Am I Qualified To Be Here? 🧐

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Hi Scholars and Scribes!
It is August already, a month with exciting things to behold.
I am trying to imagine myself as an August visitor in the midst of #scholarandscribe and #dreemport or
maybe I'm just being excited because it's my birth month πŸŽ‚

What's your favorite dessert?
I'd settle for anything with taste

Perhaps, the simple life of having food that's enough only to grease the working gears of the belly takes the luxury of appetizers and desserts off the menu. So, whenever there's the opportunity to enjoy such side attractions, it's a joy to behold. πŸ˜‚
Candies and chocolates are not something I'd crave for, but cakes of any flavor, shape or texture is a delight. It used to come on occasions or happy days, so there's this joy attached to eating even just a bite.

Sis had fun baking and I had, eating - Pic's from personal gallery

Since Sis got her hands on baking properly, I can request for any size, flavour and texture I desire anytime I feel like. Which, of course, I need to get her to make me one for what's coming. Not free, but at least a 99.9% discounted price.
the pics is from a year ago when she started learning to pull the strings, so it doesn't look that good but did taste better. πŸ˜‹

How long have you been with Hive?
November 2017

Let the maths work itself out. The only thing I remember is 4 years had pass me by somehow. Where'd those years gone by the way?

Have you ever written fiction before?
None I can think of

Have I ever? It's pretty difficult for me to really give an answer to this since my thoughts are like clean slate. I'm not sure I've written something that can qualify as a fiction. I'd rather read and get pulled into people's imagination than come up with one of mine.
.. @dreemsteem , I'd still love to get my copy of Fireflies πŸ˜‚

Are you familiar with Scholar & Scribe?
Not yet, ceasing this opportunity

I've passed by the entrance of the supreme palace as many times as you can count and it's no surprise how much I admire the scholars and scribes and what they accomplish. It's a wonder how their brain connects with their mind and pen to come up with awesomeness in written form. Just so you know, I keep failing my entrance exams even though I've some of the best teachers around me.
no tags - Sam & Julie 🀦

Are you expecting this to be a fun challenge, challenging challenge, exciting challenge, or are you really dreading writing publicly?
No expectations, no pressure

Fun? Sure thing, Dreemers can't miss out on the fun, even if it's having to watch from the shadows.
Challenging? Obviously. A challenge to put myself to something I try to avoid always.
Exciting? Would you ask for more? Nothing is more exciting than seeing people put their efforts into something that becomes fruitful.
Dreading? Writing? Public? That's me. Not a fan of public spaces at all. But I won't put any pressure on myself and just go as much with the flow, even if it is late like this post.
Deadlines, gosh! 😬

Are you going to TRY to go for the 3 part serial fiction (over 3 weeks), the engagement Bingo option, simply stick to SOME fiction this month for Scholar&Scribe, or some other option altogether?
I'd do my best, and leave the rest

Can't promise, but it's worth giving a try. Well, a TRY! I seriously do hope it's going to be an amazing journey with the Scholar and Scribe community this month.

Many Thanks.

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Oh how can I forget that cake was my favorite...erm I think the reason was that..I started developing big belly which wasn't good for a lady like me. I detest it with all passion and so rather I abandoned the cake and used fruits as my appetizers.
I love the way the cake is decorated and sexy lol

Oh! Big bellied, no no no.
I don't think cakes are a factor for that. It's just some unexplainable natural condition which isn't really bad if kept within limits.

Fruits are such lovely additions, if the prices of my favorites could come down sha. Apples, Melons and Pears.

Thanks for loving the rookie's decorations. πŸ˜†

Yes they're a major factor for protruding belly...I don't believe it till I made research and since I stopped having those desserts I stopped having that belly. Buh honestly, I still don't believe it and my friend okay keep eating nau....?
I Ioveeeee cakes

I'm seeing something very peculiar on those cakes...... hmmm

i wonder if anyone else is noticing that there is some ICING missing on the last one there!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha

and yes - you will get your copy... WHEN YOU COME SEE ME!!!!!! LOLOL

i'm supremely pleased that you have joined into this challenge without even needing a prod??? hehehehe who is this???? Is this my Ismaheel??? i believe so! hehehehe LOLOLOL

@mcyusuf might have eaten that icing on the cake. Lol.

Oh Tiger! How keenly you observed them

hahahahahahaha ohhhhhhh yes - i saw that icing missing LOLOL

I'm not seeing anything πŸ€”πŸ˜‚
Can someone hold me accountable for the missing icing? I think I did drop them off.

Noted! No, I mean Copied! Can't wait.

Let me see, πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”. This wasn't me. I think someone else must have grabbed my phone when I was asleep.

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLL hmmmmmmmmmmmm i think someone is an icing stealer hahahahahahaha

I hope you find your inner story writer this month!!

I do hope so too. 😊

Well, someone has a birthday coming up! That's something exciting to look forward too ...and of course, eat some cake. I love cakes too and hope you'll give fiction a try. That's why it's called 'challenge', yea? πŸ˜„

Challenge was accepted, just have to prepare my hands.

How inspiring a post it is @mcyusuf. I am getting motivated to try the 3 part serial fiction reading your words, though I have initially announced that I am only going to do Bingo.

The cup cakes are sumptuous. My son love cup cakes a lot. Can your sister make some for him πŸ˜‡

Let's do our best. I'm going to have a bite of motivation from you. 😎
Well, he could have some cakes of course. Just need to get them across borders without being tempted to eat it up.

I think this is amazing, and I cannot wait... even a little writing will be fun!

I just have to wait. πŸ˜‚ Looking forward to what's coming.
Thanks for the drops of bluesomeness.

I love the cakes am seeing, it's been long I had cakes. I love your answers to the questions, no doubt you will have fun engaging in the challenge

jeje another August baby ;)

Hello and welcome to Scholar and Scribe ! @mcyusuf

I would also say that 'anything with taste' is a good qualifier. πŸ˜… But ye, cakes > candies any day of the week! 😁

Have you ever written fiction before?
None I can think of

You're in good hands! We support casual and experienced writers alike. πŸ˜ƒ We're all about getting better and having fun while doing so. πŸ’ͺ So don't stress over the challenge at all, as long as you're enjoying yourself - you gucci. 😎

Who knows? Maybe you'll discover that you love fiction writing after this month. πŸ˜‡

Cheers! 🍻

Happy Birthday in advance πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ

You have a baker at your beck and call. Hmmm. I’m jealous.

I think it is brave that you want to try and write this fiction considering you haven’t tried before. I wish you all the best.

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