Hey Hive - Lets talk.

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I love the mass majority of you guys, I am being outspoken about the issues on this platform because I see that this is going to deter your path to user adoption. You can not deny that people will not want to adhere to the behavior I have over the past few days. I have been a vocal advocate for Hive since it's initiation - speaking across many platforms, both my own & that of other content creators. I have a Hive logo in my livestreams for no other reason than I support you. I do think there is a lot of good here, but you must pave the way for user adoption. If you're just chiming in here and haven't seen my livestream from earlier today, please go check it out to get a better idea of what I am saying. Also theres more than two leaks in the slack.

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This place tends to be High School 2.0 at times. Hope they come to a resolution with you even it it involves some folks taking a dose of humbling.

Been around long enough to see the fun and games but sometimes it's just games. Good luck

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Issue? It looks like you didn't hear yet about curation curves and penalties for low post payouts. Inner Circles are the real issue

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user adoption my fucking ass, what top user have you onboarded? none.
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Our user adoption is fine. Thank you for your concern.

I have been thinking about your situation as many others have experienced it too. Creating your own community with your fans I think is the answer, and you must be the owner of it. When you create a Hive Community, you can decide who can post to it. Also, if you mute someone in your community, their comments are by default collapsed. I just tested this out, and the posts from muted accounts don't show up in the Community. As far as downvotes, I am not sure how this works, but since you already have an existing fan base, I highly recommend that you create your own Hive community, with you as the owner. In this way you will have more control over who you want to join it. Communities exist to solve these sorts of problems, and as we know, not everyone is going to get along, anywhere. I think you're valuable, and I'd like to see you try out this option. I believe your fans would appreciate you having your own Hive Community (if you don't already)....I didn't check into this...but I think you could definitely have more control over your experience this way.
That was one of the core reasons that Hive Communities were created, because it's better to have like-minded people who voluntarily decide who they want to interact with.
Here's how the comments from muted accounts appear:

And the posts from muted accounts never appear in a Community.

She already has a shared one here - https://peakd.com/c/hive-161092/created

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