Hivers! Transform Regular Photos Into Art (Without Lifting A Finger)

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Hivers post a lot of photos.

Hive feeds are full of thumbnail photos, plus there are many images posted inside most author's content. Some catch my attention, and I click through. Photos are great, I love them. I enjoy browsing them, and I'm grateful to every Hiver who takes time to upload them. At the same time, with a tiny amount of effort, most of those images could be even better. And looking through one particular community, Faces Of Hive, I get the feeling that…

A lot of people secretly dream of 'becoming art.'

Especially when posting photos of themselves. These are the people who do their best to look good in photos. They value beauty. They put effort into aesthetics. Whether it’s makeup, filters, poses, lighting, or more. And sometimes I do a ton of work to help these ‘living artworks’ achieve even greater visual appeal. For example, I'm about to tell you the story of how artwork like this...


...comes to life.


The piece above began with a model and a photographer, but the same desire to be aesthetically pleasing in photos is felt by plenty of selfie-takers all over the world. And even if you just post photos of your meals or jewelry, or something, the desire to make our shots appealing is common.

Hi, I'm J, and this is the story of the hardest digital art job I've ever taken.

Creating this one image took me 24 hours. I lived on pizza, talked to no one, and barely slept while making it. 'But J,' you may be thinking, 'I thought this post was about how to transform my photos into art, fast?' It is. Stick with me and I'll explain how elevating our photos doesn't have to be as hard as we think.

In fact, our current tech lets anyone with a phone create art in a few clicks.

The piece I’m about to take you through took way too many clicks, with way too many layers, and way too much hard drive space, but it’s what got me thinking about easy art.

Anyway, the story begins with a beautiful photo of Quinn taken by my friend Gaelan. Something about the vibe, emotion, and the beauty of the shot was really calling me. Gaelan said 'Hey man, if you want to turn it into a piece, go ahead.' I was thrilled. The thing is, the photo was taken on a sunny afternoon, but I wanted it to have glowing butterflies on a dark, moonlit night. And although I'd done lots of retouching and digital art before, I'd never transformed day into night.

Anyway, this was something completely different for me, something I'd never seen before. It seemed pretty tricky, where should I even start? Well, after watching hours of tutorials on YouTube and collecting tips from Photoshop masters, I felt like I could pull it off.

So I started by cleaning up and dimming the sky. There were also a bunch of subtle tweaks done to the model. A lot of people avoid this type of artistry but for me, I aim to create the exact image I have in my imagination, and if that means shaving a few pixels here and there, so be it. I call it 'art.'

Next I added some stars to the sky, and dimmed everything further, including the model this time. (You may notice I also put some of the original sky back in temporarily, just to bring back some of the detail and gradation.) The sky-swapping is a little rough here, because each bright stalk of wheat on the horizon line was a bit tricky to deal with, so I just left them for now. It may not look like much, but it took me 6 hours to get to this point, lol. Just doing the selections and tracing the model, the sky, the wheat, etc. took ages. Not to mention her individual features, lips, pendant, her hat, and earrings. Throw in skin-smoothing, proportion-adjustment, and various other touches, and well... it adds up.

It was a decent start, but night lighting is often a lot blue-er, with much deeper shadows, so played a lot with curves, dodging, burning, and way too many layers until it had that midnight feel. I also left a subtle overhead light-source out of frame, shining on Quinn. Note that the skyline's wheat-stalks are still ghetto here.

Now that the overall tone of the image was midnight-ish, it was time to add a splash of the golden glow I had imagined in the beginning, in the form of Quinn's 'Magic Pendant.' Getting the glow to reflect properly under her chin, across her neck, and down to her hand was harder than I expected. Unsurprisingly, I was still struggling with the skyline.

Aaaaannnd finally, we do the butterflies. Again, it took some finesse to get the light bouncing properly off of the model. On the bright side, I finally made the wheat-stalks on the horizon somewhat to my satisfaction, but it took an insane amount of time. I also spent time on facial features & lighting.

More cutting, tracing, and selections to get the moon into the sky, as well as some Saturn-style rings or aurora borealis type lights in there too, to give it a more fantastical & fantasy vibe. Plus some light from our glowing butterflies reflecting off the wheat field. (Details matter!)

Lastly, I did a final pass on tone, color, and tiny details. Whew!


Overall, I'm very proud of this piece, and see it as one of my best retouching or digital manipulation jobs to date.

But it took me years of experience and many hours to get to this level, and my neck and jaw were tense towards the end of it…

So how does all this make art easier for you?

Because as long as you're not trying to change day into night, like I was, things become a lot easier.

For example, here are some other pieces I've made over the years, some subtle retouches, some major artworks. With less ambitious artistic goals, some I did in under an hour, and others still only took a few clicks!

Fast / EasyMediumSlow / Hard

So let's talk about the images that take only a few clicks.

Most people are familiar with Instagram & Snapchat filters. (If not, they're a google away.) These things are simple, one- or two-click options that can turn your photos into art, fast. They’re fun.

But there are free (and paid apps) out there that take it to the next level. For very little effort they can transform your photos into art, whether you're on iPhone, Android, or PC.

Even though these apps are free (or cheap) and very easy to use, most people upload their photos without running them through an app first. Whether you want subtle retouching or artful masterpieces, it's worth popping your images into one of many apps out there first.

Here are 6 apps that you may want to play with below:

I’ve done my best to give top-tier options for various devices, but I only have Android & PC, so I’ve only tested Snapseed, Picsart, Fotor, and PhotoPea. If any kind reader has an iPhone and wants to test out *PhotoLeap *or Pixelmator, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.

PhotoLeap (iPhone)

Video 1Video 2
Retro Rewind Tutorial - Enlight PhotoLeapColor Splash Tutorial - Enlight PhotoLeap

Apologies, I couldn’t test on iPhone, but if it’s like most of these other apps it’ll have some nice built-in one-touch improvements, filters, and tweaks for your photos.

Pixelmator (iPhone, $4.99)

Video 1Video 2
Pixelmator Pro Tutorial – Change the background of a photoPixelmator Pro Tutorial – Create a realistic T-shirt mockup

Apologies, I couldn’t test on iPhone, but if it’s like most of these other apps it’ll have some nice built-in one-touch improvements, filters, and tweaks for your photos. Also the videos I found are for the pro version, but I believe they offer a free trial of that.

Picsart (Android, iPhone, PC)

Video 1Video 2
How to Create a Pride Rainbow Makeup Look - PicsArt TutorialHow to Remove ANYTHING From a Photo Using PicsArt Web - PicsArt Tutorial

Picsart has great filters (‘fx’) and one-touch photo-improvements in its free version, but it makes you create an account and then tries to upsell you on Picsart Gold pretty heavily if you don’t realize you can close the window and get back to the base app.

Snapseed (Android)

Video 1Video 2
Silhouette with Background in Snapseed - TutorialSnapseed - Top 5 Tips & Tricks - Android - iPhone

Snapseed has a few nice quick filters (‘styles’), but it's real power lies in all of it's editing tools and area selections. Snapseed has tons of power under the hood if you’re willing to explore it.

Fotor (Online)

Video 1Video 2
Learn How to Use Fotor EditHow To Edit Photos With Fotor

Fotor is similar to Picsart, but it’s a sleek modern website, rather than an app. It offers a healthy amount of nice one-click options (‘effects’), but like Snapseed, it offers much more powerful editing tools as well. It’s hard to believe the creators give tools like this away for free, and even more shocking that most people don’t know about them or benefit from them.

PhotoPea (Online, Photoshop Clone)

Video 1Video 2
Photopea Tutorial for Beginners: How to Use the Best FREE Photo Editing Software (2021)Photopea - A Free Photoshop Clone

People are sleeping on this. Ever wished you had Photoshop? PhotoPea is basically a Photoshop clone. It empowers you to do almost anything normal Photoshop does, online, for free. I’m surprised they haven’t got a cease and desist from Adobe, tbh. It loads .PSD files, and most Beginner to Intermediate Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube can be followed along similarly in PhotoPea. There’s some limitations, quirks, and differences, but all said and done this is an epic tool and it deserves way more users, imho.

So there you go! 6 apps that add pop to your images, fast and easy. OK, technically you do have to lift a finger to swipe your phone, but it’s pretty effortless. And hopefully these apps show you that...

You don't need years of experience or hours of time to create pretty art.

I'm not suggesting you create masterpieces tomorrow, but you can transform photos you have easily for your next post. And some smart people have created some powerful apps to help you do exactly that. I'd love to see more people using the resources I linked above. If you have artistic tendencies, you can do a lot with these tools, and if you don’t have artistic tendencies, each tool has easy defaults that add pop to your image with minimal thought or effort involved.

If more people did this, we'd have a more beautiful Hive!

And in my opinion, a more beautiful Hive is a more engaging, more marketable, and more valuable Hive. All that said, I’ll admit, there’s some common objections to the sort of editing I’m suggesting.

1. Digital edits are dishonest or yucky.

To this I say, even in Victorian times, people would have their portraits painted, and the painter would use his tools to ‘polish’ the image beyond ‘reality.’ Photographers will use plenty of lighting tricks to paint their models ‘in the best light.’ Make-up artists will mask blemishes and contour faces in order for them to have elevated appeal. It takes time, energy, effort, resources, and tools. People everywhere, since the beginning of time, have been using the artistic tools they have available, to create aesthetically pleasing value for others. And now, our technology gives us even more tools. To me, it’s more dishonest and yucky to not use the tools we have available. It’s dishonest to pretend they don’t exist. It’s dishonest to act righteous for not using them, as if we’re better than all the painters, photographers, and MUAs who have done the same thing for decades. I understand purists who say they want the raw, unvarnished, truth in their photos, but if that means my feed ends up full of half-assed, visually unappealing shots that no one put any effort into, count me out. :)

2. It’s not worth the effort.

Is it worth the effort to get a haircut before an event? Is it worth the effort to clean up your house when family is coming to visit? Is it worth the effort to use the ‘good cutlery’ when serving a meal to others? Because if so, I’d say it’s worth a few clicks to make your photos more appealing before serving them up on social media.

3. It’s not ‘real art.’

If a child slaps some finger-paint on a piece of paper, is it ‘real art?’ If a young amateur model is practicing her selfie-game to boost her portfolio and get scouted, is it ‘real art?’ If I use a few clicks in Photoshop to warm up a photo and give it a different emotion, is that ‘real art?’

I'm reminded of the story of Picasso's napkin:

Picasso was unwinding with a drink in a French café. An admirer approached Picasso and asked the famous painter to sign her napkin. Picasso did, and even added a small sketch. But upon returning the napkin, he asked for a big sum of money in exchange. The admirer was shocked, saying “But that only took you five minutes!” Picasso gently reclaimed the napkin and said “No, dear lady, that took me a lifetime.”

Was Picasso’s napkin sketch (which could sell for quite a bit) ‘real art?’ It took him what amounts to ‘a few clicks’ to sketch the napkin, but he and others value it highly. I mean, what does the phrase ‘real art’ even mean? To me it’s irrelevant. What matters when you’re serving up visual images to viewers, is that we bothered to elevate them a bit, instead of pulling them out of our asses. In this day and age, it’s quick and easy to do, and it gives everybody’s eyeballs added value.

That’s my take on things anyway. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but if this gets even one person to improve the photos they post on Hive, I’ll take it.

And if you really want an even higher level of artistry made from your photos, without lifting a finger, let's talk. Because the only thing better than using powerful art apps, is collaborating with a talented artist who uses them for you. My hands can do all the work while you sit back and bask in your artistically elevated photos.

Because though my recent focus on teaching rebel-preneurs means I don’t do digital art as much as I used to… I still have my skills. And in the short time I've been on Hive, I've contributed them to big projects such as @spknetwork and @peakd , as well as smaller projects like logos and scripts for @rutablockchain or retouching Hive photographer’s work.

The point is...

I enjoy creating art with the right people at the right time. Is it you?

If you’re interested, I have a crazy good deal on Fiverr (yes Fiverr, its just for fun) at the moment. Check out my art deals here.

Whatever the case, I appreciate you reading, commenting, sharing, or even skimming, and I wish you many wonderful visuals in your future.


Normally I’d tag a few people who may be interested here, but honestly, none jumped to mind, hopefully this post will still resonate with people, and I’m not writing into a black hole, lol.

P.P.S. All images & text created by me.


Ryze did it again. I try to do some art work but not always on my blogs. I do feel my library is turning into a nice art collection on it’s own. I have to say I knew 4 out of 6 so I am gonna test some of the new ones just to have some fun.

The fact that you are all over the place ( I listened in on Jarvis and you and the fact cyn lives with an evangelist had me laughing at the pool ! ) but that fact is great and you know I am a fan of your enthusiasm.

Do remind that also here are people
just not that arty or throughthinking as some others , they just want to tell a story and not about esthetics and that’s ok we’ll not most of the time a shit post doesn’t do it for me even if it’s worked on with 6 apps

For now ciao from Italy and ryzetotheoccassion

Yay! Thanks @brittandjosie :) I believe you put quite a bit of effort into your posts, and the fact that you're so prolific and engaged can speak for a lot. I'd be thrilled if you experimented with any of the apps I posted. Haha, I guess I am kind of 'all over the place', and I'm glad you tuned into the PeakD UI chat. Haaha, evangelist omg, lol. Well, you may be one too, you're as enthusiastic as I am, even moreso! :)

Yes, I agree there are different types, and I'm grateful for the storytellers who focus on writing over images. I tried to address it with this line:

and if you don’t have artistic tendencies, each tool has easy defaults that add pop to your image with minimal thought or effort involved.

But I could always do a better job :)

Thanks again, ciao from Toronto and #TogetherWeRyze lol! 🙏

And I'm on team @brittandjosie lol! 🙏

Evangelists Anonymous is needed maybe

If someone set up an EA chapter, I'd heavily consider it, lol. 🤣

Hey Britt! 💛

Just checking in on one of the nicest people on this blockchain! Your the girl who went out of your way 1st to welcome me to Hive and I'll never forget that! (Even though you posted a bunch of cake after that while I was in the middle of hard core dieting down! hahahaha! 😅😆😩😵😱😭)

Anyways! I just wanted to check in here as I noted that you are still getting Spam Downvoted on all your comments (and likely your posts as well!) from @spaminator. 😒

@guiltyparties... What's going on here? Just when I thought you and I were making some head way... I keep on pickingUP your tracks all over this blockchain! And on REALLY NICE Hive Owners too! ☹️

I'm really hopping that you can set things straight soon Reese.


Oh god yes I remember now it’s my turn to diet cause Italian food is making me grow a bit to much 😬 and spaminator joins me because I made mistakes in sourcing a few blogs back.
So I guess he is staying with me for a while.

That’s a very unfriendly approach... you’ve been here awhile but imagine someone new! Do you think there going to last with a continual negative signal that’s being auto dusted like plant killer? I don’t think so...

But in a positive note... I know just the person/people to help you with those more than lovely Italian pastries! Annnnd I don’t mean someone willing to eat them in your stead if you catch my drift! Hahaha! 😝

The pastries on its own deserve a blog

Hahaha! I believe yah! 😆

And I forgot thank you for the nice words I really appreciate it very very much , hive would be a nicer place i we all looked out and be nice to eachother

How we treat our own matter especially right now... there are outside eyes looking in and deciding if they want to be a part of what we are about here on Hive... and if we are about being friendly from individual to implemented policy and practice they will come and Hive will thrive... but if we do not... who’s going to invite their best? Who’s going to invite the rest? It’s just not gonna happen... that’s why I’m going out of my way to challenge these sorts of unfriendly practices. Don’t tolerate it Britt. We have got to be better than the Social2.0’s if we are to win the wider world over.

I totally agree. I will still do the welcoming and helping in the terminal but inviting is on a hold for me right now.

Same here. Some people had better get it through there thick sculls... and you know! I’m beginning to wonder if these people are more committed to Steem(It)! How else can you explain some of this short-sighted and unfriendliness? There’s just no way I can invite anyone to this place as is... and that in and of it’s self is very sad...

But hang in there! Things will shift again. I’m confident!

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Well @xiko dog thank you for that , I needed that


You did an amazing job with this photo. I love it and I love how You shared so many wonderful apps. This is an amazing post full of value. Thank You.

I finally had a chance to play with some of Your suggestions here.

Snapseed: I have Snapseed and use it often. I love it. It's my go-to app for editing my selfies but doesn't have as many filters and fun that Picsart has. But lots of cool stuff for editing still. Up until now, it's been my favorite.

Photoleap: I tried this first and while it's fun, the free version is super limited. I had to take screenshots of my photos because it wouldn't let me save to camera roll without paying the $4.99. I got two cute pics out of it.

Picsart: I had a lot of fun with this one. I made like 4 photos. Lots of cool filters and fun stuff that the free version gives you. Also, let me save to my camera roll all I wanted. It had a much bigger variety of stickers, backgrounds, editing, "magic" to play with. It was more fun and user-friendly than Photoleap.

really great post and thanks for showing me some new apps. I'm definitely keeping Picsart!

Con Amor,

Yay! Glad you liked it, and thanks for checking out the iPhone apps for me (and for sharing the reviews with other readers!) Sounds like Picsart is the better bet, at least for getting started. 🙏


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Wooow Ryze, a standing ovation, no doubt you are super passionate about what you do, I mean, because it's amazing the time and dedication you give to each thing you want to create, and the results are just wonderful, you really take care of the details, your art is to be admired. On the other hand we have the time you spent to create this post to explain in detail all the work you did before with the results, I mean, how not to admire you? Greetings to you dear Ryze, and greetings to dear Cyn. 😉😉

¡Si! Muchas gracias @callmeenjoy , prefiero vivir la vida con pasión. Si no me apasiona algo, normalmente no lo hago, lol. Me alegra que notes el tiempo y la dedicación en mi arte y oficio. Intento fomentar lo mismo en los demás, y he notado mucha pasión en tu voz cuando cantas también, e incluso en tu maquillaje y apariencia. Es una admiración mutua, ¡sigue así! ¡Saludos! #TogetherWeRyze

Yay! Thanks so much callmeenjoy , I prefer to live life passionately. If I'm not passionate about something, I usually don't do it at all, lol. I'm glad you notice the time and dedication in my art & craft. I aim to encourage the same in others, and I've noticed a lot of passion in your voice when you sing as well, and even in your makeup and appearance. It's mutual admiration, keep it up! #TogetherWeRyze !

You are very kind Ryze, thank you so much for noticing. It's impossible not to notice your passion, and it's even more admirable that you want to inject some of it into those of us who read you. Thank you for showing your art Ryze.

Aww, feeling the love! And comments like yours encourage me to share more passion and art. Thank you! 🙏

This is great stuff and I've bookmarked the post for future reference. For my own sanity I have found it better to outsource these type of things (stuff I just don't find that fun) and focus on the things I really love doing.

Photopea I will defintely check out.

Glad to hear it could be a good future reference. Yep, I delegate tons of things, and these resources may even help the 'delegatees', who knows, lol. PhotoPea is a blessing for anyone who 'wishes they had Photoshop.' Really impressive. 🙏

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 67 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Wooooo! Feelin' the love! Thanks @pixresteemer , you rock! 🙏

de verdad me gusto mucho tu post y tomare en cuenta la edicion de fotos.
por cierto tu trabajo quedo fenomenal. saludos

Me alegro de que te haya gustado mi post, ¡y espero que mejore tus fotos! (Y gracias por los halagos a mi trabajo) ¡Saludos! 🙏

Estoy muy agradecida por el voto, la selección y la invitación. Sois fantásticos, ¡gracias! 🙏

I'm so grateful for the vote, curation, and invitation! You're fantastic, thank you! 🙏

The "it's not real art" line. That's one way to piss off a digital artist...

Thanks for the comment & vote good sir. (I've seen you around speaking some truth to some... er... upstarts here and there.)

And, lol, yes very true 🤣

Am I cheating or are these somehow not words because I didn't use a pen?

That's usually all that's needed to open a few minds. And yeah. Been busy with a few other things as well.

Hahaha, dude, I love your wit. :)

And yeah, I agree, and hope it does! Though it looked like one particular target was fairly resistant, lol. Wishing you lots of joy and fulfillment here with these things or elsewhere with other things. 🙏

The model is lovely, the original shot is nicely composed (by both model and photographer), and your edit of it is fascinating! Great job on the embellishments you added, especially the lighting from the pendant and butterflies! 😍

THANK YOU for sharing the resources you shared! That should help many people who don't already have image-editing software like you and I have! Resources are always welcome additions to posts! Power to the people! 🙌

I totally agree that prettier photos will bring more folks to HIVE, as long as they are original. That is why I become very frustrated by people who plagiarize images or text here, as it hurts the reputation of the blockchain as well as the account who committed the act.

The same is true of "shitposts" — I just saw a post that contained 10 words and a screenshot showing the current price of HIVE and HBD. Ten words, no more. I hope no one researching Hive for the crypto-world sees that guy's post and the fact that he earned almost $4 from that crap. 🤦‍♀

Wooo! Thanks @thekittygirl for this epic comment! So glad you stopped by and shared your insights here.

I'm thrilled you liked the model, photog, and edits (I felt happy and proud of the lighting :D :D :D)

My pleasure, it's amazing the technology we have at our fingertips, mostly for free, that goes unused and unknown by so many content-creators, I figured I'd spread the word a bit. And your comment makes me want to swing by your profile and check out some of your images, what software do you use?

I agree, originality is highly preferred and encouraged. Same goes for posts with substance. I mean, I've broken Hive's character-count limit many times with my giant posts.

All that said, I have written before on how even 10 words can possibly-maybe-potentially be valuable if done masterfully and artfully, but it's rare. The sad thing is, 99% of the time we see a 10-word post, it's a 'shitpost' like the one you mention... with minimal value, not even worth clicking on. Hopefully we can encourage to put more love into their content. I do what I can to encourage quality content, and hopefully I succeed, heheh. Fingers crossed! Anyway, thanks again for your wonderful comment, wishing you a great day! 🙏

Most of my edits are simple, nothing so complex as the one you did in this post. I use the PaintShopPro™ software, a very old version by the original creator (JASC, Inc.) before Corel® bought them out. It has the capability of vector-graphics as well as raster-graphics all in one program, along with layer manipulation, masks, channels, and many other features and tools. 🙂

All good, I'm a fan of any effort or edits, and I remember JASC's PaintShopPro! I used it many years ago, great to be reminded of it! Definitely cool that it could handle vector & raster both. Thanks for sharing! 🙏

Thank you! 🙏

Snapseed is a big winner for me. I use it all the time

#preach if I have to use a mobile app, Snapseed is my goto. :) 🙏

Yas indeed. It is one of the few I use when facing about with my thumbnails. Photoshop is great but very time intensive!

I always wondered how your thumbnails came to be, they've a certain 'style' about 'em. Yeah, you're right... I'd say Photoshop is lightning fast as long as you have 20+ years experience learning it, lol 🤣

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Wow, thank you, I'm honored for the manual curation, pizza, and beer! Looking forward to your series! 🙏

Hey @ryzeonline, here is a little bit of BEER from @photophile for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.


You did great work on the model's picture!

The videos and apps will be very helpful. I'll give it a try to improve my pictures. Thanks a lot! ☺️

Thank you, it's nice when my efforts are appreciated. :)

And glad you like the apps & tutorial vids, wishing you lots of success with your pictures! 🙏

Yowza! What a nice way to learn photo edit and manipulation! This is a real art form and you made it so fun! Real #EyeCandy this time to Jay! 😊

I'll be doubling back here to see if I can UP my photo edits game... even just a touch! #LovesIt! 💛

Ayy, thanks man, I poured a lot of love into the piece (and the post) - glad you enjoyed, and hopefully it sparks something for you regarding future photos. :) 🙏

Amazing edit!

Thanks so much! 🙏

Hello @ryzeonline. You present a lot of useful information in your article. I've used some of the programs. A few are new to me, and I'll give them a try.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much @justclickindiva , I'm glad you found some value in it, and I'm glad you're open to experimenting with programs! Some of your images already look pretty cool, so thank you for sharing too! 🙏

These are great! Of course, I need to try a few more, and everyone uses snapseed and loves it.

I used it a few years ago and I was an utter failure. I just need to try it again. Hey, didn't I just see you somewhere else? You are everywhere! Confess!

Glad you like them! And yes, snapseed is fairly popular, but the others may be 'easier'?

And yes! I am everywhere! I confess! lol 🤣🙏

I need to bring you home with me.

I'd be honored, and I bet we'd have a wonderful time together there...

...that said, isn't it possible I'm there already? After all... "I'm everywhere!" lol, 🤣🤣🤣

You've Done amazing work 🥺❤️ Learnt a lot from your post ❤️

Thank you very much! I pour a lot of love into all my posts, so I'm glad you got something from this one! 🙏