Community Token Talk - The Cutting Edge of Web 3 - Ep. 11

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Community Token Talk - CTT - the cutting edge of the new Web 3 world - Episode 11

This week's guest: @howweroll @arcange




Call on Hive app devs to join: to discuss with SPK Network devs on features they want.

First main tasks to follow. Check out our MVP for our task setting platform at

We will reward the first commenter to add timestamps, content url and content creator hive username where relevant.

CTT + SPKNetwork related video clips @bil.prag @unorgmalitia doing great work here

Check out @arcange proposol

Check out @howweroll skate board community:

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Being part of you podcast has been a wonderful experience. Thanks again for inviting me.

Thank you for discussing the issue I commented on. I'm absolutely on the same page with @arcange It cannot be a punishment for powering-down and we all should be free to whatever we want with our stake. But formulating some sort of index or giving people badges creates positively reinforcing environment, not-rewarding is not a punishment.

I'm also agree on adding witness/proposals voting to this data is important.

I have some thoughts on why the big guys just ignore Hive. It's our task to prove ourselves, we propose something really radical here and if it's supposed to work the big power comes from doing this by our internal effort. Having support from the big guys would diminish values we stand for. They might be aware of this dynamics.

Thank you for another great episode.

We need a badge for listening to this CTT episode.

3 hours. You guys just keep churning out the content.

Sound to the end becomes bad :D

IMO hive will start shining if projects like solana break ( to high costs to run it in bear). We are 1 step ahead.

Everything else need time because the marketing is better from the centralized coins, but that's in a long run no problem because hive can survive, they cant.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of this! Thank you so much for having me on guys!

I declare myself guilty from not paying enough attention, I didn't know you were doing this series. I've been watching this for 15 minutes and it seems that I found my to-listen podcast during my gym sessions. I have some catching up to do next week with the first episodes.

It's pretty cool to see you and @starkerz have a pretty good dynamic and definitely some chemistry. Looking forward to listen to these.

Glad we can get ur gym sessions pumping!

I'm with you @anomadsoul!! Tho, i hope i can listen at work!! 😉

I just bookmarked @ausbitbank's exchange website. That dude is always making #dope shit!

@37:30 NFTs are like the sugar of the crypto space, it provides zero nutrience and it's all empty calories (eg. no utility). In the End, crap like that, it all goes away ...

Sugar ~ System of a Down

a way to trade around cex is IMO really important for hive ( with high volume). So that's really cool.

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It's such a good pleasure to be here

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