State of America Summed Up in One Photo

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While we were in Vegas, one thing I noticed was that there was a larger population of homeless people. With the rise of inflation and the crazy housing market, I can see why there are so many people that have been forced onto the streets.

The cost of food has gotten ridiculous. My family's grocery bills have pretty much doubled over the past six months or so and we have been forced to cut back on so many of the extras that we had. It has been a struggle for my wife and I to make it each month without us having to get another job, but for so many people, they were strapped before this recession and now so many people are struggling to make it.

My son is making really great money, but it is nothing compared to what places are charging for rent these days. He is paying more in rent for a one bedroom apartment than I am paying for my mortgage on our six bedroom home that is nearly 4 times the size of his apartment. Things are just getting out of control here and I have no idea how people are expected to make it through this.

When I took this photo, I felt it was the perfect representation of life in America right now. This poor lady is holding a sign that is literally asking for anything to help her while standing under the Statue of Liberty, which has become a symbol of the so called "American Dream". In the reflection on the glass, you can see all the people that just walk on past her without paying her any mind and you can see the sadness in this woman's eyes.

That night was when we got some really strong rains and it flooded parts of the city. A large portion of the Vegas homeless population lives in the sewer system under the city and as the rains were coming down, all I could think about was how many of those that have had to move under the city were washed away in the floods. I am sure that some of them died that night, but that is something that would never be reported on by the news here.

So much of the US population is barely making it, but costs of just existing here in the US have gotten so out of control that I don't know how much longer people will be able to survive.

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And then, you have people telling you gas has gone down like 7%, that’s good!

It’s like dude, I was paying $2 less a few years ago.

Exactly. This fake inflation has done nothing but hurt everyone while making the CEOs of all these companies make record profits and when the price goes down just a bit, it is still about double what we were paying before.

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I took a photo of a homeless old man yesterday too. He is not stranger to me -- I've seen him dozen times around, for the past 2 or maybe 3 years. He never ask anything, seems he manage to make it somehow himself.. probably will make a separate post with faces seen of the streets, and will include that shot there. but I cant write such a story attached to it, as you did.

These types of pictures are always a bit taboo to share. I dont want to feel like I am exploiting them at all, so I always try and give them something if I take their picture. But it is an important side of society that people normally turn a blind eye to. I am sure the post you make about the subject will be really great and something that people need to see.

you mean its unspoken taboo, like a self-censure type?

Ya. Its weird. I love documentary style photography and everything, but taking pictures of homeless people is a little uncomfortable because its a side of humanity most people tend to shy away from wanting to see, but each of these people have so many stories that they can tell. I would love to go spend a day talking with these people and really get to know them and what they have been through and give them a voice that they normally wouldnt have because they are mostly ignored by society.

They are ignored even by the police department... sometimes it may be funny, but often it is not. I would say, that talking with such a person may bring very different fruits, not necessarily I assume he/she has a touchy story to tell. On another hand, they live a life full of everyday survival, and that can be a breathtaking story -- but it depends on a storyteller skills, right? thats how I see it. 🙄

We are living in such weird times. And it is so sad to see that instead of evolving things are getting worst

Ya, the future doesn't look to bright for humanity right now.

Not at all, and just when things were starting to look shifting a better direction in the last decade. My oh my.

Here is an alternative that most people are not aware exists.

We are more likely to get this, though.

I am going to have to try and find these books on audio or at least get some cliff notes to know what is going on with them. probably has a reader that can read them to you.

Nice. I hate reading. My ADHD goes crazy and I get through a whole page and realize I was thinking about something else while my eyes went line by line.

It is really sad to see such things. Every human being deserves to be able to live comfortably. The number of homeless people in Turkey is increasing. I hope they find a solution to this soon, otherwise it is obvious that these people will soon be desperately waiting for death.

The world is run by the rich that just raise prices on everything to thin out the population

Wow that's an awesome picture. I like it :)

what did you like about it?

Beautiful pictures 😍😍

Not sure if you actually looked at the photo, but it is far from beautiful. It is a pretty sad image.