HiveFest 2021 Funding Proposal

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HiveFest⁶ is coming up on 12+13 November. Just like last year we return to Virtual Reality (using AltspaceVR's social software available for Mac/Windows and VR headsets). Again this year will be completely free to attend. Last year saw record numbers close to 1000 unique visitors iirc, thanks to the easy of hopping in and AltspaceVRs discovery and trending features. This year so far we look at 500 registrations on

Free of charge, yet not free of costs. I hope the blockchain will be able to pay up some of them. This proposal seeks to cover part of the costs detailed below through a marginal @Hive.Fund request. The reasoning stated below has not changed. But because we could partly recycle stuff, some costs turned out to be somewhat lower. Unfortunately, or fortunately, just how you look at it, AltspaceVR had since last year upgraded and changed their software (new Unity version means redoing custom 3D models) and requirements for App integrations, therefore quite some stuff had/has to be coded and created once more to comply with their new environment. Overall the experience is more bug free and somewhat slicker. Especially on a VR device!


A free HiveFest⁶, promoting and strengthening the Hive blockchain.

HiveFest creates relations, educates and entertains. As previous years' IRL editions saw a high entry barrier (ticketprice, hotel, flights) one had to be really sure to take the leap and decide to come. This led to mainly Hive users attending the event. Obviously not a lost decision, as it was always epic times.

With this free version it is different. The entry barrier to join the event is removed. One only needs a computer (or VR headset for the full experience). As seen last year and other events in AltspaceVR this instantly draws outsiders to these active worlds through the discovery tabs in the AltspaceVR software. A unique way to share the word about Hive out there.

On a side-note, this is also why I found the need to have a simple "picture / info panel"-based exposition introducing Hive ELI5 in the HiveFest⁶ AltspaceVR main lobby area. This way Hive users can point "outsiders" to the exposition in the corner. More over, this HIVE ELI5 Area can stay open for future events / meetings and function as permanent introduction to the Hive blockchain in VR.

The HiveFest Finesse, this year again in VR.

Yes, I am a developer by day. But I'm also an "occasional event organiser". A hobby grown from my original hospitality background (originally I studied Hospitality Industry Management) and worked for several years at several big dutch festivals/events either directly within the organisation (TodaysArt) or allied as developer for companies working at several festivals. This, plus running a PDF based magazine attending & reporting on festivals led me to have an excessive experience (and love for how to run) in events.

When I initiated HiveFest 5½ years ago my event organising gears started revving up again. The first edition resulted in many sleepless nights, as I didn't want to forget anything and touch on everything detail. I lost 10 kg (22 lbs) leading up to the event, but it was great to see so many having a good time and complaining "it was too short".

Generally when organising this event (and others) I don't want to leave anything to chance and prepare everything into finest detail. Organising in VR is easier. There are less variables compared to a multiday real-life event spread out over several venues (physically separated) per day.

I could have just chosen to set a date, fire up AltspaceVR a couple of hours before the start of the event on November 12th, launch a so-called "Quick Event" in the configurator and see where we go from there. But that is not me. That would be the same as organising HiveFest in the local library for a couple of hours and then just let everyone part their ways. No. I want to offer an experience. Multi venues, multi activities, keep things dynamic. Last year I started working on deeper integrations to make the event as special as VR can offer and have that HiveFest finesse which some of you have gotten to experience in Amsterdam, Lisbon, Krakow and Bangkok. Last year saw comments from long time AltspaceVR users: "Best event ever!"

Costs involved with HiveFest 6 in AltspaceVR:

Denoted in FIAT EURO

HiveFest6 real costs budget
Hardware: headsets, power€200.00
Physical location rental (3 days) for event (fiber optic connectivity needed)€500.00
Livestreaming hardware / streaming costs€500.00
Updating HiveFest event world, 3D models€2,000.00
Updating Mixed Reality Extension apps€2,000.00
Event production (2 people - total 3 weeks time @ 95 EUR/hr)€20,000.00
Promotion (Twitter ads and some other)€2,500.00
Unforeseen 0.5%€138.50
VAT 21%€5,846.10

That is 39,005 USD which at time of writing equals to about 40,211 HBD

Funding requested: 10,000 HBD

Personally speaking, HiveFest is the only thing on my mind these days. I am less stressed than for a real life edition, mainly because many variables are owned by myself. Less stress is great. I don't complain. Also, I like what I do. I love it.

I'm personally funding most of my own hours (ie its a labour of love) but I still need to pay some others involved :) E.g. Poezio and his helps for setting up the NFTShowroom and help running the event days with me on site. Additionally there is some donations already directly from several sponsors of the event, bigger and smaller, taking care of some. Additionally the Hive Marketing proposal is taking care of some of the promotional costs.

This means I'm asking for your permission and vote to recoup 10,000 HBD from our shared Hive.Fund budget.

Payment details

  • Payout scheme: speedy 4 x 2,500 HBD/day rather than spread out over a long course.
  • Beneficiary: @HiveFest
  • Payout scheduled dates: Nov 12th - Nov 16th 2021

Voting details: Proposal 195

Vote via your favorite platform:

  • Vote via Hivesigner
  • Vote via Peakd:
  • Find on /
    : #195 is the proposal id
  • cli_wallet: update_proposal_votes YOURACCOUNT [195] true true

Thank you for your review & consideration,
See you at HiveFest (don't forget to register before November 11th!)

@roelandp /// HiveFest


You have my staff (and my vote).
Hopefully next time without goggles :-)
( Reboot in Amsterdam? :-D )

Event production (2 people - total 3 weeks time @ 95 EUR/hr)

This is the highest salary I ever heard so far. My pension-like income (for my multiple disabilities) is approximately €222 EUR per month. They earn that with a little bit more than 2 hours of work. I know. I live under the local minimum wage. I get less than the local minimum wage, even if I combine my pension-like income with the salary of my four hours per day part time job. Nowadays my total income is approximately only €403 EUR per month, while the local minimum wage is approximately €474 EUR.

But either way, I wish good luck and all the best both to the team and also to the participants of the HiveFest.

Greetings from Hungary.

Thanks a lot for the best wishes, please do attend!

Yes the world is a very unequal place... Take a peak at to see some mind blowing salaries for people working from home in their pyjamas :)

Also note that the 95 EUR is my going rate for software development which sees mr. Taxman deduct north of 35%. Additionally in the end this is salary is not actually paid for by this proposal, so I won't receive that, as I indicated in the paragraph below that :)

Still I found it an interesting remark and looked up minimum wage here in NL, which is EUR 1.701,00, so that's actually 3.6x the minimum wage in Hungary. So I looked up some full time software developer salary (which is a steady income, mind you, instead of variable freelance work):

(11,769,999 HUF / 12 months / 4 weeks / 40 hr/wk) huf to eur = 17 EUR hourly wage. Multiplied by 3.6 = 61.41 EUR to equalise with my dutch going rate. But that is paid for 40 hrs * 4 weeks * 12 months continuously, whereas I as a freelancer won't get fulltime hours paid. (Maybe thats bad on my behalf :P)

TLDR: world is inequal.
TLDR 2: Here you see GDP / capita compared between our countries which imho somehow reflects this difference (has a 3.3x difference, whereas the minimum wage has a 3.6x difference):

Interesting stuff! Or boring, also :P

Another angle to view associated costs of the event may be to compute the cost per ticket. At the low ball estimate of 500 attendees, the costs per ticket would be approximately €67.37. At 1000 attendees that cost would drop, drastically, to €33.68.

P.S. Registered on altvr and took my avatar as far as the campfire. Will be working on the VR setup next.

Hi @roelandp and @HiveFest team,

thanks for all the Organisation work and all the time you spend on this project. I'm a visitor, supporter and speaker since the Event no 2 in Lisbon and like to offer my help for all coming events.

This event joins all the people behind the hive community together and creates awareness for all the work the different projects do.

Full support here at the supporting proposol to cover at least a bit of the time and efforts of your work dear @roelandp

@forkyishere will be there =) should be very hard to find! LOL

It's a small portion of development funds that promote a very important (in my view) event that puts together a great deal of power back into the community. So yes... voted up and in.

Voted! Preparing my talk, very excited.

Hey @roelandp! I voted and just sent some HBD over to help with HiveFest expenses. I'll do another transfer in a few days. Thanks for all you do!


Thanks for your annual Hivefest work! heading over to vote.

Voted for the proposals! + Some friends of mine voted as well.

p.s. hopefully, next year we have a real Hive Fest.

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Thank you so much for the effort and hard work on making this hive fest 2021 possible. I am really looking forward to meet all of you guys in altspace. I never knew that it will cost this much. !PIZZA !LUV






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Good initiative and keep up the good work @hivefest

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