Community Contest #6 : Show Us Your Home Library and Tell Us Your Favorite Book

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Hey Hivers and Bibliophile!

This time, we are going to do something fun and simple. The contest will run for a week from 2 September to 9 September. Don't forget to link your entry without hyperlinked in the contest.

The prize this time is another 100 HP delegation for a month from our community and also rewards generated from this post! ****

Our prompt for this contest is:

Show Us Your Home Library and Tell Us Your Favorite Book

You can show all of your collections even you don't have dedicated library. Be creative in your entries and write reasons why they are your favorite books in your collection. The most creative one may have the chance to win this contest.


As usual, to keep the contest organized, we will have some simple rules.

  • Range of 400 words minimum (not including translation).

  • To participate, publish your post in the Hive Book Club community.

  • Tag a friend or two to participate in this contest. The more the merrier.

  • If you have a twitter, share it on twitter and add #hivebookclub as your tag among others. It's a bonus point if you do that.
  • Engagement will be a consideration to judge the winner.

  • Please submit your entry below and do not hyperlink it. We would rather receive it in raw URL.

The estimated time for this challenge is from 2 September to 9 September.

The first winner wil get 50% from the post reward
The second winner will get 30% from the post reward
The third winner will get 20% from the post reward


Hive Book Club is a community made by book lovers, for book lovers. A place where the chaotic minds of writers may punch away words from their keyboards as they share their writing adventures. Where the passionate book collectors may rummage through their stacks of books to share and review their latest additions. Outside of our regular curation process, we may create contests for our community to participate in, and earn even more from their posts. If you have a certain theme for a future contest you would like to see, let us know! Be sure to check with us frequently in our various social media platforms to avoid missing out!


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The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @valeriavalentina, @macchiata ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Thank you for participating. Stay tuned for the result on Monday.

It was nice reading your entry. We hope you'd stay around and share more of your book journey with us.

hi! here is my entry.

Hello I am very happy to have had the opportunity to participate in this initiative and this is also my first time publishing in the Hive Book Club community here I leave you my entry to my publication thank you

It was a pleasure reading your entry as well. Stay tuned for the result on Monday.

Thank you, sounds good!

This is my entry
Thank you so much for making the contest...
I have shared my post on twitter


Can you please drop the full link? thank you for participating and stay tuned for the result!

If you mean twitter link

Yes! thank you for participating. Stay tuned for the result on Monday.

I really wish I had some free time to enter this contest. The past week has been really busy.
Good luck to everyone who is taking part.

If you're taking part, don't forget to drop the link here!

Thank you for participating. Stay tuned for the result on Monday.

@hivebookclub I am nearly unable to wait!
I'm hoping there will be another writing prompt or contest.

My mind is overflowing with ideas. It would be lovely if it were possible to write more than one post per day on Hive, but sadly that is not possible.

I completely forget to write the link every time I enter a contest.
Thank you for reminding me.❤️🇲🇾

God, gimme some extra time this week, please please !! so many nice Hive challenges I wanna accept 😂😂 especially this one, and photo contest for 'Linear perspective'. But describing library -- it is a big thing -- will take time. Heh, I'll try to do my best.

I do look forward to your entry 😁

Heheh! Finally some show off time 🤭

Yes! it's flexing time.

too bad it's only a visual library that can be shared. my books are on my phone,
can a phone library be shared instead?

Sure! please just make sure to screenshot all of it so that we know it's yours :) or do anything that indicates it's your own library not others.

Ok , I will do that , thanks. I have slots of books there that I have read

Hello. Is an online library fine to be an entry for the contest? I only have e-books. 😄

Sure! please just make sure to screenshot all of it so that we know it's yours :)

 3 months ago  

Interesting contest, I will definitely participate even though I don't have a library as such, but, I would like to show you my humble space, and besides that I find it stupid to be able to show you my favorite books. greetings!

¡I love this initiative!, I love reading and I cherish my library a lot. 🤓💕

Here is my participation:

Thank you so much for your entry, stay tuned for the result!

Oh, I will try to participate in this initiative. We'll see what comes out. My library is small and I have quite a few books so I keep them stacked hahaha organizing that will be the main challenge

no worries! looking forward to your entry!

Thank you so much for participating. Stay tuned for the result on Monday.

 3 months ago  

Hello to all book lovers, here is my participation in the contest:

Good luck to all participants📚

Thank you for participating. Stay tuned for the result!

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Epic idea, I will try and do this when I wake up later!

3 more days to go! can't wait to see your library 😊 and when you're done don't forget dropping it here.

I like the contests, but I don't know if I have time to participate because my library is in another house and I have to travel to get to it, I currently carry about 3 books that accompany me wherever I go.

I will do my best to show my little piece of heaven on earth, thank you.

Looking forward to that. You still have 3 days to go before this ends. Good luck and have a great day!

thank you 🏃‍♀

Hi! My entry


Just in time. Thank you for your participation.