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March22nd, 2022
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A Long Hospital Stay

Just a short update on where I've been. I have been in the hospital pretty much since the 19th of February, with collapsed lung issue.

They released me yesterday on the 21st from the hospital, and I arrived home about 8PM. After getting settled I pretty much crawled into bed and slept.

I pretty much slept all day today, and hope to make it to town tomorrow to get my medications.

It will take me some time before I am back to my normal Hive activities, but I will fully return over time.

I have more to say but am just not up to it yet.

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Oh man! That's quite the ordeal and far from a trifling matter.

I hope your recovery is a fairly speedy one but a thorough, complete, one is far more important, so if it takes a little while then so be it. I'm sure bed is the very best place for that to take place right now so kudos on being a smart guy and knowing when to let the body do it's thing.

Sending you and yours all the very best as you navigate this challenging time my friend. From time to time we are sharply reminded that Hive isn't going anywhere even though we may be on the side-lines for a spell. I'm sure this update was quite an ordeal in your present condition, although not welcome news, thanks for taking a few moments to let people know.

Very much looking forward to seeing you around again as you begin to improve and head back into 'fighting fit' territory. Take great care of yourself Shadowy one 🙂

I know recovery will take time, but I plan on taking the time to heal right.

Over a month in the hospital with a collapsed lung is serious. Glad you're home now where you belong and hopefully being back in familiar surroundings will speed up your recovery. Please take it easy while you mend and don't overdo it! @bashadow🌹

Sending hugs and warm wishes from Missouri!♥️♥️♥️

It will be hard to not over do things, but I plan on keeping a close eye on myself and hoping I do everything right.

So sorry you have been ill.

Hope you will recover quickly.

Hang in there !

Thank you. It will be a long haul, but then again so is life.

Thanks for the up-date @bashadow; some of us were worried about you. I did just receive your replies as well from past inquiries about your health.

I've not been posting much lately either, but I have been curating and leaving some comments in places.

My thoughts are with you while you fully recover.

I just hit that age where my body told me I ignored it for to long.

Swift Healing @Bashadow, @fulltimegeek has been looking for you. Thank you for the update so we all know you're ok! Hugs! <3

Thank you, just another small set back on the way to life. I hope to make a full recovery.

I hope you are improving more each day! Sending good energy and hugs.

Thank you doing fine so far at home, I expect it will be a slow recovery but I will recover.

Sorry to hear you have been ill. Speedy recovery! ❤

I'll get back soon, just gonna take a little time.


Working on it, Thank you.

100% Upvote!!!


My human and I have just been bizzy as hell is why I have been scarce.

We will take busy over the lung deal any day of the week.

Hurry back to health. Glad you are still with us.

Purrs and Ankle Rubs to You. =^,,^=

Thanks, we are working on it.

Fuck me brother, not literal like, hope it works out well.

It will be a slow recovery, 30 plus days in a Hospital is not kind to the body. I start Physical therapy tomorrow to try and rebuild some lost muscle tissue.

You got this one bro, you got it, look inside for the energy and desire, then make it so.

The want to get better definitely has to be there. I am not one to just simply roll-over.

Good man.

I'm so sorry to hear of your struggle with your health. That sounds really frightening.

I had viral meningitis five years ago. It knocked the stuffing right out of me and it took about two years to recover. I'm still not really as I used to be. I was told, make sure you sleep and rest, eat clean and take a good multivitamin supplement. My best wishes to you whilst you recover.

Thank you, I don't expect an overnight recovery. I know it will be awhile before things are close to being back to normal for me.

We wish you a fast and full recovery so our best wishes go to you 🤗

Thank you for the well wishes, much appreciated.

I'm coming out the other side of a procedure myself @bashadow and it's no joke and a collapsed lung is tem times as bad as mine so I feel sorry for you and hope you come back stronger.

I am hoping to be able to get back to some semblance of pre-collapse, I know it will take time, but we do have a lot of time.

I just jumped on hive for the first time in a while to see what you've been up to and saw this post. Damn Bash, it sounds tough. I hope things are better and you're making a speedy recovery my friend.

I think a speedy recovery is questionable, but the lung is healing, doctor said about 6 months for full healing on it while it attaches to some part around the lung so no air leaks can get in. Getting strength back I hope will be faster, 30 days of bed jail is not good on the muscles.

Thanks for the well wishes.

Oh wow.. scary news,, Glad you are home.. No better place to be..

Yes being home helps a lot.

Damn!! That's a bummer!!! Are you feeling any better?

I've been out of the hospital for about a month now. Recovery is going pretty slow, but I am getting there. It still hurts a lot in the chest to breath, but that is also improving.

I wish you the best recovery ever, swift & consistent! Is the snow finally going away?

It is mostly gone but still a lot hang out in the yard. At least the roads are all snow and ice free now. Soon things will start to turn green.

Stopping by on your last post to say I hope you are doing better these days.

Hang in there !


Slowly improving, doctors did tell me it would take a while up to 6 months or longer, but still healing pretty good.

It's very good to hear that you are improving.

here you are again :)
where was I ??
lost in the hurricane 😅

wow!!! wow! so sad to hear but glad to read that you are home again. please stay well!!!

It has been a trial, but I am improving, just need to allow for more time for things to heal.

Oh! Gosh! You were in bad shape!
Collect all your intention to get well soon!


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 98 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey mate, I hope this all works out ok for you. Rest up, Hive will be here when you're ready.

That sounds intense! How are you feeling now? Can your medication be delivered? The pharmacies here (most of them) deliver if it is difficult to do a pick up.

I hope you recover well. Rest is good!


They don't deliver where I am at, to far away. feeling a lot better, but got lots of muscle to rebuild, lost a lot of strength leading up to and while in the hospital.

Sleep is something I am becoming good at again after leaving the hospital.

They really don't let people sleep there. They have good reasons, but still... My father is recovering muscle mass after his triple bypass. It is a slow process. I have no excuse for my own muscles needing increasing. At least the weather is finally better.

I am glad to hear you are feeling a lot better. I hope things improve even more!

I hope your father heals well.

Thank you. I wonder how you are feeling now?


Still very weak, but physical therapy starts Wed. Still also a lot of pain, but at least the stitches got removed. Over-all not feeling to bad at all.

That sounds challenging. I hope the physio goes well. My father (who is recovering surprisingly well from a triple bypass) believes that the key to physio is, once you understand the exercises, to do them more often, but more gently if you can. He spoke to a physiotherapist years ago who said the reason physio often hurts is that most people won't do physio a little every hour or two. The physiotherapist said if people did the latter, they would recover better and with less pain. My father took this to heart and it served him well over the years when he has had to recover from various surgeries. If it helps you also, great. If not, please ignore.

I look forward to reading your next post when you are well enough and feel like it.


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