A Historic Moment: 12th and 13th Hive Borehole Inauguration in Ghana.

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On October 31, 2023, a historic event occurred in the center of Asamankama, located in Ghana's Ashanti region. The successful inauguration of the 12th and 13th Hive Boreholes was seen by the community, marking a key milestone in the history of Ghana's Hive Borehole Project.

The celebration, which took place at Asamankama School, was attended by respected educational and area officials. Dignitaries from many sectors also made the trip to acknowledge the remarkable influence of the Hive Blockchain on this vibrant Ghanaian community.

The peculiar feature of this inauguration was that it was originally intended to be a single borehole donation, as is common with every community hive visit. However, a one-of-a-kind event arose. Asamankama previously had an abandoned manual borehole that had deteriorated, leaving its residents without clean water.

The Hive Blockchain stepped up at the request of community leaders to refurbish the dilapidated manual borehole, giving it new life. But the dedication didn't stop there. Hive also built a supporting structure to guarantee that the broader population of the village had access to clean water.











     12th hive borehole in Ghana

In celebration of this exceptional assistance, the Asamankama community, led by the chief and the members of his community, organized a unique launch ceremony to convey their heartfelt gratitude. This extraordinary event demonstrated the Hive Blockchain's growing popularity in Ghana, notably through its effective empowerment programs.

The media was critical in capturing the significance of this day. The event was covered by prominent television networks such as Kessben TV, Oyerepa TV, Cheers TV, and Angel TV, as well as print publications such as Daily Guide and Daily Searchlight. Their appearance increased awareness of how the Hive Blockchain is improving people's lives and communities.

The Hive Borehole Project has proven to be an indisputable force for good in Ghana, providing clean, drinkable drinking water to a wide range of people. This effort not only meets basic human needs, but also provides opportunity for Ghanaian and international youth to learn about the benefits of web3 technology.











            13th hive borehole

The day's joyous atmosphere was enhanced by the community's cultural presentations, which included music, poetry, and performances by local schoolchildren. The entire community got together to express appreciation for the two boreholes that would benefit them. With the availability of Hive water, children and women may improve their everyday activities, thereby enhancing student education.

The Hive Ghana team, coordinated by managers @mcsamm and @collinz, also organised a health outreach programme to address the community's health issues in addition to the borehole inauguration. This critical endeavor sought to give health services and screenings to Asamankama inhabitants in order to ensure their well-being.











     Hive Health Screening

We will share additional information about this historic launch event in the following days. Today, we celebrate the good influence of the Hive Blockchain and look forward to many more success stories in the future. I'm really happy to be a part of a web3 platform with the potential to change people's lives and communities.

Special thanks to whole Hive Ghana team for their contributions to this event. The whole Hive Ghana community has contributed to this wonderful cause with incredible devotion and innovation. Let us continue to use the Hive Blockchain to better people's lives.












Completed Hive Boreholes in Ghana
1st hive borehole - Fawoade, Ghana

2nd hive borehole - Agona Bedomase, Ghana

3rd hive borehole - Anwomaso, Ghana

4th hive borehole - Pentecost sch Bremang, Ghana

5th hive borehole - Jamasi Dawu

6th hive borehole - Asamang

7th hive borehole - Asamang

8th hive borehole- Chichibon

9th hive borehole - Chanshegu

10th hive borehole - Gbamyamli

11th hive borehole - Kanvili-kukuo


Project : Construction of borehole
Location : Asamankama (Ghana, West Africa)
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


Changing lives with hive.


Well done to the team. This is changing lives. The publicity for Hive is a bonus. Keep it up.

Thank you @steevc for the support and the love.

publicity for hive should be its main focus not just a bonus

if well promoted this story of turning crypto into water for Africa should generate millions in NFT sales and ad revenue hive doesnt have to spend on now

this saves hive money on marketing etc

hivedao paying for this is smart because it shows that hive is a currency that helps people and if it was worth more we coule fund projects like this all over the world even more maybe solving problems longterm for entire regions maybe stopping wars over water in the future lol

we really should recruit children educated in hive funded schools to learn hive and crypto afterschool and to each get opensea nft projects and twitter pages and viral meme videos and starlink powered live streaming going

I do hope Hive empowers the next generation growing up in these places, but getting fresh water to communities must be a general benefit for them.

Yes and we are proud of this achievement. Thanks for your support too @steevc

This is an incredible initiative! Congratulations on all your work and for helping Hive change lives!

Thank you.

It was indeed a beautiful moment. The expression on the faces of the people really paints the success and how the project will mean to them.. I'm very happy about the kind of contribution through web3 technology people are getting..

And you have been supportive to make this a success, thanks too.

yeah isnt it crazy yow MANY people are outside in hive clothing with hive signs in Africa? right after the Venezuela and Mexico hive meetings?

Maybe if hive gets to $8 like steem we can afford massive hive events in more cities all on the same day

but we need layer 1 nfts and some solutions to signups and how to scale to 100M accounts and how to get @dbuzz things like basic file sharing so its so useful people just use it like pastebin etc

get hive ised organically more

but also we need Hive Borehole Wells in Ghana showcased on TV in the usa and we should buy ads on twitter to promote ethereum nfts that get your name on some of the next wells by @mcsamm and @collinz who can take those nft sales and really make good use of the money and show off how many wells theyve already built, opensea could have us on the front page and we could have a hive comment bot tjat lets us show off pur ethereum linked metamask wallet nfts of hive borehole stickers

im imagining telegram style stickers or pixel art of water wells maybe pixel art of a truck with a drill that costs $50,000 as mu h as a real truck and ut vuys you a real truck abd it has the name of whatever crypto or twitter account purchased the nft! you could have so many huge twitter posts and nft sales everyday never ending to fund more wells schools etc

This sounds really beautiful @ackza

I am enormously happy about all the development that the Ghanaian community has had with blockchain support. You are testimonials that blockchain has real use cases and can positively impact people's lives.

Thank you for sharing with us 🙏 all the work you have done, this is very important ✨ to be known in the world. 🙌 My blessings to all.

Amen, we share this victory with you dear.

This is absolutely mind blowing and amazing. I am so happy about the community and what genuine support can make on hive.

Congratulations to everyone who is helping to make a real change in the world. The health checkup is also a great implementation and helps a lot to the unknown but simply solvable health problems.

It is amazing to see things like this can be achieved through the Hive Community 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Thanks for supporting us. The impact of projects like this is massive.


@tipu curate

Thanks so much.

Wow.. just wowww

These are mind blowing projects my people
More greese to your elbow
Great job I must confess

Thanks many times Nkem @nkemakonam89 . We share this success with you and everyone on the blockchain.

wow we need a google maps link showing location of all 13 boreholes

start adding starlink wifi and free usb power banks to charge phones, sell polygon and eth and hive nfts to twitter crypto projects needing a solid crypto charity story to sponsor

This would be a fantastic initiative. Especially at places where thete are no electricity and Internet.

Congratulations @mcsamm This is very wonderful news! I am so happy for all of you continuing to get more clean water that you deserve so much! Barb 🌟🌟🌟🌟👍😊 !BBH !CTP

Thanks sit. We are excited to see your support.

You're most welcome @mcsamm 🌟🌟😃👍 !BBH !CTP

It's heartwarming to see the positive impact the Hive Blockchain is making in Asamankama, Ghana. I'm genuinely touched by how the project went above and beyond, not just with the boreholes but also refurbishing the abandoned manual borehole and organizing a health outreach program. Kudos to the Hive Ghana team for their dedication to making a real difference in people's lives.

It's moments like these that make being a part of web3 platforms so rewarding. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story, and many more success stories in the future for the Hive Blockchain and communities it touches.

You are an inspiration to others and I would really love to get in touch with you on discord (My username = henryglowz)

Cheers to positive change and making a meaningful impact.

Thanks so much buddy. Sure, we can connect.

It will be an honor 😇