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RE: Dreams & Imaginations: Sunday Morning tunes by Villalobos & Haze

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I thought my country people, the elderly, all lived at the south of Spain, guess I was wrong. But I suppose, because you are surrounded by Dutchies, you speak my language!

Laten we dan maar gewoon in het Nederlands chatten! {LOL}

Hopefully not the 'broodje kroket' or 'frietje van pietje' around the corner?

Have the feeling in the second lockdown, less people are trying to make fun, many get too serious about all of this! Just came back from a walk through the city. On my way back, a helicopter approached and started circulating. Usually this means: Searching for some thief, or other type of criminal. Now, it seems to be related to an out of control protest against the government regulations. People getting worse by the day. Not that I'm in favour of the regulations, our governments could handle this differently in my opinion, but why turning a protest into aggression? This will just cause more harse measurements. Anyways.... I just heard the helicopter, didn't encounter any of these aggresive people 🙃

Dreaming and remembering: Always a tricky thing. For some time I had a diary next to my bed, one to write down anything about the dream the moment I woke up. Still then, much of it got lost. Sometimes when waking up, I stay in this lucid state. Its amazing when that happens. One can control the dream, as well as control to wake up or not. I came across people who can control when the go into lucid state. Still need some of them to teach me how to do this. How cool would that be when one can get into lucid dreaming every single day!? Hmmm, dreaming about music.... Never done that, at least not that I remember. Would be funny to dream about making music while I never done that {LOL}


Better we stay in English as I could only say klein beetje, and een twee drie and zo 🤣🤣 . However, my second neighbor even doesn't try to talk in other language... his wife at least spaeks a mixture of spanglish 🤣

I just heard again new restrictions starts from tomorrow 😔 and as well a helicopter circulated around? Just now!

What a good idea, to write down the dreams 👌 Can you wake up yourself if you have a nightmare? I "learned" how to call my husband to wake me up if I have a bad dream. Good for me, not so good for him 😂

Helicopter invasions everywhere... Maybe we are getting fooled! Alien invasion?

You have a very cool way of getting yourself out of a bad dream! I'll make a note of that. Don't tell your husband, but he could start wearing earplugs 🙃

The reason why I can't apply this wakeup system is that I never have a bad dream. What others consider a bad dream, I usually find interesting. Strange me 🤣

Ok, I will not tell him about ear plugs.

I just noticed now your first tag, notsosadsunday 😂😂😂😂

Am I Don Quixote to try to revive SadSunday tag? 😂😜

Helicopter invasion

Trying is always allowed.... I try a lot of things, sometimes I fail misserably, sometimes it turns into a moderate success. 'notsosadsunday' need to keep the fun levels up and up and as much up as I can 🤣🤣🤣