The biggest bottle of whiskey I've seen

Husband mainly drinks scotch, so apart from Jameson, this is the first time I've come across another Irish whiskey. This bottle of Bushmills Irish whiskey looks like a normal bottle of whisky. Yes, and no. Yes, because Bushmills is the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery. Source

And no, because look at the size of this bottle! This must be the biggest bottle of whiskey I've seen! It's 4.5 liters compared to the normal 700ml bottle. This bottle belongs to my niece @kathrynkw, and in case you're wondering, no she isn't an alcoholic! This was gifted to her.

This weekend I went to Kathryn's for Lunar New Year dinner, she posted about it here. Lobster and roast duck are two of my most favourite dishes. They were divine, very fitting for a new year dinner.

Anyway, back to the whiskey. After dinner hubby was served a dram of whiskey because Kathryn knows he likes a little drink after dinner. Except this little drink came in a massive bottle. When she got it out, I thought what the heck? I was so worried when I held it because it's so heavy, I was worried I might drop it. And just for fun, I placed a bottle of normal size bottle next to it for comparison purposes. If you didn't know, you'd think the normal size bottle on the left is a miniature bottle. How crazy is that! Even Kathryn's son came to have a nose. Just joking!! He just happened to be playing in the kitchen and I figured it would be even more fun to compare this little guy against the big bottle.

As I said, hubby is more of a scotch drinker but he quite liked the Bushmills. It was a tad on the sweet side for him, but he didn't mind that. And it was very smooth, exactly as it said on the bottle, smooth and mellow. I tasted two little sips, the first straight from the bottle, and there was a hint of chocolate. Or it could have been vanilla, as described by the official tasting notes, due to this triple distilled whiskey being stored in cherry and bourbon casks. My second sip was after hubs added a few drops of water to it. The texture was distinctively different, much smoother.

I think hubs and his drinking buddies ie my brother in laws may have a new joiner to their after dinner drinking gatherings now. Although, personally I don't drink whisky, I think it's nice to add a feminine touch to things, especially since whisky still seems to be quite a male dominated circle.


Ooh, nice!

You should try the 10-year-old malt.

And then in the morning, you can have the marmalade!

image source

I prefer Irish whiskey to Scottish; it's a lot smoother, in my opinion.

What!! They do marmalade??? I wonder if my niece knows about it, must tell her. I don't drink whisky, but are surrounded by many who do.

4.5Litres!!! Holy shizzle my nizzle... That is some size of bottle! I recentlly bought a bottle of this for a friend for his birthday, but it was only a 1 litre bottle, which would feel very insignicant standing next to this beast of a bottle!!

Yeah, it would look like one of those miniature sample bottles even thought it's still bigger than the standard size. Actually, it would be fun to line up bottles of the different sizes for a photo

Ha ha yes it definitely would look like one of those tiny bottles! 😜

Wow, that's quite a bottle! I was in a whisky bar last night and I don't think they had anything that big. Maybe it's some sort of catering size.

I know @dickturpin is partial to Bushmills.

A normal whisky bottle lasts me a fair while, but I do have a few on the go.

Hubby's seems to last him quite a while, and he normally has quite a few stashed away. In fact I might go and check out his collection, I don't normally poke my head in his whisky cabinet

Between us we have a fair few whiskies and gins. It's a good thing they keep well.

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Kung hei fat choi to and your family.
I never drank whiskey so I really don't know how it tastes..

Thanks Jane. Hope you had a good New Year break and got lots of lai see!!

That's a lot of whisky! I've seen pretty big containers here with multi-liters. I think 3 might be the max I've seen. Sake commonly comes in a 3 liter size. The largest common traditional bottles are 一升, which is about 1.8 liters I think, but there are cardboard contains that give an even 3 liters. Japanese whisky gets put in the big containers too. Hmm... maybe more.. I'll have to check out the hard liquor section next time I go to the store!

3 liter bottles are very big, and I've seen red wine magnum bottles before, but I don't think they were as big as the 4.5 litre bottle of whisky. It'll be interesting to see how big a Japanese whiskey you can find 😊

Kung hei fat choi, cheers for new year

Thanks @intoy.bugoy! I guess you guys don't celebrate lunar new year in the Philippines?

It is Holiday in Philippines, Most of Filipino Celebrate it silently than the New year.

But theirs some areas in Philippines like Binondo and China Town who celebrate Lunar new year loudly.

Jeez, that's a big one for sure! Had no clue there is even alcohol produced in such large bottles! But I guess it's a good way to get one of these for a large party instead of 2-3 smaller ones, haha

I'm sure it will certainly be the focal point in a party, who doesn't love a lot of bozz when partying!!

That was huge! And the bottle is worth keeping!

I can't remember if the opening is big enough to put small coins in, but you can definitely put notes in. It would be great as a piggy bank and watch your money grow.

ohh, one would be tempted to get them as they could see it, hehe.

I once had a metal whiskey box turned into piggy bank but sadly someone stole the money inside.

It's 4.5 liters compared to the normal 700ml bottle.

Good enough for a big party :)

That's gonna be one hellava party!!

I thought you were worried when they brought out the bottle because if they drank it all the celebration it would last about 2 days hehehe, here in Venezuela there was a time when they brought out and marketed 3 liter bottles but they came with a base where the bottle swung and thus erA easier to serve.

What a great sharing that whiskey as you describe it must be very tasty and the food looks like a different level, congratulations.

Was that 3 liter whisky as well, or was that a Venezuelan favourite national drink? A base to help serve the drink is very thoughtful, but it will serve the drinks much quicker as well!!! 😊

Here in Venezuela we drink a lot of whiskey, the one I mentioned was a chivas regal 12 years old.

Bushmills is pretty good stuff. I have only had it a couple of times. That looks like the half gallon bottles like we have in the States. My wife and I go through a half gallon of RUM about every month or so. I know that sounds horrible, but it really isn't as bad as it sounds. That JD Bonded is good stuff too.

it really isn't as bad as it sounds.

ha ha!! Now you're trying to justify yourself 😆

So that's where the massive bottle came from!!! I know everything is a lot bigger in the states, particularly plates of food in restaurants, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised you produced massive bottles of drink as well🙃

The half gallon bottles are interesting for sure. You can only get certain liquors in them though. Usually it's the cheaper stuff.

Well, let's drink whiskey then... women to the power! If we get drunk, let them pick us up with a shovel. 😂

Now I know where to go if I need to find a drinking buddy!

That's a whole lot of whiskey there @livinguktaiwan! I can just imagine the weight of that bottle.
That image with the regular size is quite deceptive, really looks like they're miniatures!

This bottle belongs to my niece @kathrynkw

I am wondering if @kathrynkw also has a collection of whiskey bottles, like those cool mugs :))

First, the whiskey has to be consumed... 4.5 liters... 😵

I definitely don't have a collection of whisky bottles, I do have a friend who collects unusual bottles of alcohol, of course they're all empty. I do plan on keeping this bottle though.

You took the photo in such a way that the bottle looks huge haha. Like it's 5 liters haha. Cheers!

Edit: Looks like I misunderstood, it's almost 5 liters already! That's the biggest one I've ever seen too 🤣🤣

Hello P!

First of all, I'd like to wish you a happy lunar new year!
May it bring you much prosperity and good health, are my main wishes.
When it comes to whiskey, or even distilled spirits, although I'm not a connoisseur, I very occasionally like to make a toast with a good whiskey. As a young man, vodka was certainly my drink of choice when I went out at night, and I wasn't the person responsible for driving. I mainly drank it with 7-UP or with cola, but I preferred 7-up.

As far as thinking that whiskey isn't a very feminine drink, I think it has to do with a strong cultural tradition that it's men who like strong spirits. That whiskey you tried is one of my favorites (although I'm not a connoisseur), and when I was in college it was one of my options when I went to a bar with live music. At the time, I would drink it without ice or water, but I would ask for a flat water to drink with it.

Have a great Lunar Year!

That looks like a massive gift 🤣 The closest I’ve come to whiskey is Black and White, but comparing it to the 4.5 liter bottles was just wow.😯 I bet it must have been super smoooth. Do you think the whiskey was a good gift? 🎁 may be worth the price?