Oil and Water...and Rocks: old steem, new steem, and tron

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Oil, Water....and Rocks. I have been seeing this unfold in front of me the last couple of days, and I think it needs to be talked about. This is really a post for anyone that thinks they are part of the something, but it is clear that not everyone is on the same page.

I have been staying very informed of everything that has been happening with the Steemit and Tron business. I have been watching the "community" tear each other up, and pull the community apart.

I think that we have reached a point that it is clear that the community is split into two sides. Once side is the die hard decentralized crypto crowd, and the other side doesn't care. So now the old top 20 witnesses are acting like they speak for the whole community, when I have only seen about 500 people actually participate. That means there is still 11.5K people daily that have not voiced their opinion.

I was talking with a prominent community playing yesterday, and they mentioned the idea that the blockchain has outgrown the old top 20. That the witnesses no long have their finger on the pulse, but they just want to go backwards.

I think it is possible for them to create a whole new chain where they can change the governance and create something that they really like. Then the average users can choose what they want to do. It is simple. We should stop trying to convince the whole community that it is either the witnesses way or the high way.

My question would be this.... how is it possible for everyone to continue to exist under one roof without people destroying other people of this difference of opinion, or turning the chain into a troll swamp. I think if there were a fork there would atleast be two options that both look like the high road!

So there is way more in the video and even have a message to the steem users and the tron users. I even make a bet!

When all of this blows over I will return to making videos that melt your mind, but for now I am just trying to hold your mind together!

Be well
~The Yeti

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"I think that we have reached a point that it is clear that the community is split into two sides. Once side is the die hard decentralized crypto crowd, and the other side doesn't care."

Its obvious that the community has not split. If that would be the case half votes of the community would point to the new #tron witnesses instead of the real human witnesses. Compare how much accounts vote for the 4 year old established witnesses and how many the #TRON shills. The accounts that doesn't vote at all can't be classified as #TRON friendly, neither as #steem "classic" friendly.

I have an idea. Have you considered that the people that aren't voting because they could be scared of retaliation downvotes....which is a thing. Because of downvoting people have become less willing to exercise their free speech because they don't want to ruin what they have worked for. Like the movie Ready Player One, people didn't want to risk losing their stuff.

I can agree that some would think like that. But common, you are talking about a split of the community, half users of this platform! Sorry but I can't agree on that. And I really try to judge objectively.

Honestly, this is how I feel too not that I am afraid of downvotes I just don't want to deal with the stress. One point I would like to make though some steemians tend to equate centralization with unity and severely underestimating the Tron community. Don't get me wrong I am first and foremost a steemian but I am always open to exploring other chains to expand my knowledge.

They are also not taking into consideration that a massive quantity of the votes prior, are from inactive and even dead accounts.

I suppose if that is how you see it...ok. Again, I like your passion!

It's not obvious. You'll be surprised how many people don't like this.

It's not obvious.
You'll be surprised how many
People don't like this.

                 - oldtimer

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

"Many people" is not half of the people by any mean. I can see there are some but half? split? common!

If we get two chains people will follow the money. People doing that already with tags, links, and so on. They will post on both chains. We all own different tokens and coins beside steem. It's nothing wrong with this. Most of us don't care about decentralization. My cat's photo doesn't need to be forever on the blockchain.
And if Sunny boy destroys the project people will move to the next one. Like Dan with Voice. Would you like your photo for the avatar? Not me.
And please don't get me wrong. I care about steem otherwise I wouldn't be here for four years every single fucking day for hours and hours.
But I'm not blind either.

Don't worry, I've archived your cat photo's.lol.

Yes, I believe Justin is still playing it nice perhaps to buy some time. If he doesn't he wouldn't be wasting his time to go through all this drama and perhaps be handing out litigation notices already. But we don't know for sure since he has a history of doing so.

But with that being said I think the witnesses are incredibly being brave even though I don't totally agree with their approach.

I agreed. I think something is coming and the witnesses have been lulled.

And I thought you can only make knives, hehe.
Resteemed, to bring more the trolls out.

Oh yikes! Hahaha thank you. I am in the middle of my next knife build, and playing online!


A year ago, long before Justin Sun came along, I began writing that a divorce was inevitable. Most Steemians, myself included, just want a functional social media platform. We don't care about the dreams of Dev's trying to score big in a DApp SMT ICO.

STEEM has become an alternate venture capital funding mechanism for DApp development. To many Whales, Witnesses and Dev's, it is these other projects that have become the focus of their attention.

Alas, because of their collective power (85% of SP is owned by Whales and Orcas), they were able to redirect the vast majority of the system's limited capital (SP) away from its intended purpose ... the curation of content.

There is an inherent conflict of interest. The positive feedback loops (manual curator, curation groups, Hot, Trending, third-party social media) can never get started. And hence, content creators simply cannot make a material amount of money without engaging in some form of vote manipulation.

Instead, negative feedback loops have been created. Quality content creators either leave the blockchain or refrain from creating posts that require more than 20 minutes to compose. The overall quality of content plummets making it all-but-impossible to attract new users. Who wants to consume or create crap? And yet these new users are required to soak up the newly minted additions to the money supply that occur with each distribution of the Reward Pool.

We cannot be both things and the differences are irreconcilable. It's time for a divorce.


Everyone has their opinions and there will always be those that disagree, but I heard once, that if you aren't making enemies, you aren't striving toward success and your own path.

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