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The Weekly Turni


Today I have been thinking a lot about contradictions. Isn't our life full of them? We love and hate the same person at the same time. We care for a community, but at the same time, we don't like certain aspects of it. In our little universe, things always get tense when prices are down. I have seen it a lot. Lots of tension, people's dark sides often come out during times of crisis. At the same time, the angels in everyone also come out simultaneously. As I write this today, the price of Hive is depressed, and some people begin to worry about the good and bad side of how things should run or not. We begin to worry if this social experiment is going in the right direction. I don't have a solution. What I can offer is that it is alright to have doubts. Its only human.

"The mark of a man is his contradictions. We can long to be away and at home, both at the same time…… To be alive means not being completely consistent." David Lagercrantz; The Girl in the Spider Web.

It is almost like that battered chair above. What do you see when you look at it? Does it feel comfortable? It depends, right? I am told the person who sits on it feels quite content. Maybe the green grass at his feet gives him company. Maybe the dawn or twilight behind his head gives him comfort. Maybe he likes to watch the world go by in Kodachrome sitting there. However, we may also fell what kind of life is that! Isn't it just colorless? Is there any hope in the lack of color in his life? Maybe it's both? Maybe Fuji Velvia 50 and Ilford HP5 Plus 400 can co-exist on the same frame. Maybe some of you do not know what I am talking about but do google them, and you will be mesmerized.

That brings me to a painter who used to paint abstract in art school. However, as he got out of the art school, he began to paint portraits on commission. Not that he liked doing it, but it paid the bills. He didn't like it, but he learned to like it. He learned to paint people in his unique style, where he would only talk to the person for a few hours and maybe takes some pictures of the person from different angles. After that, he would paint the portrait from his memory. The subject never had to sit as a model in front of the painter.

People said it brought some unique element in his painting that is otherwise invisible in a photograph. It brought out a certain character of the individual that was perhaps hidden in them. Certain element that lay dormant, even to their loved ones. Even to the subject himself.

Don't we all have a certain element in our character that is not obvious to most? Isn't there certain quality that sometimes we don't even know ourselves. What if people are encouraged to get those hidden talents out. Maybe it is writing a hilarious skit. Maybe it is playing a card game and excel in it. Maybe it is taking spectacular pictures using a phone camera. Maybe it is a watercolor painting. Maybe it is a poem. Whatever that hidden talent might be, using Turni, we want to make that portrait of yours. It doesn't matter if you are not confident; we will work with you to get that talent out. Why? Because you can. With your help, we can as well.

Inner office! Without the "head clerk," you wouldn't get a publication!


This Week's Feature -- Kitty in Distress

What you make out of your life is by your own effort

In search of cheap thrills and short-lived excitements, we all have wasted precious time and resources that, if used properly, could have taken us a step closer to our aims and ambitions. Here in her piece, Sayee, a prolific thinker, shows us how and why we should change our approach towards life to find what we seek.

Chester, the cat, woke up with a startle. He had a bad dream. He dreamt that he did not get milk to drink. He searched everywhere, but he did not find milk anywhere and was asked to go to the city hall, usually where humans assembled; they would place huge pots of tea and Coffee for all to drink, and sometimes, there would be snacks to eat also.


Chester sauntered. He was sure not to make a noise. He knew that cats did not make noise, but he did not want to be picked by a small girl and petted by her. Sometimes, these girls would even try putting a dress on him, and he hated it very much but could not do anything about it. He had escaped one such home, and even though he was hungry most of the time, he was free.

Chester tried to peek into the hall. He saw the Coffee and teapots and people trying to pour themselves a cup. Some people were speaking, and others were listening. They were seated on plastic chairs. He walked past them, hoping they would not notice him. He went near the pot and lapped up all the CoffeeCoffee that had dripped down. He was full and happy, but he did agree that the CoffeeCoffee tasted very poor compared to what he had got before.

Chester. He heard a shout as if someone was calling him. He turned back to see who it was, and to his horror, he saw the girl who used to own him. In the commotion, he ran and tripped on the coffee pot, and it fell on him.

He woke up with a startle, and it took him a few minutes for him to realize that it had been a dream after all.

He yawned and got up and went to drink water from a nearby puddle.

Freedom was precious, more precious than a luxurious life. Chester had realized what he had missed all along after he escaped from his previous owner. It was never the same, and although he got food and drink and every luxury a cat could possibly dream of, he wasn't happy at all. He could not even walk in peace because he would be lifted up and petted. He used to like the massages at first, but when he understood that he could not roam as he pleased or chase rats(not that there were any), he grew sad and tried to escape but was caught every time.

The memory of how he escaped made him smile often. His owner had taken him to a neighbors house for a birthday party. He was let loose, and he roamed about looking for a route to escape from the place. That is when he came across the neighbor's dog, who looked at him with such a grumpy face that he understood even without any exchange of growls or purrs. The doggy and he walked together, and the girls took their photos, and they were busy sharing it on their Instagram when both he and the canine found a door through which the food was delivered. When the pizza boy went in, they went out quickly and did not stop running until they were clear. Chester and the doggy parted ways, and he had been living on his own.

বনলতা সেন

হাজার বছর ধরে আমি পথ হাঁটিতেছি পৃথিবীর পথে,

সিংহল সমুদ্র থেকে নিশীথের অন্ধকারে মালয় সাগরে,

অনেক ঘুরেছি আমি; বিম্বিসার অশোকের ধূসর জগতে,

সেখানে ছিলাম আমি আরো দূর অন্ধকারে বিদর্ভ নগরে;

আমি ক্লান্ত প্রাণ এক, চারিদিকে জীবনের সমুদ্র সফেন,

আমারে দু-দণ্ড শান্তি দিয়েছিলো নাটোরের বনলতা সেন।

চুল তার কবেকার অন্ধকার বিদিশার নিশা

মুখ তার শ্রাবস্তীর কারুকার্য, অতিদূর সমুদ্রের পর

হাল ভেঙে যে নাবিক হারায়েছে দিশা,

সবুজ ঘাসের দেশ যখন সে চোখে দেখে দারুচিনি-দ্বীপের ভিতর,

তেমনি দেখেছি তারে অন্ধকারে; বলেছে সে, এতদিন কোথায় ছিলেন?

পাখির নীড়ের মতো চোখ তুলে নাটোরের বনলতা সেন।

সমস্ত দিনের শেষে শিশিরের শব্দের মতন

সন্ধ্যা আসে; ডানার রৌদ্রের গন্ধ মুছে ফেলে চিল;

পৃথিবীর সব রং নিভে গেলে পাণ্ডুলিপি করে আয়োজন,

তখন গল্পের তরে জোনাকির রঙে ঝিলমিল;

সব পাখি ঘরে আসে - সব নদী - ফুরায় এ জীবনের সব লেনদেন,

থাকে শুধু অন্ধকার মুখোমুখি বসিবার বনলতা সেন।

A Caveman's Journey to the Age of Enlightenment

In a saggy, moist morning, when neighborhood baker pulls up the blanket a bit more, birds shiver in disgust, and good philosophers stay home forfeiting the joy of harassing passersby. A ghostly figure emerged from the cave. Presumably, a caveman, time-traveled to the age of enlightenment. His age couldn't be determined, as they used to grow old at 30. Perhaps equivalent to a wise old man of the era he traveled to.

The people of the Enlightenment era accepted him cordially. Gave him a place to lie down, quench his thirst, feed his woolly belly. Turned out, he was indeed a scribbler at this time. So they took him to the library.

Seeing the bookshelves and piles after piles of books, his jaw dropped. Noticing his surprise, the librarian picked up a fresh copy of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason and handed it to him.

The caveman examined the book. Turned a few pages. Smelt it. He threw the book in a frenzy, his visage mixed with horror, disgust— and bewilderment in his eyes.

Seeing him bursting out with such negative emotions, fellow scholars from the enlightenment era was no less surprised than him, and they tried to calm him down. Once he was breathing normally, they enquired what happened.

"Where I come from, we carve our words on stone tablets." He said smugly, still panting slowly. "I just couldn't feel like I was reading words of wisdom. The words your paper books have are too small."

He took in a long breath. "They smell of kerosine and whatnot, I miss the natural smell of earth, dirt, and soaky water on my carved tablets. Would you know the joy of removing moss and other parasitic plants off a tablet and finding letters underneath reading a paper book? NO...oh, NO!"
At this point, he was trembling.

"And I miss the weight of stones that you needed carts to carry. Your paper books do not have much weight to them and it just *** doesn't feel right*!"

He smiled then, hubris in his eyes. "I think your paper books *** aren't actual books*** and they are inferior to the stone tablets we carve with so much manual force, precision, and time."

Having said that, he turned on his hill and returned to his cave from whence, he first appeared, never to be seen again.

N.B. To all the nay-sayers and haters of e-books and audiobooks.

Meme credit: notacinephile

Weekly Travel Digest-Shades of Love

Tea and Coffee are probably the most desired beverage among people. Especially when the time is morning or evening. I am typically a tea kind of person. Not that I do not like Coffee during these two periods, but it has become more like a habit, which has been going on for years. Let me share a unique type of TEA with y'all. THE 7 COLOR TEA is a unique way to combine different layers of colors (secret ingredients) and later add in the cup, as you can see in the image. Sylhet is famous for various things, and among them, the 7 color Tea has a name for it. It is also said, if you visit "Sylhet" and do not have this tea, then your travel experience will somehow be incomplete.

Image 010 71.jpg

How does it taste? Just like regular tea, it is served HOT. The seven-layer consist of different types of ingredients. Since it is kept secret(according to the owner), which makes it a little exquisite, to be honest. But even though from what I can say is each layer has its unique taste. If I have to precisely talk about the taste, you will find the taste of milk (two or three types), tea leaf, sugar water, and the rest layers are hard to describe, sorry!!

There are two destinations where you can taste this 7 color Tea if you ever visit Sylhet. One is at "Nilkantha Tea Cabin, a tea shop in Srimongol, Moulvibazar," and the second one is at Red Kantho Rupali Tea Cabin, Tamabil Road, Surma Gate, Sylhet. The cost of per glass of tea will cost you 70 BDT (Around 0.85 USD).

Image 010 69.jpg

What makes us different from one another is the cultures and history of ours. Which is why, if you have a passion of traveling, try to blend in with other cultures of different society and also do not forget to explore different places and taste the fantastic food/beverage of those places. Make your trip memorable and a worthy one.

Theory of Life-Friendship is Forever

There are endless fun and humorous incidents about Lungi in the Bengali circle of friends. Lungi, a casual and skirt type menswear originated in the Indian subcontinent, is widely used in Bangladesh and India. It is quite comfortable and embarrassing clothing at the same time. Lungi is not only a skirt but also a necklace for those who can't handle it properly, especially at night while sleeping! One of the reasons for this is that Lungi has no mechanical protection like trousers, it requires to be rolled up and wear manually. After 10 years, Lungi Saiful is back in our circle of friends again and reminded university life's sweet memories. There are various thrilling stories behind to give him this title, and that's a long story, probably I will share another day. However, the idiot is back with the below message, and I felt inspired to write a few words about friendship.


It is difficult to express the feeling of getting back a lost friend after 10 years.

There's not a word yet for old friends who've just met.

– Jim Henson

What is friendship? Many famous writers have tried to define friendship in many ways, and all of these are true. However, in my opinion, a friend with whom we can share everything with ease can smile openly, with whom can constantly fight and, above all, who can be loved. Moreover, I forgot to mention another important point is that the friend is the one who can be called 'Tui' (an unconventional form of you).

A few days ago, I saw Syed Manzoorul Islam, one of my favorite persons, a critic, writer, and a former professor of Dhaka University, was talking in a live interview about friendship. The moderator asked him about friends from different stages of his life, and he explained those questions nicely. At the end of the interview, the moderator asked about the friendship of the present time in this old age. He gave the following answer in one word.

দিনে দিনে আমাকে তুই বলার মানুষগুলো কমে যাচ্ছে

I think it's essential to have many people around you to call 'Tui' in your life, and it mostly comes from friends. There are different stages of friendship. These include childhood, adolescence, youth, and the camaraderie of university life. 70 percent of childhood and adolescence friends are lost in the course of events like the following words of Sufia Kamal-

ঘুম থেকে জেগে বৈশাখী ঝড়ে কুড়ায়েছি ঝরা আম,
খেলার সাথীরা কোথা আজ তারা ভুলিয়াও গেছি নাম ।

University life has a different dimension of friendship. Moreover, these friendships are usually between persons with a similar kind of mindset. This level of company is the strongest, selfless and sweetest. When you cross this level of friendship, you will lose a lot from life.

Some childhood friends are lost to cope with modern and fast lifestyles and in the rules of nature. Lalon was my ageless playmate in my childhood. Due to family needs, he could not complete his studies and eventually was involved in his ancestral weaving business. I noticed that whenever I go to the village, he tries to keep a safe distance from me, and he feels uncomfortable talking to me naturally. Maybe an inferiority complex works inside him to be typical with me. This time when I went home, I called and hugged him. Although he didn't say anything, it seemed to me that all his hesitations were gone in an instant, and the two men went back to that childhood friendship where there was no rich-poor educated-uneducated complexity. This is called true friendship.

This writing is dedicated to those crazy friends who don't hesitate to give their best for friendship and believe friendship is forever.



"ধনধান্য পুষ্প ভরা আমাদের এই বসুন্ধরা তাহার মাঝে আছে দেশ এক সকল দেশের সেরা ও সে স্বপ্ন দিয়ে তৈরি সে দেশ স্মৃতি দিয়ে ঘেরা এমন দেশটি কোথাও খুঁজে পাবে নাকো তুমি" -দ্বিজেন্দ্রলাল রায়

It's very significant lines for we Bengali people by Dwijendralal Ray; it describes our motherland's specialty. It indicates our immense natural beauty and resources. Bangladesh is also like a dreamland which can not be found anywhere else. It is rich in its culture, tradition, and prides. The best part of our motherland is we love it so much that no nation can hardly compare with it. One of its examples is that we have given blood for our own mother tongue. For that recognition, the 21st of February is celebrated as an 'International Mother Language' day worldwide. What can be more than that? Traditions and cultures are very much essential to us. We try to uphold the practices of our ancestors with all our hearts.

Oh!Another thing if you ever visit Bangladesh, you will be the witness of the most generous hearts. It's the best thing I love about my country. In my personal opinion, it's the best way that you reach a person's heart and win him. We have a rich collection of traditional food items, and those are too much mouth-watering. We also have a huge number of world-famous tourist spots with a vast natural beauty. Even if you are interested in architectural things, we have many them to satisfy your interest. Damn! I have started writing what we have; that's uncountable to describe here. As I have first mentioned those Bengali lines because they represent my motherland best, it's my Bangladesh. That it is rich in natural resources, and it is truly a dreamland that you can't find anywhere else in the world.

End Notes

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দিনে দিনে আমাকে তুই বলার মানুষগুলো কমে যাচ্ছে

What can I say! I feel the exact same way. I wanted to say this first because this is the phrase that hit me.

The meaning to that phrase is so quintessential “Bengali” that we may translate it all we want but never get the longing that is reflected in that sentence....

It is now becoming too hard for me to praise all the authors as they are all exceptional. But I must say, I never heard of “7 layer tea” before. I just put it on my list of things to experience.

Finally I just want to say... keep up the good work guys!

Thank you Dada for explaining the phrase so nicely. You are exactly right. While writing, I was trying to translate it, but didn’t get appropriate words to explain the inner meaning.

Another week is gone and here comes the desirable turni.

In today's one the lungi part was a little bit funny to me but while getting down it was very deep to realise the facts. Day by day we are truly losing the persons who call us 'tui'. That portion was best to me this week.

And thanks a lot for letting me contribute a little bit and selecting me the last weeks flash contest winner.

And thanks a lot for letting me contribute a little bit and selecting me the last weeks flash contest winner.

Contributions from the community is always welcome! The more we get people from the community helping us out with their pieces in difficult times, the the magazine start to feel like "our" magazine :) Thank you for your wonderful piece!

Yeah definitely.Thats true,its our magazine.
Welcome brother ❤

First of all a big shout out to BDCommunity for publishing this awesome magazine every week. The cover picture of the old chair is really looking vintage with deep meaning. Also, After many years I again enjoyed the "Banalata Sen" poetry which definitely is one of my favourite poems.

Also, I really liked the 7 colour Tea above from Sy. I have yet to visit Bangladesh but I have an inner craving to visit all the historical places and also with my friends there. And now, one more cause has been listed to that, "Sylhet special 7 layer tea!" Seriously, I am a proud Tea lover but I have to admit I haven't even seen even a 2 layer tea in my life and You guys are drinking 7 layer tea!!! I just wish I could take a sip from it :)

Fantabulous work everyone. keep publishing awesome magazines like this. Take care :)

I am a proud Tea lover but I have to admit I haven't even seen even a 2 layer tea in my life

We like to experiment ;)

You should definitely come visit Bangladesh. Sylhet is still one of the very few places that holds itself true to nature. Sylhet is also where majority of our tea is grown, so that's right down a tea lover's alley!

Contradictions, even our emotions are contadictory in nature. One minute i am happy, the next second I am sad. It takes alot of strength to separate good and bad days on some days but we will overcome. Good work to the curators and authors. Good work to the community...

I thought to quick read this digest. But oh, everyone writes so well I couldn't decide to leave anything but reading. Good to see people's interest and our community's progress!

Oh my, i did too much reading right now before going to sleep😂 great post tho

Guapísimo post. Está brutal cada fotografía @bdcommunity, otro nivel de arte! Me encanta encontrar contenido.

BDC have a lot of great writers . And the best thing of weekly magazine is here I found all good writings together. I think this the most interesting thing of weekly magazine.

This is where we belong, all our afford to come together to cheer us and get lost with the magic of “turni”. From the editorial to last piece all are exceptional in their own way. Every part is mesmerizing. This is something that inspires us. We are improving day by day. Although it's just a start, still a long way to go.

The megazine is being diversified more- day by day- it's amazing. Like this week publication, it includes art, story, satire, food review, featuresl, lifestyle as well as nice editorial. What a great combination of distinct contents, it is!

I always enjoy the writing style of @notacinephile, though I have no idea about movie and cinema that he like to analyse most, but there is something in his way as he do. And his literature is always great. As the satire published on Turni, this week, I have enjoyed it. I tends to welcome changes. Most of the people in our society are like the caveman, don't want to accept the changes, specially technological change in terms of art and literature. But it can't stop the advancement of real flow of time.

Including a painting, Turni, always gives extra flavour and if it be a piece of my favourite artist in hive Partha (@artistparthoroy).. then it seems to me like a great dessert item with heavy meal. This time @artistparthoroy tried to portrait the classical character Bonolota Sen, created by Jibanananda Das, the most glorious poet of modern Bengali literature. As usual it was also a mind-blowing artwork. I was looking for the eyes as the poet described Eyes, like the Nest of birds.. but I found the eye-lids closed and thought that the birds had shut down the door as it was midnight while the megazine Turni published.. :)

@sayee, wrote a story about a cat. She created an environment as we could even feel the feelings of a cat, and it sounded something realistic. The gist of her fiction, freedom, was awesome. And the feature about friendship written by @deepu7 made me thoughtful. Tui is an interesting term that actually used to underestimate someone but in case of close friends it spreads the glory of relation. But I feel I am also losing people around me who may call me Tui.. time changes everything.

The other writers @rehan12, @minhajulmredol and finally the editor saheb, all of your writing are well qualified as we always wish from you.

Lastly, I have an opinion about the magazine Turni. There may have the number of publication mentioned on the above of the magazine, at any suitable position, that will mark the publication by it's ages. If possible, you may consider it. And the title Turni should be raised top of the magazine as follows..


If you use a decorative poster to expose the title, it may enhance the beauty of the magazine.. perhaps..

Thank you! ^_^

Thank you brother for you appreciation.

Adding the edition number is an excellent suggestion. We'll see what can be done about it from the next editions onwards. Thank you very much for this suggestion.

About the positioning, I think it appears like that because you are reading from the phone I presume...? It is an inherent defect when reading from phone and there really isn't much in our hands to fix that. But on the laptop or pc it appears as follows :


Thanks doc bro for considering my suggestion about mentioning the edition number. I am honoured.

Yes, you presumed right. I usually do blogging through my mobile phone and it looks differently on that device. But it is looking very pretty on the wide screen of laptop or pc. I forgot about other devices except smartphone. Thanks for your screen shot. ❤️

Bro, try something and see if it improves the view. It's just a hunch and I'm not sure if it will work. Turn on the auto-rotate on your phone and then rotate the phone to get a wider view.

I was just thinking about auto-rotation too. Thanks again.

thanks bro.
My attempt was to draw a fictional character. this poem inspires me so much.
A Bengali female character can be easily found through this poem.

Everyone loves such a gift at the end of the week.

Hello, check, hello. Yes, I will take some questions. many raised hands! Ah yes, you there, no, you. Ah, not you, sit down idiot. Yes, you. The baldy one. Speak up baldy, I don't have all day!

What? Why are we acting like there is no ongoing virus threat? What do you mean, my good sir? Don't you know we've broken the virus's hands, knees, and shoved them up its broken arse with lube so so high in quality that even the dirtiest telbazes of the bottom rank cannot dream of producing?

What do you mean by the virus doesn't have hands and knees? Of course, it does!
It's a living breathing animal you know!

Yes, I studied in literature but what that has got to do with anything? Are you questioning my credential? Are you accusing me of incompetency as a health minister? How dare you!

Guards! Take that baldy by his hairs, yes, you heard me right, stop looking bewildered and put him along with the other journalists in the dungeon.

You, the one who's trembling, like you've seen a ghost's gaping hole, speak up! Let's continue this press briefing.


Thanks a lot for featuring and presenting it so beautifully. The image is just right.
All the works are so brilliant and I feel honored to be a part of the Turni.
The tea has me searching for the recipe. After a few years, we might also feel like the caveman.

Reconnecting with childhood friends makes you more refreshed and that's a fact. It is during childhood that we are most free and natural and do not know how to 'act' superficial. It was very heartening to read the recollection of @deepu7

All these should be filed and saved.

Thank you once again to the editorial panel.

It is during childhood that we are most free and natural and do not know how to 'act' superficial

You know, I have just been wondering about this very thing for the last few days. I've been frantically searching for things that reconnect me back with the simpler times :)

Thanks @sayee for those true words. Yes, true friendship is priceless, specially the childhood friends. As mentioned in my writing, we sometimes lost those childhood friends and when we get them back, there is no limit of joy.

At first, the plan was to read a few lines and then go do something else but I realized that the more I read the harder it became for me to go do that "other thing."

All of the authors had written beautifully well. It will be difficult (and might probably take a while) for me to praise every of the author individually as there was something new or unique to me from all of their post.

My first comment would have been about the tea but it good to know I'm not the only one who hasn't seen or tasted a seven color tea.

The story about the cat Chester, did catch my attention though. Nothing beats freedom. My ancestors fought a lot for their freedom and till this day, we still thank them for that.

This one is comparatively better then previous one! Please Don't underestimated the previous one.
দিনে দিনে বাড়িয়াছে দেনা, শুধিতে হবে ঋণ!

Very encouraging and inspirational few sentences.Whatever that hidden talent might be, using Turni, we want to make that portrait of yours.It doesn’t matter if you are not confident; we will work with you to get that talent out. Why? Because you can.With your help we can as well. Very special love and thanks to bd community to motivate us.♥♥♥


Very good could you see my blog to see what you think, because you believe me 3 days ago and neither in the presentation of my blog to the community, nor did you leave me comments or anything, thank you very much

Flash Contest

I am very happy that I here. But I was not supposed to stay here. The Hon'ble Prime Minister had asked everyone about their performance in the Cabinet meeting a while ago. Textile minister claimed that during his tenure, exports in the textile sector have increased by 10%. The Prime Minister was happy. Industry minister claimed that foreign investment had increased by 15% during his tenure. The Prime Minister was happy. Foreign minister claimed that the number of expatriates have increased by 20% during his tenure. The Prime Minister was happy.

So I immediately raised my hand, drew the attention of the Prime Minister and said, The number of patients in the country has increased by 25% during my tenure. This time the Prime Minister was not happy. I don't know why it didn't happen. But she gave me the last warning. I don't know why she gave the warning.

Anyway so far I’m in this chair. So whether you like it or not, you have to listen me. Yes, now ask your questions. I don't have much time today. My wife requested to buy a corona dress. As you know, the word request resembles to order in case of wife, no matter who I am. She always conduct press conferences at home and I am a silent listener there. So I understand your pain. I will not take much time. I will take only three questions. Let ask first one..


  • Sir, what is your feelings about covid19?
  • You have asked a very important question. When I became minister, I did not understand that there would be such a catastrophe in the country. Even the Prime Minister did not understand. Otherwise why would she give me such responsibility?


  • What do you think about corona, when will it leave?
  • Actually I don't know that what will happen first- I will leave ministry or coronavirus will leave the country.


  • Sir, why is it taking more times to give corona test results?
  • Hey, I attended SSC exam, result was published three months later. I attended HSC exam, result published four months later. Again I attended graduation exam, result published 6 months later. But we are giving corona test result within a week. Aren't we more stronger than the Ministry of Education?

Thank you. No more questions. The question and answer that you have for news coverage will be now. Some of my assigned officers are sitting among you. They will ask questions, I will answer. You will promote it. What I have said must be deleted before your leaving, okay?


Week by week its being resourceful. Thanks all who are working hard behind this. This is a great achievement of this community. As far i know, no other communities are doing such kind of magazine work. its a reflection of the engagement of the community and hard work of the moderators & ambassadors.

I like the way of writing the editorial. Recent issues are always covered with some related aspects.

Thanks partho brother @artistparthoroy to share Banalata Sen in this edition. I have read this poem about 6 years later again. Feeling nostalgic.

দিনে দিনে আমাকে তুই বলার মানুষগুলো কমে যাচ্ছে
But the feelings and memories with school, college friends are ever green. Although meet rarely but relations are still তুই to them. Thanks for this writing brother @deepu7

welcome brother 🥰

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Sorry for being late at the press conference. It's three minute late so, we have two minutes to explain. I have some emergency work at home that's why I need to go by 2 minutes. So you will not get any chance to ask questions this time, I shall explain from my end and hopefully you will be satisfied with my explanation. Thus, you need not to ask any question. Just keep your mouth shut. You all know about the term Vicarious liability which means the liability of lower subordinate will goes to upper authority as well. In case of my ministry, I don't bother about it and don't follow this statement.

All of the employees has been assigned and employed with specified tasks. They are doing each and every tasks by their chair. So in that case, I don't need to do any work rather monitoring them and I am doing that from my home whether they are working fine with their specified task or not.

For any fault, corruption or management fault, you can't blame me because task has been specified and assigned already. My task is to sleep, oh sorry, look after them. So, they will do their job and they will be responsible for that.

You may ask question like delay of test result or mismanagement of different hospitals and officials. Just go to them and try to solve this, why you are you are coming to me? They all are responsible for own work and Just go to their controlling authority just above their chair. Come to me only if any complain against secretary. I am able to change him over phone.

As I am being sick a bit, I was asked to stay home and do less work at office. So, I hope 3 minutes has gone and I need to move now. I have given you extra one minute. I need to handle it at home and that's all for today. Hurry...

As I write this today, the price of Hive is depressed, and some people begin to worry about the good and bad side of how things should run or not.

Well i am not worried about price because moving up and down is the work of price. And it is necessary thing. and you can see that many buyers are ready to buy in cheap.

And love to read this magazine ...Keep it up !!!

Resteemed ...

The cover, somehow, makes me feel lonely. It's becoming tougher to remain separated from the dear ones for so long; that covid, really testing our patience.
Well, everything was going smoothly. Then, it comes the line — "দিনে দিনে আমাকে তুই বলার মানুষগুলো কমে যাচ্ছে", oh God, I couldn't hold my emotion any longer. Went straight through my heart.
Hats off to those soldiers who are making Turni this special. God bless.