Afritunes #35: Soldier By Falz (Cover) By Khaleesii

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Hello everyone, welcome to Afritunes Week 35.


For this week, I decided to sing the song “soldier” by Falz because for the longest time, I’ve wanted to sing it but I had no one to sing Falz’s part

Regardless of this, I still decided to sing it skipping the side of Falz and doing an acapella version of it because an instrumental would be very complicated.

Anyways, this is one of my favorite song of Simi and Falz, and I can remember jamming to it for the longest time.

Singing this was a bit difficult though because I had to cut a lot of sides out and join a few verses that weren’t close together but, I do hope you enjoy my rendition, thank you for watching.


I see this maga, last December
He wan come closer, I say what is the matter?
He say na soldier, say he go fire if I no give am number
He want to be my lover
I say, "Your father", I repeat am "Your father"
Oh see me see wahala, I don enter yawa
Oh oh I tell my mama, my mama tell my papa
She say, "See me see wahala"
Soldier go, soldier come, soldier do wetin you want
But don't fall in love with me
Soldier go, soldier come, soldier do wetin you want
But don't fall in love with me
Oya stand at attention
I'm talking to you, you are respond
Emi okunrin mesan, how can you be asking me question?
You no dey look face so?
It's like you don't know my name, no?
Mo fe ka ma date though
Eyi to pe ni boyfriend o le to, na me say so
See I stand I balance (You stand you balance)
Because I'm a chief lieutenant (I cannot be your servant)
You no see my car, it's German
You no see the swag, gallant
See many dey claim my madam
But I no know these babes from Adam
They just want to follow the ladder
They know that nobody is badder
She say, "Why him dey flex like here be gym?"
"Make he dey hope dey there dey dream"
"Is it by force to be with him? Is this a military regime?"
I be soldier man, I say stand at ease
Sho ri dollar, ma fi gba e l'eti
It's only me, there is no competi
I'll make it rain like it's confetti
Sho mo Paris? Sho ti lo be ri? (No)
I will take you and your ebi (Oh)
No mess up, na wahala
I'm a Hitler, I'm Abacha
You better respect, I dey run the town
Even Darego no fit turn me down
See weapon wey you carry
Come and be general in my army
Soldier go, soldier come, soldier do wetin you want
But don't fall in love with me
Soldier go, soldier come, soldier do wetin you want
But don't, don't you fall in love with me
Mr. Soldier
Me I dey wonder
Shey is it by force, you dey form superpower
Yeah I'm super, I get power
Wa gba paper, wa fi shower (Mo ti shower)
I get babes the age of your mama
So just stop am, this your drama
See this man, I say, "Your father"
Oya, oya repeat am - "Your father"
Oh see me see wahala
I don enter yawa oh oh
Oh yes na yawa wey you enter, it's a one chance
I tell you no man over throne man from this romance
Only coup d'etat
Soldier go, soldier come
Soldier do wetin you want
But don't fall in love with me
Soldier me I no dey do
Soldier find another boo, just don't fall in love me
Soldier me I no dey do
Soldier me I no dey do, so don't you fall in love
Mo ni don't you fall in love with me, with me
Don't you fall in love, don't you fall in love
Yeah, yeah

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Tom Gilbert / Steve Knightly / Mark Tucker
Soldier lyrics © Mighty Village Records Limited, Immensum Music Digital


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The Original Khaleesii wey no dey disappoint 👏
Mama i greet oooo 🙌

I wonder how you confidently sing songs that clearly can't do without instruments. But, you sing it as Acapella to prove that distance is not a barrier in relationships sorry that was a mistake 😅

You prove that there's much beauty in the song with or without instrumental.

I'm still wondering who can kill the Falz part just like you did to Simi's part. Your expression, voice and smiles were top-notch I think I want to apply for mentorship.

It was fun to watch and pleasant to hear.

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😆 you want to kill me with laughter please, also I should have called you to sing the falz’s side, next time I will remember.

Thank you so much for watching.

Me keeeeeeee???
Me dah cannot sing anything like this

I will spoil your song oooo no be small
I wish I could sing sha

That reminds me @khaleesii
You won a psybercrate on PsyberX Discord Channel 🙌

You can just go and drop your username to Claim it

It contains 5 NFTS shaa
I said I should remind you now that it enter my head... if not procrastination go just choke me

Come and spoil it oh, I don’t mind at all, that will be the fun of it 😊

Also, thank you for the update, I didn’t get a tag on discord, had to go searching when I saw this.

Come and spoil it oh, I don’t mind at all, that will be the fun of it

See as ayam blushing here ooo 🥺🥺🥺
Thank you in low voice

You are welcome ooo
Having an asset in-game will be nice eeehn

You don make am madam
Show Me way nau 🙌

Your high note ehn, I wish I can sing so high conveniently.

You killed the song even without the Falz part...Maybe @Ksam will do that part. I'm sure he would love to hehe.

Girl, have you heard your voice? You sing effortlessly.

Anyways maybe he could sing it with me and rap it 😊 thank you for watching.

Hehe, thank you Khaleesii

You sing effortlessly.

I'm really hoping to get to this stage o

You are there jare

😄I will get there

Okay oh, no believe na

Babe e no dey fair ooo 😭😭😭😭😭
Me dah cannot sing

Is nor fair ooo

Me I don't see what is not fair here o lol

I cannot sing jhur 🥺🥺
And you know nau
You na goan call my name 😭

 3 months ago (edited) 

Amazing rendition @khaleesii
Your sound sounds super great as usual dear 💜🙏🎶🎵🤘

Thank you so much 😊

Hello dear Ophelia, how good it is to see and hear from you, we love your energy and that special glow it possesses. This song brought out your musical gifts, you are an amazing a cappella singer.

Thank you so much, your words always mean a lot to me and I think I am getting more comfortable with acapella each day.

That was just beautiful! It's been a while I've watched you sing and the energy you brought was awesome.

Hope you are doing well dear? How are you coping with the effects of the flood?

Haven't exactly been motivated to sing or write but I am trying to do what I can.

Also, the flood has stopped rising, but it hasn't dried up so waiting for that.

I understand that part my dear, I'm happy you are coming up little by little, hehehe.

Oh, that's great. The lord is in control 😊.

Yeah, and hopefully I can keep up.

I'm sure you will, you are a queen remember, you do not have to even keep up, you are always where you should be, hehe.

Thank you babes, it means a whole lot.

You're always welcome dear, have a great day ahead 🥰

Wow friend I really do like this song
U Sang it so well
Wow what a lovely voice 🎵🎵🎶
Bravo 👏

Thank you so much

wow this is lovely, you used your lovely voice to do justice to the song... It's amazing job you did by coming about with this wonderful piece... Good job 👍

Thank you so much, I am glad you liked it