12th borehole is ready for launch.

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In this video, I provide an update on the advancements of the 12th Hive Borehole and the preparations for its upcoming inauguration today. Come along on this remarkable journey of transformative moments with the Hive Blockchain. Thanks for watching.


Completed Hive Boreholes in Ghana
1st hive borehole - Fawoade, Ghana

2nd hive borehole - Agona Bedomase, Ghana

3rd hive borehole - Anwomaso, Ghana

4th hive borehole - Pentecost sch Bremang, Ghana

5th hive borehole - Jamasi Dawu

6th hive borehole - Asamang

7th hive borehole - Asamang

8th hive borehole- Chichibon

9th hive borehole - Chanshegu

10th hive borehole - Gbamyamli

11th hive borehole - Kanvili-kukuo


Project : Construction of borehole
Location : Asamankama (Ghana, West Africa)
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


Changing lives with hive.

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This is so cool! Congratulations sir. This is a very good development and I hope that the hive Blockchain will keep impacting live. Kudos to you and your colleague 💪💪

Thanks dear.

Amazing, this made me smile. Blessing people around through hive is beautiful.

It is a good project, 12th borehole is no joke, keep it up.

You shall continue to smile because you have made others smile including me.

It's 13th borehole now.

When I saw this, I just exclaimed, wooow!!! This is simply amazing. Seriously you are doing a great work sir. How I wish you will extend this hand of fellowship to our community in Nigeria.

God bless your good heart

We've won this together on the chain.

This is a nice project, keeps on the great job hive blockchain will keeps impacting in people live.

Yes, spread the word.

Yessss!!!! This was beautiful mcsamm, I’m very impressed to see 13 boreholes now in place!

It's vry impressive. And we share this achievement together. Thanks sir @albuslucimus

A very nice video. I myself am very happy for the kind of impact these boreholes constructed are having on the lives of the people. The Asamanmakoma community is forever grateful