NICE BUSH! Outdoor grow report - Five foot tall Cannabis Indica plant

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3 months ago, I put my weakest Reclining Buddha seedling outside in my back garden and forgot it. THIS happened!

At 5 feet tall and with dozens of developing flowers, this is the largest cannabis plant I've ever grown.

It's also the first cannabis plant I've ever grown directly in the Earth. And there is something about it I absolutely love. My indoor garden will continue to be a mainstay for me, but I can't deny the raw elemental power and instinctual drive to grow big green things from the ground. This won't be the last time I grow cannabis in the Earth!

And hopefully, next time I actually grow a female plant:

This one's a male! Wouldn't you know it. I've traditionally had decent luck with 'reg' (unsexed) seeds. But this crop, most of my main crop was male, my bucket challenge plant was male, AND my massive outdoor plant is male!

Total sausage-fest!!

My wife @MediKatie doesn't seem to mind too much, as this lush specimen smelled incredible, and made for some great photos. Too bad we won't be curing a pound of sticky outdoor buds in October, though. Maybe next time?

It had a late start, we got a heat wave that just about killed it, then weeks of dense smoke that confused it, and I fed it absolutely nothing but tapwater. Not to mention, I planted it where it got a lot of shade. Imagine if I had planted it earlier in the summer, we hadn't had such unprecedented harsh weather, and I'd given it better light and some compost tea? It would have easily been 10 feet tall.

I see the appeal to outdoor growing. No wonder it remains illegal under Canada's "legalization"!

Grow in peace.

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5 feet tall? Haha yup, that tree is about as tall as @MediKatie. Whew time to trim that bush, it's stinky hahahah

It is a grateful and resistant plant. Forgotten, no sun and looks great.

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Outnumbered by males! Help!! hehehe

It's certainly quite the shrub.
Does it smell similar to the indoor Reclining Buddhas? Even though it's male does it have the same terps?

Wow! Amazing! You’ll have to drop by to teach me how to do this! LoL
Soon! I would be ready to grow a few! Help! 😻🙀😂😂

Just let it go wild and don't shave it for a few months.... huge bush!!

40 degrees Celsius doesn't hurt either apparently haha.

Okay! We are hovering around 32 degree Celsius. Haha. Hope to get a few small plants after the lockdown.

Thanks! That will do for me!!

Heheh, thanks! But Nature did all the work on this one :D

How about the seeds! Which ones do you recommend?!

If growing outside, then maybe try a Sativa! Indoors I like hybrids and Indica plants which are usually shorter.

Good call on the Sativa outdoors, especially in a warm climate.

Thanks a lot! I will check this out if we could find them here.

Wow that thing is a monster, congrats on growing your biggest plant ever, nicely done! :)
I've never grown directly in earth but it's certainly in the plans.
Should we expect to see more outdoor plants next year? :)

Hahah, I wish I knew what next month was going to bring let alone next year! But going by this success, I think if we're still at this place I'll give it another go. Seems to be okay with this soil and light, anyway! Perhaps I'll do feminized seeds next time to ensure a noid harvest.
I was thinking.... I could bonfire this thing. Pull it, dry it out, and toss it in a firepit later this fall. I bet that would look and smell interesting : D

Total sausage-fest

Priceless :D

That thing looks great!

next year a new try

Growing outside is 1000% better than indoors

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I am a control freak so I love being able to change my conditions, humidity, temp, insects, etc.
Also I live in Canada so outdoor I can grow 1 crop per year, indoor I can grow 3.
And it's illegal to grow outside under Canada's "legalization" scam.
But yeah, free unlimited light and airflow!