greetings to the Project HOPE community, I hope you are protected from the virus that is still very present, in this article we will talk about the seventh principle of Napoleon Hill "the decision to achieve goals", this principle refers to the ability of people to develop emotional health that allows them to make firm decisions with which to face the falls and frustrations that happen in the life of entrepreneurs before achieving success, in his book Mr Napoleon Hill maca a clear difference between people who persevere despite the circumstances and people who give up at the slightest sign of difficulty for Mr "HILL" commitment to their decisions is a clear difference between those who achieve success and those who despite their efforts can not achieve anything in your life, I hope you like and can leave a comment

the value of the human will can be reflected in the ability of people to make decisions and hold them firm over time, deciding to change something that we do not like in life represents an act of maturity on the part of the person who is willing to face the challenges that change brings, If we decide that something is no longer for us and we take the firm decision to change it, the decision that is taken has the capacity to literally change the history of a person, but for a decision to generate such a profound change it must have constancy over time and it must have firmness of will since the enemies of change will be a tough opponent.

When we talk about the enemies of a decision we have to place procastination as the main source of suffering, when you decide that you want to change and you start leaving things for later, procastination will generate suffering and frustration, these emotions will only subtract energy not to mention that will bend your will to change so when you make a decision firmly you must know that the enemy to fight will be procastination, do not leave things for later if your plans indicate that you must take an action you should not think about it you just have to take the action remember that only discipline defeats the enemy of procastination

Remember that the desire to materialise a goal can lead you to make a decision that changes your life, but for this decision to produce results you must have an iron will to face the challenges that change entails, on the other hand the delay weakens the will, if you want to achieve a goal with all your heart and decided to pay the price to achieve the goal the best ally you will have will be the discipline that overcomes the delay, remember that without discipline there is no will to change and the decisions you make will only generate pain and frustration.

In conclusion, the human being has the ability to change his environment through firm decisions, these decisions accompanied by a strong will and backed by a constant discipline are the tools with which he will overcome procastination and achieve his goals.

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Decisions tend to be variable, according to many factors, and even subject to outside interference. When someone makes a decision while facing a challenge, he is opening the way to an unequal struggle, where he must learn from the defeats that this means.
Goals are not achieved without obstacles, because when there is perseverance, these are the fuel that leads anyone to continue on the path towards what he/she desires.

You are so right, in this article I want to convey the importance of being committed to the decisions we make in life. "Thank you for commenting"

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 3 days ago 

When I read the title of your publication my friend.
the first thing that came to my mind was the verse of a famous salsa song:

Every day
Somebody loses, somebody wins, Ave Maria
Everything costs
Go out and place your bets, citizenship.

Life, even if we don't realize it, is a constant decision for many things. In fact, sometimes we decide in a natural way, the same way we breathe.

@tipu curate 3

Hello @trabajosdelsiglo
Good point, I think it is important to be able to have a lot of will to do things, clear goals, to know what exactly we want so we don't get lost, because the reality is that if we have clarity in our desires we should not bend when the first complication arises.

Hello friend, he is an excellent writer, and I agree, making decisions should be very important for us since our future and our present depend on it. I think that today there are many people who do not know what to do with their lives and depend on others to move forward. These are people who obviously need more professional help.


Hello friend, it is true what you say, it takes an iron willpower to achieve our goals and get out of the comfort zone, never leave for tomorrow what you can do today, the constancy in what you do will accelerate the process towards success.

See you later, have a great week.