Digital Portrait of (THE) Carrie Allen.

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I hope you're having a great day.

Welcome back to my blog where I'm going to share a digital portrait of Carrie Allen who is so famous in hive for many reasons and this is the seventh time that I've done something like this after I've successfully digitalized some more portrait of some famous peoples with a little skill that I have with Adobe Illustrator.

Let's see the completed art.


This is the digital portrait of THE Carrie Allen and I've found the reference photo from discord where Carrie herself gave me a picture of her and her husband.


I used Adobe Illustrator CS6 to do this. I used the pen tool for the main parts of the art but I had to take help from some other tools as well.

At first, I went for the eyes and eyebrows and the eyeglasses then the nose and the lip. Then I drew the hair. And then I worked on the remaining parts.


At first, I drew the eyebrow and then one eye. After I drew one eye, I copied and reflexed it into another eye easily and then I drew the sunglass with two colors and I also gave the shading of the nose. Then I went for the lip and the teeth. At first, I didn't like the teeth that I drew so I did it again and I did the exact thing with the teeth which I did with the eyes.


Then I went for the hair where I got confused as it's the hair which makes your portrait better so I worked on the hair for some time and then I came to a conclusion that this is the part where I finish working on the hair. I also added two earrings inside the hair.


Then I drew a face with a single color only and I was happy seeing an exact face THE Carrie Allen and then I went for the body I mean the cloth. I got confused about the cloth as it was not very clear in the reference photo so I just made something I liked and I also made a neck chain with a locket to finish the portrait. Then I tried to use a background and I actually used some but I didn't like anything. This portrait with the white background seemed perfect to me so I left it as it was.

So... I just presented you with a digital portrait of THE Carrie Allen that I digitalized.

I hope you liked the art.

And if you really like it then don't forget to let me know how it is, and if you find anything wrong with my work, then please let me know about those as I need to know where I'm doing wrong.

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"The End"

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OMG! You've gotten so good!

I love this!
Thank you! 😍

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I really liked the drawing, your hair was very great and it was a good idea to put those darker lines in your hair, it turned out very beautiful