Unlucky for some... 13k HP for Others; Updates; Keyboard Layouts?

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Hi everyone,

Just the other day I reached 13k Hive power... with @foxon suggesting I avoid the 13k rung by powering up another 1000 🤣 but I am not made of money and with the recent hive pump now is probably not the time to dump a bunch of money in haha. Despite said pump I am still staying powered up and have reached this milestone. To be honest I was expecting to hover around 10k for a while, but I am keeping my witness earnings powered up #stronk and even powered some up to reach this goal slightly faster, as I had some spare Hive.

Projects wise, I have not recently made anything more for Hive as I currently have some time sinks in the form of a university project and some other non-hive projects, that maybe I'll release here first, but I'd like to be sure that they work well, as they mess with money and messing with money is 😅, especially when it isn't yours. Also not sure how useful it will be although I have kept all the secrets away from the code so it'd certainly be possible to open source.

Also trying my hand(s) at some new Keyboard layouts - Tried workman and decided that wasn't for me, and so now I'm trying Colemak DH - although I'm cheating on this post and typing in QWERTY for speed. I feel this will be worthwhile as I am a developer and do way too much typing, so optimising it will be useful and hopefully I can kick some bad habits I have developed over the years. As well as this, I have finally switched to a mechanical keyboard, and I can now understand why people dislike membrane after switching, it really does feel squishy when I try and go back.

Thanks for stopping by and checking in on me,
~ CA


although I'm cheating on this post and typing in QWERTY

Some people go whole hog on a new layout, but I'm not a fan. It's not cheating to keep your qwerty skills up. On occasion, you will have to type in qwerty, and it will funkin' blow if takes you a few hours to warm up to it 😆

There's a "muscle confusion" that happens sometimes where your fingers will just demand one layout or the other. If you have both, you can just switch to whichever one your fingers are demanding at the moment - or if it's only one or 2 fingers (right? wtf? it happens), a quick 5-15min break usually gets things back on track

Congrats on the HPstronk! Always a pleasure to get a post from you

Yes, indeed, I already am a little funky typing Qwerty as I can no longer verify the keys physically as well, they're in the wrong places haha. Mostly still working fine though once I get back into it.

Thanks :)

QWERTY ALL THE WAY(because I don't know other formats and can't be bothered to learn).

This is why you're bad 0/10. Jkjk please don't make me write backend code :(

Write backend code or else. Ohh, fun story, I wrote react and vue recently. Actually pretty cool. State management is a pita and vue was a total clusterfuck in terms of documentation.


Damn, good to hear it =) One of my mates who knows react said "You better not like vue" and yeah, it's interesting... to say the least. React makes more sense but I think the point of Vue is gradual transition from classic website to WebApp.

They make DOM updates super easy which I like. Binding is awesome and no more need to do document.findById(xxx).value = "I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE" and simply updating the variable gets everything done. Vue was weird as I had to force refresh it to accept my changes, tho idk if I was using it wrong(I only learned it enough to get my HW done).

Maybe in the future I'll explore react more, as it is really cool in the way it does things, but as all framework tech, I'm worried by the time I grasp it, it'll be time to learn Cadwork which came out 3 years ago and is now the next big thing fixing the problems of React and making some problems of its own.

Yeah, as far as caching goes, that's a problem with most Javascript. React deals with it by using a hash of the file as the filename, hence causing reloads to load the new javascript, but I guess vue doesn't (or maybe there's a way to make it do that).

Yeah, I don't think react will go anywhere soon, as there are many mods to fix what is "broken" about react (other than the fact that it's mildly heavy as a library) i.e. react-redux and co. It has a massive ecosystem which also probably ensures it has a long life yet.

Congratulations :) Thirteen is actually a lucky number in some cultures. Either way it fits the Halloween theme of October :)

Indeed. Very good observation. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Friday the 13k. 😂
Congratulations, and I am certain that it is not unlucky for you, nor for anyone else. I give you some !PIZZA and !LUV.
I wish you and everyone else a nice Friday and a nice weekend.
All the best.






@cadawg, you've been given LUV from @xplosive.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (3/3)

Haha. Yeah I'm sure it won't be. Many thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a nice weekend too!

Are the secret projects related to Dance Dance Revolution? Grats on the milestone man!

Unfortunately for you, no, they are not. Thanks :)

13k hp is bad. Go get 1k more.

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Just the other day I reached 13k Hive power.


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Thank you! :)