PhotoChain Challenge: 43rd Edition Start - 42nd Edition's Winners

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Hello World!

This is the 43rd Edition of the PhotoChain challenge. The PhotoChain Challenge is a blockchain-like photography contest. If you would like to know more about, read the PhotoChain Challenge INTRODUCTION Post on HIVE. There, I explain the functioning of the contest and how to participate.

In this post, I'll announce the 2 winners of the 42nd Edition of the Contest. Within the next 48 hours, I'll reward both of them with 1 HIVE SBI - as explained in the rules - and will post in the comment section of the 42nd EDITION the confirmation of transactions.

And the Winner is...

The 42nd Edition counted 7 (Seven) valid participants...

The two Key-Subjects were:

Mural and Shoes

These are the 2 Winners of the 42nd Edition:

Winner 1



with a pair of modern shoes in the middle of the view

The personal subject is Letters

Winner 2



with a beautiful representation of equality and team spirit

The personal subject is Animal


Thank you EVERYONE for participating in this week's contest!
@zoricatech @friendlymoose @melinda010100 @elizacheng @trincowski @ainie.kashif @adinapoli

I also invite you in the new edition with all the Steem and Hive participants @qwerrie @melinda010100 @barbara-orenya @nelinoeva @isabelpena @iamraincrystal @bambuka @mauriciozoch @bucipuci @gingbabida @centenojesus @luigi-the-gnome @eii @dronegraphica @lifeskills-tv @whatisnew @redheadpei @wakeupkitty @libertycrypto27 @paradigm42 @daysiselena @calisay @viking-ventures @dkkarolien @tijntje @wongbraling @sonius94 @iampolite @pavelsku @sgbonus @lorennys @dreamingirwin @geyzee @jlgc @zhanavic69 @steemflow @trudeehunter @elizacheng @maddie30 @rafaelgreen @gems.and.cookies @pommom @pardinus @ripebanana @bold-n-italics @olgavita @tripode @zoricatech @friendlymoose @ainie.kashif

Prize for the next edition: 2 HIVE SBI, as I explained in the Transfer on Hive Introductory Post



This is for EVERYONE on the Hive platform.


No required UPVOTE, REHIVE, FOLLOW or BID to participate.

I explained in the Introduction Post that everyone can participate by submitting his/her own photo in the comment section. The photo must contain the 2 Key-Subjects that will be communicated in each post of the New Edition and another key-subject at your choice (contained in the photo). I also explained there how the key-subject will change and the criteria with which I'll choose them.

Are you Ready?


This week's edition is the:

43rd Edition

The KEY-SUBJECTS for this week are:


Another apparently not linked couple of key-subjects. In the last edition, you have been able to reveal more images than I expected. We'll see what you can do this time.



-- --- ---- STEPS ---- --- --


  • The photo that contains the two Key-Subjects;
  • A Comment with the two Key-Subjects + another subject of your choice contained in the photo. (If you posted the image in your blog, you can post the link to that page, but you must add your photo anyway in the comment)

2) ONLY IF YOU WANT: mention another person you think would like this challenge.


4) WAIT FOR THE NEXT WEEK: time limit fixed to 3 hours before the Post Payout

I'll write a post for the weekly edition start and I'll announce the Winners of the Previous Week Edition. There I'll communicate the 2 Key-Subjects.

If you have any doubt, follow the practical example in the Introduction Post. Furthermore, I add a practical example in the comment section of the Zero Edition Post and you can consult the previous edition to know more about how can the comments be.


  • One entry each participant


  • The duration of the contest: 7 days, from the start announcement post to 3 hours before the Post Payout Time.

  • Editing is allowed, but not creations such as graphic design: this is a PHOTOGRAPHY contest.

  • Every Color Cover is allowed, including Black and White.

  • Every Theme is allowed: no censorship except for extremely explicit content. The nsfw contents are allowed but I will not utilize the nsfw tag for the PhotoChain Post: so, if I choose a nsfw photo as a winner, I will not insert it as an image in the official post (only as a mention or a link to the original post)

  • IMPORTANT: I invited the participants to use fairly large categories as subjects so as not to sabotage participation. You haven't to use proper names (of cities, places, mountains, species, etc)
    For example:
    Don't utilize the subject snow bear but only animals; naturally I will give more importance to the photo of an animal that is not often photographed compared to a simple domestic cat.
    REMEMBER! The more general the category used as a subject, the greater the participation in the competition, the greater the prizes in the future.

  • Finally, I'll advance with the prizes awarding 2 days approx after the finish of the weekly challenge. I'll write the transaction ID in the winners' announcements post.


Now it's your turn.


Thank you!
Letters and animals. That should result in a lot of submissions :)
I'll add it to my weekly blog again.

Congrats @friendlymoose! Let's do the next one... hmmm Letters and animals will be difficult for me, no animals in KL unless I go to Zoo :D... I must think very hard about this one, just worried about where to find animals. I can see only dead animals in the cold storage inside supermarket, cheers, ainie

Thank you @ainie.kashif
Just be creative. It don't have to be real animals as well. You mention the supermarket, but also think of statues, paintings etc.
Good luck!

Ohhhhh that really helps a lot hahahah, I thought they are supposed to be alive. Thanks for the tips, super kind of you, okay let's do this one, cheers, ainie

Hi @melinda010100, that is a very nice submission, very fast while I am still thinking about what animal what letters heheh... Good Luck with your entry!

Thanks! I'm waiting to see what you find!

Melinda, thats stunningly perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my warm congratulations, bingo, you nailed it.

Thanks for your kind enthusiasm @qwerrie! I enter to support this great contest... Not to win! Go find an animal and some letters! I know you can do it!

WELL, not really sure. things become messy for me recently. I cant be focused of hive sufficiently... :/

All those books on your shelves must have an animal with some letters in one of them! I hope things settle down for you.

It was a selfish hint! I just like seeing your books! 😉

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Ohoh very beautiful representation. It seems real :)

Transfers to SteemBasicIncome COMPLETED!

Tx 01
to @adinapoli

Tx 02
To @melinda010100

Excuse me for the Delay, dears! :)

Thank you! ♥️

Oh I love this one! That dog looks quite conformable sleeping beside all those letters! 😍

Bene bene, sembra che ci sia un'altra candidata valida. Benvenuto nell'dizione settimanale Adinapoli :)

Perfect, I wish you good luck Amandaj

Thank you for the welcome and the good omens.

Hi @amandaj, I love the cow so cute :D. Good Luck with your entry, cheers, ainie

Hello, @ainie.kashif
I'm glad you liked it, thanks for good luck.

oh, seems those cows are wide-spread. I know at least 3 locations decorated with it here at St.Petersburg, too


I hope this issue did not get there ... hahahaha

hmm? Amanda, not sure I understood your comment. it is not a big problem ofc it is not a 'elite art' and a pity substitute for street decoration, but (to some point) it is nice to have this divertisment on the streets, too! isnt it?

There was a bad translation. I wanted to say that this figure is very far from your place, I live in Argentina. You are right, this type of activity attracts the public and it is not an elite competition.
Excuse the moment.

this. I liked it... a bit. the funny thing it didnt lured me to enter the restaurant... but it worked as an eye-catcher, indeed. maybe I am advert-immune ? lol


have a nice day!

sure thing! now understand you well. let me find and show one of this cows we have here :)

a sad thing that I had skipped last week, I simply have nothing for this prompt
'murals' is quite a very special thing... I'd had to go out, find one in the Church, or at the Tube station? Murals is not the Graffity, right? it is a different thing created as mosaic from little pieces of stones. Thats what I count as a Murals, and thats what wiki says.

I can only congratulate @adinapoli who found such a nice graffity art, and was brave enaf to implement it in the new block as a Murals... which it is not, ofc

This week prompt keywords are cool. Maybe I could come up with something. At least I wish to do that!

No worry, you're welcome anyway. A !BEER to encourage you ;)

Hey @qwerrie, here is a little bit of BEER from @davidesimoncini for you. Enjoy it!

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animal -- letters -- hands

my keyword is obviously, the hands, as for the letters... it may not be so obvious, but we had a lesson of Snake Alphabet a few years ago, on this certain photo this little snake demonstrated us the letter 'O'.

kudos to all participants !

I don't know if I have to define it as a scary or curious one. Welcome to this week's edition Qwerry, you deserve a !BEER

it may look scary or spooky, for folks with phobia or prejudice, but note it -- the snake baby was 2 weeks old (or less), and not poisonous specie, totally harmless! it probably was scared of us much more!


!BEER for you, and !ENGAGE 50, as well. you deserve it, go on please!

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Hey @davidesimoncini, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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You are very creative @qwerrie with that snake making a letter 'O'. I am very phobia about snake even a small worm looked like a snake to me and I will get hysteria hahaha. Good luck with your entry! cheers, ainie

yes, me too. but this was a child, new born baby, and not a snake really, not poisonous... i do not know how to translate its name from Russian... it was a 'fake snake'. Totally Harmless , even my 5 y.o. baby was not afraid of it - vice versa, it was so much fun to handle it, and the snake really showed us a lot of different (unknown to us) letters of Snake alphabet! The letter 'O' was quite understandable, though :)

Hey @qwerrie, here is a little bit of BEER from @davidesimoncini for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hi @davidesimoncini, here's my entry for the 43rd edition. Thanks for organizing this awesome contest. Congrats to @adinapoli and @friendlymoose! Good Luck to all participants! Have A Nice Day and take care, cheers, ainie.


Nice, and nice the key-subject you chose. Maybe one of my favorite ones

oh! water is a nice keyword to go. just added my entry -- lets see how the next block will be shaped.


Hi @qwerrie, heheh I learned my lesson well and understand the importance of my choice of own keyword :D, okay I will go check your post. Yes, we have settled this round, let's see what will come out next week, cheers, ainie

Well, I do not make separate posts for #Photochain... But separate post that can be reblogged, is a good thing to promote the challenge !

cheers - and !ENGAGE 40 for you.

I actually always have no idea what to blog and I have made it a point that I make a post out of a contest and so besides entering a contest I am able to create a post for my page. And I also really for everyone who organized a contest and made us happy participating and blogging. It is also a chance to expand our network just like how we actually met right.

Yes, yes, its a good thing! (make a separate blog for that).
I just prefer to post once a day, and quite the opposite - have too much stuff to be posted, have to choose and limit myself. As a photographer, I have too much stuff captured, and not enough time to edit it and present in the best, more quality way ... translating texts from Russian to English (in a good way, without relying on Google' help) swallows sufficient amounts of time, too. I spent half my day yesterday, shaping a post about my best Steemian friends (did you take part in it, by the way? let me check). I wish each day had at least 26 hours! 24 is not enought...

Subjects for posting can be various, but having a few challenges is a great thing, it stimulates and directs you too, in a good way :P

It is so good for you to be able to post at least once a day. I sometimes can post only once a week. And only the contest will force me to make a post as I discipline myself to enter them. Good to know you are a photographer, that's why your photo always very high quality, now I can understand why. And also when you explained to me about aerial photography hahaha, so that all makes sense now :D. I don't have any close friends in Steemit so I guess it will be quite hard to introduce my best friends. And I think I even don't have a best friend in my real life hahahah. Omg, I am not an anti social, just an introvert I guess would be the best explanation, cheers, ainie

well, what can I say for that. oki xD
sometimes I do not do even my usual post per day
or have a very little time and post just any picture from my archive I like, to the community 'Picture A Day' - its a lazy kind of post, obviously need minimum efforts, especially when you use pre-written templates :P (Steempeak has a good implementation of templates to work with). probably I do have more time than I need (since have no job). so, its nothing to envy here, really - it's better to have a good job and family and life in the real world, its far better than killing time on the blockchain :)))

oh, and dont get me wrong, I am not a PRO photographer, I am an amateur, photography didnt bring me a single dollar for my photos yet. (tho, this summer I started 'selling' them - sent a dozen pictures to Abobe Stock service... all were accepted, have sold zero at the moment... hehe). Photography is my hobby, I put a lot of efforts into it (labour of love, as they name it) - thats why my photos look lovely... well, I hope so.


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Greetings! Congratulations to the winners and all the participants.
Here's my entry:

Very beautiful picture. Welcome another time Zoricatech :)

Hello again!

Here is my entry of a family walking their Animal and there are plenty of Letters around.
My personal key word is Family.

Walking the Dog


Links: Ecency / PeakD / Hive Blog
Tribes: PalNet / CreativeCoin

Very well, welcome in this week edition Trincowski

Grazie, sono proprio contento! Lettere ed animale...?
Sembra facile!

Congrats @adinapoli! cheers, ainie