What do I do in my offline life besides Hive?

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A few words about what I live in the real offline world. For almost 7 years I have been working in a car service network as a manager and it takes me quite a lot of time, at least 12 hours my working day lasts. We are engaged in almost all types of work, from maintenance to tuning of exhaust systems (this is not advertising) We have a pretty good flow of customers, we deal with absolutely all brands of cars, from old wrecks to modern premium cars, there is a lot of work. Now I'm trying to combine my life here and at hive.
I'll post here some photos of cars that came to us, let them just be here. I hope that someday I will buy myself one of those sports cars that are in the photo)
And what do you do in offline life ??










Bro this looks like hard work, but incredibly rewarding and enjoyable if you are car enthusiast. I never get tired of the sound of a sexy exhaust note. I love that green McLaren and the i8. I've considered seeing myself riding in a Panamera at some point since it's more obtainable than something like GT3 or any RS.

What are you driving yourself? I'm currently forcing myself to continue to enjoy the Audi A4 that I've had since around 2013. It is still a joy, but I often fantasize about an upgrade.

the work is certainly interesting, but as in all works there are pros and cons somewhere) Sometimes I want to quit everything, but we have a pretty good team, and that's also important.
I still have Ford focus 3. The next one will be lamb, when hive will grow by $ 20))

I like your positive outlook on the price of HIVE. When that happens I'll be sure to have a proper garage ready.

perhaps my positivity to the cost of hive at $ 20 is underestimated))

Absolutely boss there are always pros and cons but the most important thing is being at your place of passion! Your hard work is really going to pay later on but to be honest I love your job , I wish I knew about cars that much!

thank you very much for the answer. I love my job too )

Having a good team is incredible, it makes you more productive as iron sharpens iron


Impressive the pic from the bottom with the double exhaust... which car is it?

this is a 2021 Ford Mustang . the beast )

Congratulations for your effort during work, it is not easy to reconcile them, but when you love something and consider it such as fun activity like HIVE, you will be creative in this field. But it is important to organize times all days. good evening and best wishes 😊

hive is for me as a prospect for the future and for my children, and I continue to live as I used to and do what I do, although maybe everything will change soon, depends on hive to some extent)

Thanks for following those are some dope cars!!!

Nicely done! Must be some hard work to fix all those smart cars 😉 Would be nice if you could turn your experience into DIY, perhaps a step-by-step guide of how you fix those smart cars. Feel free to add the #diy or #buidl tag on your next Car DIY series :)

thank you very much for the offer, I'll think about it. of course, my work is diverse and ordinary cars often come, those cars that rarely come in the photos)

Those are such beautiful cars! You are lucky to get to work with them!

the most ordinary cars also come , and this is logical , since most of them )

Your work is very difficult. You spend all day very busy. Complete fitting of vehicle machinery and overhauling of vehicles is very labor intensive. You work on the hive despite your busy schedule.You've shared some beautiful photos. You've made great arrangements for car maintenance

hello. thanks for the reply.
during this time, I got used to keep up with everything, I have to constantly move) I have no other options, I have to solve very different tasks every day and work with clients and with the team.

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You have got a very good skill and a good job you have secured plus Hive, you are good to go 😊

always ready ✌️😉

This is quit pretty Bro, I commend you for being able to handle such a complex machinery like this one's.
This cars in the pictures worth some big dough.
I really wish of getting one some day. But for now let me keep hustle with my legedis Bens (legs) 😂.
I'm a medical laboratory professional, working as a staff here is what I can't just wish a friend if there's other better alternatives.
I'm hoping that #hive will reach $20 too soon oo.

thank you, my friend!
be sure to look for options for a new job and look for your own in life until hive has reached $ 20))

You need to have good time management to be able to run your business at the same time with hive. good job maaaan 👍

with hive, I just now began to understand why the intended purpose, so there is even less time) Unfortunately, there is no other way yet. only forward )🚀

keep it up 👍


Nice! Very useful skill You have, and very rewarding I think - both in money and the fun You have working with such cars and giving them a second life, or a third one ;).
Good work!

thanks. we try to make people happy and come to us and recommend them to their friends)

excellent your work from day to day friend ssludos blessings for you

from the heart! thank you for your kind words)


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Nice Cars..!

That Merc SE! Damn, I had one some years back, what a fantastic car. Yes it's old, but solid, and with loads of class. My loyalty jumps to and fro between my Jaguar and Mercs. 😁

What a transformation you made on these cars! Wow! So cool!!! 🤩🤩👍👍
🥦 !BEER !BBH 🥦

thanks for the beer )

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This is lovely I wish I could work there too lol

you can come to gam for an interview)

I want that mustang I want that mustang I want is mustang. Oops, sorry, I got excited.

I need lamba !!! I need lamba!!!I need lamba!!!

Wow! !LUV this. Great job there. Mine is boring, teaching in a college. Vey challenging now due to government restriction. Student enrollment is down.

Torn between the third and fourth car. Don't know anything about car, but the third one look classic. The Bronze and the White look good too. Which one is your choice?

This cars are incredible I wonder how being inside them will feel!! Your industry looks amazing!