Usind Relevance To Find Resonance


Many people who hear about the concept of resonance have a hard time picturing what this term implies, especially in a spiritual context. Why is resonance so important for people on a spiritual path and why do so many hippies talk about it so much? lol

Because resonance is a guide, a sort of signpost to where it is we want to move towards when we are trying to determine the way forward.

It's like a direct feed to the subconscious and our intuition, an illuminated pathway to connect to a deeper sense of fulfillment and self-realization by finding things, people, activities and concepts in this world that speak to us - and find an already present "counterpart" in us that goes into "harmonic vibration". That resonance starts to sing and cling in unison with the outer aspect and their amplitudes add and amplify each other.

Now I know this is all just words and doesn't mean a whole lot.

There are a million ways to describe words with words, and the above is just one way of using words to describe an idea that has an observable basis in actuality, projected onto a spiritual concept.

BUT, we could also just use the help of another image to convey what resonance is,a much more day-to-day expression that can bring more clarity: Relevance!

When something is relevant to people, it resonates with them. Relevance makes parts of the external appeal to us on the internal, something that sparks our interest, something that provokes a longing to know understand or grasp. To become part of it and to explore it more deeply.

It's not really important whether we develop an interest in something and then find the relevant out there that is suddenly noticeable... or whether we stumble upon something in the outer that sparks a keen sense of exploration inside of us, making said aspect more relevant for us to explore.

In the end relevance is what makes us move.

It is what makes us build on prior experience, to help us grow our toolkit and ultimately amplify our "level" of life-enjoyment.

When we need to understand something, when we need to figure something out, solve a problem or correct an error it is always a good idea to find relevance in it first. What in said field speaks to me already, and where can I connect most easily with what I already grasp?

Build a relevance bridge.

If we can manage to find an aspect inside of us that is relevant - that resonates - the ensuing dive into the details and the finer aspects of said aspect of the outer come effortlessly because we suddenly feel it is important, rather than just a chore or obligation.

Using relevance purposefully to find and detect resonance in us can help us become better learners and ultimately give us a much different perspective on life. 'Cause in the end, pretty much anything can be relevant through finding and establishing the right context. The 'relevant' context that is different for each of us.

Relevance-finding mastery therefore is no more or less than establishing and linking the proper context to our internal sensations and make them applicable to what is in front of us.

This all is of course a lot of complex and unnecessarily long wordings and sentences to say: Thinking differently on purpose can help us approach something we encounter in a much more gratifying way. Finding relevance can train us to become critical thinkers who always look outside the box; the box so many have long accepted as given and inherently un-transcendable.

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"Using relevance purposefully to find and detect resonance in us can help us become better learners and ultimately give us a much different perspective on life. 'Cause in the end, pretty much anything can be relevant through finding and establishing the right context. The 'relevant' context that is different for each of us."

I like your explanation here. I could say it resonates with me. You are right that this can be used as a tool for good but I fear that it has a dark side as well. I suppose it depends who is trying to make what resonate with whom. That is to say, where an individual could use this as to direct oneself or we, as outside actors could lead other to a better place so to could a bad actor use relevance to misdirect a person or groups resonance.

I could be misunderstanding the point but I think of the media, for example, adding a cultural relevance to create a message that resonates with a group but leads them in the wrong direction. Like when they blow up a questionable police shooting, knowing that it will lead to riots and civil unrest because they will profit on reporting on the civil unrest that they helped to create.

I guess to put it in more mystical terms, if we can say using relevance to conjure resonance is a spiritual or even magical action, then the is also the black magic side of the coin.

I have been taking a lot of mushrooms lately so it is fully possible that I am reading too much into this lol.

Yes, every thing has several sides. Relevance can be artificially created by a constant and ever-repeating message, which, because it is suddenly in the field of repetition, acquires an importance that it basically does not need to have. We humans can be like monkeys, examining everything that happens to come into our view and trying to snatch it out of each other's hands so that it becomes our mission. But the very next moment something else catches our attention and what seemed heavily significant yesterday is no longer so today. And so we plod from one branch to the other, but without the quality of true monkeyness. While the monkey has already forgotten what lies behind it, we humans additionally burden ourselves with guilt, shame and duty.

Insofar as I experience unadulterated resonance, it is always something that I cannot describe, cannot put into words very well. Trying to explain the inexplicable can only ever be weaker than the actual experience. Where it succeeds, at least to a certain extent, it expresses itself in art.

What you read in another ones words, cannot be too much, no? You determine the meaning of them, don't you?

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you feel you may not accurately describe "unadulterated resonance" but you nailed the adulterated one.
even using that adjective is a mindblower ahahaha.
thank you for that massive insight to the already massive comment. you people are just such a breath of fresh air after I have been away for months.
Thank you for that!

HaHa, I enjoy finding unusual expressions. As a non native English speaker I may find them more often. LOL
massive comments are s speciality of mine. Happy, to serve you as a fresh air bringer.

I would miss being here, too. It's good though to take a break once in a while. This happens naturally for some and must be taken by others. I am curious about what you will have to report what happened during your absent time.

nope, that is a magnificent point you are making and you are right.
Resonance can be steered when consciousness is low in people. and i suppose we all have our topics where we can be easily misdirected by third parties or "bad actors".
so doesn't this all point to finding a new paradigm that does not utilize middlemen? they always seem to be the catch in anything human beings undertake, and it's something i have been thinking about a lot these past weeks.
"The middleman paradigm" (Working title...) I think if we could overcome THAT and if we could all find our own way to that insight as to why that is desireable, we could find relevances for ourselves once more and be more certain they spring from our own inner world rather than from the outer superimposed.

hope you are doing great man, have a blessed 2022 with many insights and lots of shroomy conversations!
blessings to ya