizing the speechlessness among the people.
But one thing is certain: you are the creative artist, and I am merely the observer who knows how to use words better than brushes and paint.
Best regards!

Well, from the collages you put in the debate, I wouldn't say you're only good with words :)
Anyway, yes, I could reverse the direction into something like you suggest in future collages, thanks for the advice ...

Very good point!

I'm not really sure what's going on in the creative minds of the other LMAC participants, what are they thinking whenever they create their collage.

For me, I'm geared towards creating "something out of the ordinary". I love Sci-Fi & Fantasy movies and that's where I take my inspiration whenever I'm creating my entry. Most of my entries are about alien invasion, Warcraft, Narnia, Atlantis... something like that. How I work with my collage is pretty straightforward, I keep most of the template and simply add elements to it. I don't cut or crop extensively on the image. I build on it :)

I hope I answered your question well. Feel free to comment here if there's more that needs clarity :) Have a great day!

I actually find it very pleasing that you respond to my little comment with so many words.
I have just sent @seckorama a few thoughts, which I think make it clear that I did not want to distinguish myself as a critic.
I wish you many more good ideas and a nice day!

I never thought of you as a critic with your question, I thought you were just curious about the way collages are made by artists.

Have a good day to you as well :)

Ganadores y participantes. Fue una ronda muy rica y el ejercicio no estaba fácil.
@edgarfernandezp, @m16uellop, @sashingeorge, @wonderhero, y @eve66, mi admiración para ustedes.
Hubo escenas extraordinarias y extrañas, poesía, sonrisas, color y algo de escalofrío.

Agradecida de haberlos visto.
Gracias al equipo de #LMAC por su tambié extraordinaria amabilidad.

Sweet! I'm pumped, thanks to all who supported my entry. Getting ready now for Round #156 :)

Congratulations to the winners

An incredible round.

Thanks for supporting my collage


Congratulations to all the winners! excellent round! :-D

I congratulate all the participants and thank you for supporting my collage. All the works have been magnificent and I send a big hug to the winners.

waooo second place, thank you very much and congratulations to all

Greetings friends congratulations to all the winners

Excellent entries, all very inspired, congratulations to the winners of this round.

Congratulations to all winners and thank you for all your support!
Let´s make another collage soon! 😎

Congratulations to the Winner 🏆

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who participated! See you guys in the next round! 💪🥳