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RE: Hivers! Transform Regular Photos Into Art (Without Lifting A Finger)

Ryze did it again. I try to do some art work but not always on my blogs. I do feel my library is turning into a nice art collection on it’s own. I have to say I knew 4 out of 6 so I am gonna test some of the new ones just to have some fun.

The fact that you are all over the place ( I listened in on Jarvis and you and the fact cyn lives with an evangelist had me laughing at the pool ! ) but that fact is great and you know I am a fan of your enthusiasm.

Do remind that also here are people
just not that arty or throughthinking as some others , they just want to tell a story and not about esthetics and that’s ok we’ll not most of the time a shit post doesn’t do it for me even if it’s worked on with 6 apps

For now ciao from Italy and ryzetotheoccassion


Yay! Thanks @brittandjosie :) I believe you put quite a bit of effort into your posts, and the fact that you're so prolific and engaged can speak for a lot. I'd be thrilled if you experimented with any of the apps I posted. Haha, I guess I am kind of 'all over the place', and I'm glad you tuned into the PeakD UI chat. Haaha, evangelist omg, lol. Well, you may be one too, you're as enthusiastic as I am, even moreso! :)

Yes, I agree there are different types, and I'm grateful for the storytellers who focus on writing over images. I tried to address it with this line:

and if you don’t have artistic tendencies, each tool has easy defaults that add pop to your image with minimal thought or effort involved.

But I could always do a better job :)

Thanks again, ciao from Toronto and #TogetherWeRyze lol! 🙏

And I'm on team @brittandjosie lol! 🙏

Evangelists Anonymous is needed maybe

If someone set up an EA chapter, I'd heavily consider it, lol. 🤣

Hey Britt! 💛

Just checking in on one of the nicest people on this blockchain! Your the girl who went out of your way 1st to welcome me to Hive and I'll never forget that! (Even though you posted a bunch of cake after that while I was in the middle of hard core dieting down! hahahaha! 😅😆😩😵😱😭)

Anyways! I just wanted to check in here as I noted that you are still getting Spam Downvoted on all your comments (and likely your posts as well!) from @spaminator. 😒

@guiltyparties... What's going on here? Just when I thought you and I were making some head way... I keep on pickingUP your tracks all over this blockchain! And on REALLY NICE Hive Owners too! ☹️

I'm really hopping that you can set things straight soon Reese.


Oh god yes I remember now it’s my turn to diet cause Italian food is making me grow a bit to much 😬 and spaminator joins me because I made mistakes in sourcing a few blogs back.
So I guess he is staying with me for a while.

That’s a very unfriendly approach... you’ve been here awhile but imagine someone new! Do you think there going to last with a continual negative signal that’s being auto dusted like plant killer? I don’t think so...

But in a positive note... I know just the person/people to help you with those more than lovely Italian pastries! Annnnd I don’t mean someone willing to eat them in your stead if you catch my drift! Hahaha! 😝

The pastries on its own deserve a blog

Hahaha! I believe yah! 😆

And I forgot thank you for the nice words I really appreciate it very very much , hive would be a nicer place i we all looked out and be nice to eachother

How we treat our own matter especially right now... there are outside eyes looking in and deciding if they want to be a part of what we are about here on Hive... and if we are about being friendly from individual to implemented policy and practice they will come and Hive will thrive... but if we do not... who’s going to invite their best? Who’s going to invite the rest? It’s just not gonna happen... that’s why I’m going out of my way to challenge these sorts of unfriendly practices. Don’t tolerate it Britt. We have got to be better than the Social2.0’s if we are to win the wider world over.

I totally agree. I will still do the welcoming and helping in the terminal but inviting is on a hold for me right now.

Same here. Some people had better get it through there thick sculls... and you know! I’m beginning to wonder if these people are more committed to Steem(It)! How else can you explain some of this short-sighted and unfriendliness? There’s just no way I can invite anyone to this place as is... and that in and of it’s self is very sad...

But hang in there! Things will shift again. I’m confident!

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Well @xiko dog thank you for that , I needed that