The State Of Poverty And Scarcity; Beyond Monetary Factor And Phenomenon?

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In a previous post I made i remember making a stance of relativity of poverty and scarcity and why these two different state are totally distinctive irrespective of the fact that they might slightly share some sort of practical resemblance. Poverty however isn't just a state, it's a process that prunes one's decisions, influences their actions as well as limit their ability to take risks that will Intermittently influence their future howbeit in a 50/50 chance. There's a certain stage people reach in life and they don't feel the desire to want or strive for more, this is a mental limitation that comes with being poor for a long time.

Mind you, being poor isn't bad but the longevity of poverty is what is bad for both the mental and physical state. Now what I might call poverty is a long term state of scarcity that's derived from not having the monetary means to provide for one's physical needs. Scarcity can be little in resources while poverty is a totally lacking resource to take care of one's basics needs. So scarcity might or might not be determinant on a person. In fact someone who has monetary means or power can experience scarcity just like someone who doesn't.

This is because scarcity is temporary because the factors that controls it are unstable and are sometimes determinant on unforseen circumstances as well. However poverty too can be temporary however because it's can come in various decline stages sometimes the factors that determines one getting out of it is unquantifiable and something that's been not totally decipherable as well. So poverty isn't a stage of poverty but in a practical terms people feels this isn't true.

So poverty is a state which can become a mindset and why is this? There's a stage of lack that makes people give up hope of better returns. For example what some people might see as a wastage of resource when rich people spend money is only because the state of lack they've once experienced has pruned their mind to the fact that ostentatiousness might just be frugality or vanity and that's the practical proof that poverty can be a mindset. Nevertheless not everyone is mentally led or guided by their state of lack and this is because being poor isn't always bad.

Sometimes thinking of the present without reverencing the importance of their future sometimes is what I refer to as short term goals. Truth is, everyone has a future and the reason we have people inheriting fortunes from parents or wards is because these people were long-termed and it reflected in their decisions and actions. There's no milder way to say this; Poverty contradicts the essence of long-termness because it's always making people see the lack of the "present" in their lives. However this isn't always 100% the case. People don't choose to be poor sometimes, but they're responsible for themselves suffering "a longevity of poverty" which by all means shapes their mindset in their own long run.

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