Profit is like Fish

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Profit is like Fish

Well its been a while lots of people are asking me for trading/investing related advice.
How do you do it?
Is that trade profitable?
Is that hive stake that you are holding is profitable?
Is Leo/Cub is good investment?
Would I rather buy this shit-coin or that?

And above all, Are you making profit?

So I thought I should write a summary of Profit and Loss (I got the idea from reserves in oil & gas, where similar terminology is used). So here it goes...



Booked Profit:

The fish is in the boat. You have weighed the fish. You can smell the fish and you will eat the fish.

Profit booked, but not converted to BUSD:

The fish is on your hook in the water by the boat and you are ready to net him. You can tell how big the fish looks (and they always look bigger in the water).

Possible Profit:

There are fish in the lake. You may have caught some yesterday. You may even be able to see them, but you have not caught any today.

Probable Profit:

There is water in the lake. Somebody may have told you there are fish in the lake. You have your boat on the trailer but you may go play golf instead.




You used to have a Fish. But you traded it for magic beans (or some BSC shit-coins). You used to have cash flow and a job. Now you just have the magic beans :)


If you buy fish from the Seattle wholesale market, put it in a cooler and then drive and sell it to your moron and geek Microsoft buddies at Redmond, you can make some pretty penny!



There you go! That's pretty much it. I hope you are having fun and not watching the price of DEC :)

I do hold 16M DEC, so no worries. I promise you this is not that fish that got away. Also they did something with the damn inflation and now the quest rewards DEC and the per-win DEC are both tiny! No complaints, as the the game has given us a lot! I am sure the rewards will readjust soon enough! I do love the new rewards cards, just for the records!


Chart from Tribaldex


A random person: Look at this latest mumbo jumbo (aka a shit coin in aluminum foil)! I believe it will moon and then some.

Dada: Shit coin is a shit coin. Wait till it starts to smell

Fia. Don’t worry about any shitcoin.

I will make you all rich. :)

টাকা মাটি মাটি টাকা 😅

Keep some epinephrine along when the fish snags the line again.. I do tho when i drive to redmond.

Someday... yes someday.. I will
Drive you to Redmond in a nice car ;)

I do hold 16M DEC, so no worries.

First off, thanks for being here with us and helping support the game with just this one investment, even though I can only imagine that you are similarly invested into perhaps spt and sps too?

I look at sps and think this is going to be an amazing investment for anyone who can hold long term especially for the next three years.

What are your insights about investing into sps for a smaller investor looking for more short term gains/ROI from their investments into Splinterlands and their various economies?

also I see you love pokemon... I purchased 4 amazing splinterlands wooden laser engraved cards. Interesting collectables... This person has two amazing wooden laser engraved pokemon cards you might want....

I have 300K SPS as well and about $1M worth of cards 😂

Not to mention a whole region and some.

Not that much SPT :)

$1M worth of hive 😂

Too much that I care to admit!

Yes, but the pleasure is all mine :)

I know about your Hive trust me, you are like the Arthur Digby Sellers of the blockchain...

...Arthur Digby Sellers wrote 156 episodes, Dude. The bulk of the series. Not exactly a lightweight.

I recently invested more than I ever intended on investing with Hive tokens, for various reasons but namely with spt. I have a far greater appreciation and understanding of the role whales such as yourself play in the Hive ecosystem. To see one diversely invested in such large amounts only solidifies my investments into Hive. So thank you again!😋

If you have time to check out those pokemon cards I sent the link for, I would much appreciate your opinion on such collectables this person makes and is starting to make for Splinterlands. I just got a prince Julian off of him he said he is only making 3 ....


Love reading all about fish and magic beans.
Who will understand, understand. And who don't will never or will hold this BSC or magic beans. Haha...

Well, I am mostly interested in you and people like you, who I feel like we must elevate

I'm so dumb, not into investing. I have almost zero knowledge about altercoins. So I'm not counting myself in any investment in near future 😅😅
But maybe someday.

I am quite dumb in investing myself! :) Most of us are :)

 2 years ago (edited) 

So I have hope 😁
Deep inside I'm pretty interested about investing and people who investes. Maybe someday I'm will study and invest.
You people are inspiration for many to come to this path.

I really like the given examples. Very intuitive.

Would you consider playing the game as a noobie that is unable to invest a lot into the game as time worthy?
I've read a lot about people complaining it's hard to rank up because a lot of people have great cards. So you need to invest
Is this true?

Kind regards

Yea I would.

I am am a noob compared to many

Well I feel like the biggest noob. My winrate is around 40% or even lower :D

Well, you need cards :)

I used to have so many magic beans. I still do. Some magic beans captivate me as well with their magic for days while I look at them with awe!

Great read by the way! Loved the fish analogy!

We all have out magic beans Amor. I have a wall of shame full of their pictures :)

Dada Amor forgot to tell you about deceased heartbeat... he has thoroughly educated himself on that particular subject

Amor often forgets Fia..

I rely you on these things.

Only take pictures of the pretty ones... ;P

Yeah I do... from the internet!


That's a really pretty fish!

Make some NFT with them pictures, super limited edition. It's high time shame should be sold.

If you have an idea, it sure can be sold today :)

Sometimes I think I am the fish!

Yeah, they have you hooked already!

Hahaha!! No hook can hold me!!!

!PIZZA ;0)

@azircon! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

Did you know you can earn $PIZZA through Hive-Engine Diesel Pools? (1/20)

I do hold 16M DEC, so no worries

Can you give us 10 minutes notice before you dump it all?

Sure! :) For you I can give you 30 min :)

You must have started with a very large fortune to accumulate so much!!

Perhaps. But I accumulated a lot along the way. Also I am fortunate to have good friends

Agreed, good friends are worth more than your material wealth, hold on to them.

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The fish story is quite interesting ,so simply your post explained the depth of market and possibility for profit. i believe on hive and i am keep investing .sooner or later DEC will grow like big Salmon .


Sell low buy high right!!!???

Yes, over and over again. :)

Awesome post dada. There are so many shit coins launching everyday, But I am glad I didn't invest any money into those cheat coins. I poured most of mine in splinterlands and now I have a decent SL account and getting stable earning from it which is way better then investing in those scams.

Yes, Splinterlands is a success story on hive. Without that game who knows where we would have been!

Profit booked, but not converted to BUSD

Probably this one hurts the most lol. And even more if its a shit coin :)

Yeah. Been there , done that

The title of this post is a great (and true) analogy.

Well done, @azircon.

I am glad you approve :)

Seriously this is amazing way to explain the trading 👏

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