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What's good Weed Nerds? Hope your Thanksgiving break was a good one. But now we are back at it, with some great content! If some of you may have noticed, the Weedcash front end is no longer up. No worries, luckily for us there are many ways to access the Hive Block Chain. Just remember when your posting cannabis content, always add the cannabis tag. Have a great Weekend!


Back in the Green: My Exciting Return to Cannabis Cultivation


Dan a member from way back in the days, creator of Hashkings has finally found some time to set up a grow again. Check out his setup. 10/10!


My little ones grow very well and have their own security


For many of us the grow season is over. But for Jakiro it has just began!


Homemade blunt / "Blunt" casero


Some Tobacco for Wacky Tabacky ;)


Cream Mandarine Auto - my favorite fruit variety


Some nice looking nugs!


Making Clones


Hell yeah bro!


A wet, drizzly day. 🌧🌧


Buds, and Holozing


Let Me Reintroduce My Self To Weedcash!


A Dude that needs no introduction to many of us ;)


Goodbye babies...


Screenshot (328).png

Goodbyes are the hardest......


🌱 The joy of the beginning


The excitement of whats to come!


My journey with Ketamine has concluded


If you have not checked out Wes's journey with Ketamine, you must!




Another killer setup, with a lot of know how being dropped in the Markdown! Make sure you subscribe to this one:)


Disasters, bugs, burnt leaves, vegetation is a chaos [ENG-ESP] Desastre, bichos, hojas quemadas, vegetar es un caos


Remember things will happen, but if your are prepared nothing will stop you!


Well that's a wrap. Thank you to everyone, and if you do not see your post, just keep on posting. To help, and support the Cannabis Community, please subscribe here, and post directly from the community on Hive for all Canna, or psychedelic related content. Or even better, use the Weedcash Front-end. Posting from the Weedcash Tribe publishes your post to Hive, and directly to the Community. Oh, and a reminder; if you're posting anything cannabis related, always include the cannabis tag. This is our community's tag, even way before there where Tribes. Another tag you can use is canna-curate for more visibility. To help the whole Hive community make sure to go vote for Witnesses. You have 30 votes, use them wisely. Or you can just set us as your proxy. Just go here, scroll to the very bottom and manually type in our name @canna-curate. Well everyone, have a safe weekend.





I smoke tonight again...

...been feeling down si lets get high!!

Prob make a shortfilm to share with the Friends here ⚡⚡⚡🤛🏻

Sound good bro, and how’s your head up high!

It's been a good week, great job everyone. And now, a little bit of smoke to celebrate. Have a good weekend everyone!

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I tried to starte a professional hide and seek team but it didn't work out.
Turns out good players are hard to find.

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