The Treatment may be WORSE than the Disease

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Experimental vaccines are being rushed into humanity to combat a bug which killed 1.8 million after spreading to every occupied place on the planet. The mantra "safe and effective" is repeated everywhere, even as recipients begin to report troubling and serious side effects, and deaths are chalked up to coincidence or underlying health conditions. Let's summarize the current facts, using information from official mainstream sources.

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You aren't crazy. Vigilance is prudent.



Yeah, I'm waiting for a while until there's more information about the effects of the vaccine. Serious allergic reactions as a side effect does not help my confidence in the vaccine...

It sounds like one of the late night pharma commercials that lists all of the possible side effects, and you laugh and then cringe as the list goes on. Eventually you ask, wait why am I getting this again? Oh right, because we're all jumping off a cliff, as long as we're in it together. It's okay, we know it's bullshit, wrong, and evil, but we're too cowardly to be the first to resist, so we'll just jump off the cliff and hope we survive so we can keep our jobs.

The so called cure is worse then the fakedemic.

Run from the cure! lol...and thank you for reminding us we're not crazy!

These video posts are extremely shareable.

Done! Resteemed and rehived :)