Ribbon In The Sky - Ed Privat (Cover)

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This is a song request from 2018, that I never had the chance to fulfill because the song was too difficult for me at the time!

I've been literally practicing it for 3 years, and never released any version recored before. I have probably recorded 20 versions of this song, but always ended up deleting it, it almost became a running joke:

"Are you recording Ribbon In the Sky again?"

"Yes, like every day"

For a while, I thought I would never be able to play it and sing at the same time, so the idea was to prerecord the audio and lipsync it on a video, I even started working on the audio last year, but I eventually gave up
It's a song that needs to be played live, and it needs to have certain ingredients.

As the key is way higher that my baritone voice, it means that I need to use my falsetto at some moments and cannot force it.

I can't believe I finally kept a live version that I've just recorded, rendered it, and now that' I am uploading it! Cheers to all the hours of practice and recording?

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What a tune. You nailed it man keep on cranking out the tunes, I'll keep listening

Thanks homie! Will do! These are once in a while though...

Can't you do 3 or 4 a day like a robot yet? Well I guess I'll have to wait then.

Beautiful song, with a lot of feeling in your modulated voice and expressive instrumentation in your guitar. Thank you and best regards, @edprivat.
PS: It would have been interesting to have the Spanish version of the lyrics.

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Hey there @celf.magazine thanks very much for the awesome comment and curation :), I will try to add the lyrics in Spanish if you would like!

Ave a good evening!

First I was tagged by SilverSaver888 to take part in your EternalBlockchainChallenge
That led me to your post and watched you reacting to your early video (that was a very cool beat by the way)
Then, of course, I had to check out what you sound like now and here I am
And Wow!! Your video styling, your voice, your confidence... you sound amazing :D

Hey Sh33la nice to see you around! I've actually seen a post of yours a while back so your name @kaerpediem rings a bell!

So, do you remember what was one of your first posts on the blockchain?😁

Your video styling, your voice, your confidence... you sound amazing :D

I am happy someone of taste can enjoy it 😄 hahah thanks again for the lovely comment!

I wondered about the post - thank you for linking it... ;D

My first post here was a video, but a video that had been on my YT for a bit... may not have been the best way to introduce myself, but still a fun one.

I really did enjoy this video ;D

Do you still post on your youtube channel?

I kinda stopped
I typed so many different reasons why and they all didn't sit well
The reason is ... I really don't know

I undestand. My youtube channel got "shadownbanned", so I never managed to get lots of subs... Screw YT though!

Is it because you were talking crypto?
Actually, yeah... 3Speak it is :D

I probably know all Stevie Wonder songs by heart, no surprise haha!

Lately isn't one of them, because it's a gigantic song, It will take me few more years to master it too, it was always Lately and Ribbon In The Sky, the 2 untouchables songs, with their incredible finals.

There is also an unknown one by Stevie Wonder, is his adaptation of Redemption Song by Bob Marley.
The last run of the song, let me find it for you

I've set it up to start at 2:35, you will see the end run is just on another level.

Thanks for sharing 'Redemption Song' rendition by Stevie Wonder... I had never heard him previously perform the piece. Agreed; that end run would be tough to match.

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Well, this is very cool, thanks @stevenson7 for your curation!

I'm impressed that you kept up with it for so long. I think it turned out really well. Worth the wait I'm sure.

Well, this is very supportive of you, so thank you!

Worth the wait I'm sure.

I hope so, otherwise I will redo a version in a few years 😄

This is literally whats happen to me lol I have a song that I've been practicing for a long time and it's very difficult to play and sing at the same time. You are doing very well, man. Sounds awesome!

I have a song that I've been practicing for a long time and it's very difficult to play and sing at the same time. You are doing very well, man. Sounds awesome!

Thanks man, I appreciate! At the bass it's even harder, there are few songs from Sly and The Family Stones, pretty impossible to play and sing.

Which song are you practicing at the moment?

Well, I'm actually not familiarised with Sly and The Family Stone. I'm trying to learn to sing and play de walking bass at the same time. But the song I was talking about is You got a friend in me from the Toy Story movie XD I'm trying to make some fun stuff with the guitar but it has some difficulties for me lol

I love that song :) the kids love it too as you can imagine!

Yeah, it's really cool! Hope I can record it soon and you can hear it 😁

I look forward to it!

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