Shadow People

Shadow People

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Either light or dark
Pick a side and park
Scurry to and fro
Back and forth
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Black and white
This duality plight
Step left step right
In blazing sunlight
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Shadow attachment ratcheted laughs
Shapes form in concrete contrasts
Manifested thought forms en masse
Unnoticed they walk on having a blast
Of the herd being cattle without grass
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Surreal landscape seas that seize
Hidden hands plan scam these
Self-blinded morphing mammals
All caught up in nonsense rabble
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Confused bemused can’t refuse
Inner blues hues they recuse
Rhetoric on repeat constant double speak
Spouting touting railroad routing to bleak
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Behind the eyes to be spied
Clearly countless self-told lies
Whisper wonder reasons why
Taught trained ignore the real “I”
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Haunted hunted stunted
Human growth blunted
Unseeing their shadow forms
Constantly creating inner storms
Manifesting creepy crawly dark things
Twisting mutating mass assembling
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Hear you shout for freedom then
Why you refuse to look in?
Keep the distraction flowing going
Side show entertainment on pavement
Cult rave you better behave forgoing
A questioning mind based firmament
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Does it hurt to think?
Smell all that stink
You don’t even blink
Have this pinprick drink
Infiltrated numbered marked hijacked
Lost are thoughts of talking back
Look at that jaw gone slack
Vacant eyes emptied into black
Thousand mile stare
There’s no one there
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Division incision with derision
Complicit in reduction
All of them their decision
Suctioned into unholy induction
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Fear frazzled fractured folks
Unaware stares
Pacing pounding pokes
Regulating affairs
Still point observation
Red rusted nations
Of shadow people
Stuttering stagnation.
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All photos taken by Nine with a Pentax digital 35mm camera.
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I see the secretive demonic crow entities in the second photo! Exposed!!


LOL! You know what? That is exactly what I saw in that particular photo after I shot it. You have a keen and creative eye, no way you'd have seen that otherwise. For that photo and the one prior to it, I was walking about 4 metres behind them, first shots I took, then thought I should stand still and not be such a stalker in case they decide I'm some kind of crazy person.

Thank you @meesterdoom! I like this even better in black and white. I think I need to shoot some black and white photos next. Thanks for the inspiration. 😁

I do like a black and white myself. I have had that age old conundrum too if trying to take a photo of folk or their shadow asked not look like a crazy man!!

Black and white is what I started with long ago. It captures a different feeling and experience than colour. I'm thinking maybe I can get away with it more than a crazy man? Except for a woman a week and a half ago, decided to cross a four lane major street, get in my face and threaten me for taking photos of her when she wasn't the subject of my photos. There's something about a person with a camera, as opposed to a cell phone taking pictures that catches attention. I'm not sure why.

Whoa, way to get good shit out of the most photographically challenging time the day!

LOL, thank you @corvidae! Typically not my favourite time to shoot but the camera was calling. I was playing around and found that angling the camera in specific ways worked.

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate the support!

Yay! 🤗
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