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RE: I'm Trying to Support Hive but Whales are Downvoting Me

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I took a quick look at your page and I can understand why the downvotes are happening. Please take this as constructive criticism and not me attacking you. Your page comes off as very spammy because of the footer you use that is all about self-promotion. It makes every post look the same and doesn't offer a benefit to the community. One reason for downvoting is disagreement on rewards which I could also understand why someone doesn't think the rewards you are getting are deserved. There are lots of content creators who put in the time and hard work to make content to share and their work goes unnoticed. I would encourage you to put more information that could benefit others and not just make it about yourself. Take care now.


@cryptofinally, I just checked your comments and you have barely engaged on Hive at all. Your only comments are on your own posts.
If you want people to take you seriously as a Hivean you need to engage on other people's posts.
You can start with mine :-)

Alternatively, I can stop posting to Hive all together, this has been an incredibly negative experience for me.

You can do this but unfortunately crypto is being persecuted on centralised social media so you have no future there. The Crypto Ad Ban was just the beginning and you should check out the Class Action Lawsuit against it.

You need to learn the rules of the game on decentralised social media, because it is the way of the future.

Well what I think is this... everything is getting banned people are lured to decentralised platforms with the intention free of speech so... where is that now? Oh come here you don't get banned here no if someone doesn't like you you get smacked. It's the same as banning... personally I like her way of doing things. She puts a lot of Time in it. Is that free? Everyone is trying to earn something. That's one what is she less then someone who gets 35 dollars on a wrong manual or a guy that posts graphs every day that gets 40? Dollars... udn't check because he has like a million hive? Well? this kind of things will scare away investors when they all ready scared now because hive is not safe as an investment. Your funds can be taken away after a takeover or a fork or like this.. she is an influencer of course she works also for herself. And no I don't say it because she is pretty face but she can put in words way better what we all think. She is a speaker if people think she does something wrong just call her and say hey we saw this and this and that could you do it like this way? She has a large footer yes others has also a large footer and don't get downvoted. Because she is on multiple platforms it's more generic... if she would put it manually she is busy to write the posts instead of working on the casts where do the questions come from? She can speak very good better then others.. And we lost exyle and others already. I'm just two weeks sick again and this happens. This is why we need a board that oversees these kind of short vision actions of rich individuals. I stated when I Winn the lottery I will invest 1 million euro in Hive but... with these kind of actions let me rethink that statement. And I breathed steem/hive but the steem-》hive debacle feeding assets etc gave me a bad taste and let me doubt now even more. What if reporters get the smell of these kind of actions... whole hive could be zero'd because of investers leaving. We want influencers right? She is a influencer that doesn't get 15.000 dollar for a cast... we should be glad with her.

This is my opinion no I don't want her by my side she is way out of my leage but it is her presentation that grabbed my attention. Instead of supporting her because she lost her platforms she is more put down is that fair? Maybe she could lose or already lost everything she worked for. Is that fair?

Ecaxctly man.
The irony and the facepalm.




I agree about the footer.
@cryptofinally its important to understand that Hive is not like other social media.
Its OK to have some small promotion of your other activities but a standard footer on every post blatantly promoting your work on other platforms is not OK.
It takes people off Hive and onto other platforms.

I could just not post at all.

You were dealt with harshly
But your content is also..
needing polishing.

As you...
I would request interview with
I would be interested in his view about censorship (mob attack) here and the claim that this is the place to come when you're a digital nomad.

This is a paradox.

As a person that boasts that both hive and 3S are sanctuaries for the censored, the view he holds in his mind in regards to this would make for an interesting video and one that would likely generate views and traffic.

So really .... IT'S THE ONLY OPTION.

I didnt know we tell people how they should use their account....?

She has nothing to talk about but herself. She knows literally nothing about crypto and is nothing more than a paid (whiny) shill.

Seriously. She is one of the few recognised voices in crypto that is advocating the use of hive as a media platform.

Why do you think it's a good idea to drive away people that can actually promote the platform and bring more users in. Increase engagement and drive up the token value.

Her content is original and she has a large crypto following. It might not always be to your tastes but down voting people like her is shooting yourself in the foot as a large stakeholder.

We should be encouraging more people to join and increase our visabilty. Think long term adoption for the whole system instead of your short term vision.

Please for the sake of hive. Stop driving away active users. The more people that we have adding original content and sharing it to their audience, the better it is for all of us.

We really don't have an huge user base and unless a person is plagerising or farming I would ask you to please not attack them but to help them instead.

Quality is subjective and for me a person that can drive views and engagement is adding good quality content.

Thank you for standing up and saying this for me! I'm tired of needing to explain my own merit to people who are dead set on hating me. I'm very sad to see this culture on Hive.

No problem. The majority of users on hive have great time for you and your content. While not everybody will like or agree with it, unfortunately that's life.

You do however have my vote and lots of others users too as I enjoy seeing you engage here and on twitter. It might not be the largest but I do support your content and the recognition that you bring to hive and crypto in general.

Please don't let a couple of users turn you against the system here as over time these votes will spread out more by number than by stake. There are a few of the biggest accounts that have a lot of say but that keeps changing every month as more people join and power up to spread the love around.

It's still good to have a site where you can't be deleted and where you earn with every post. I only get a few dollars a week but that will never stop me from posting to hive and being part of something bigger.

It's not really about the rewards money but the climate of the social space, what I love about Hive is how inclusive it is, having large stakeholders take me down and call me and my content worthless is a lot to take on right now just to use an alternative platforms. I will continue to try, but I really hope that this culture of hate subsides, I'm very sad to see this.

If it wasn't about the reward money, then what other issues are those downvotes really causing? What does someone saying your content is worthless even do? If you are allowing yourself to be weak enough, emotionally, to have the words of other people affect you so deeply, then maybe social media as a whole just isn't your thing. Ever think about that? Smh.

If you were truly concerned with the climate of the space, you would try to post things that pertain more to what the community is buzzing about, but instead you post self-absorbed, self-centered, ego-centric shit. As was stated, you post ref links on your shit, which clearly signifies that monetary gain is actually quite high on your list. Otherwise, it's absolutely spammy and ad-like to have a bunch of links to other shit that you no doubt gain from, all over your page constantly. It makes you look like a walking billboard. Is that your goal? Is that the image you'd like to present and be in this crypto space?

You talk about a "culture of hate" but what do you think the world we live in as a whole is? The problem with the entire world is that hate is spread rampantly and vigilantly. I've seen insanely worse shit on twitter and instagram and the likes, than I've seen here and I've seen some of it continue to be present years on end without removal. I'm sure there's just as bad of shit here, but it likely gets handled more vigilantly when the global community is the moderation, as opposed to some selective, biased, save-face-for-business-cuz-we're-out-to-make-cash-above-all-else, company. If any place has the best chance at cancelling out hate, it's decentralized crypto spaces. Definitely not twitter or instagram or other social media, where you're allowed to post hateful shit, as long as it's hateful towards the right groups. It's pathetic.

What's sad is to see generations continue to get fucking weaker and weaker, to where people's words actually affect their moods and their entire day/week/month/life. The fact that vibrations of air formed into imaginary structures to explain something through sound, can make people's tiny fucking brains shut down, all because they took it to heart and allowed some random fuck's words to hurt them, is entirely sad. Key word, allowed. The problem isn't hate or hateful people, there's nothing we can really do about that on any platform, not fully. The problem is the weakness in people like you, who allow other people's words to grip you so intensely, that you have a whole breakdown over them. It's fucking pathetic. That's the fucking problem, society getting weaker and fucking weaker. That's what happens when we cater to the least common denominator tho, so it's only going to get worse unless we start saying "fuck weak people" and let them die off or kill themselves because they're so fucking weak that words make them act and feel certain ways. If the world worked like that, we wouldn't have so much bullshit, weakness, drama, or the likes. We'd need to spend less as a society, to take care of ourselves, because we don't have to spend a bunch of extra time, money, and effort, dealing with pussies who have "hurt feelings" and feel like the words of strangers should affect them so deeply. It's honestly just pathetic. No sympathy here. If you're being affected this deeply by other people's words, that's on you, toughen the fuck up and stop blaming other people for your fucking weakness. It's getting old seeing this childish "Wahh! I'm a victim! Have sympathy for me!! Wahhh!! People don't agree with me! They called me names! I need a safe space, because words hurt!! Durr!" behavior out of so many people. Smfh.

P.S. -

This may seem "hateful" to you, but it's just brutal honesty.
Most people around you in your life aren't going to talk shit straight with you, because they either:
A) Want to fuck you since you're pretty cute.
B) Don't want to cross you because you're a potential networking connection. (Even if the quality of knowing you in the crypto space is debatable across parties.)
C) You're female and for some reason people think that equality doesn't also need to apply to how you talk to and treat people.

My perspective: Glad you (didn't) ask. ;)
You can cry wolf, but if people don't see value somewhere, they just don't and you can't change that.
(I'm not going to talk sweetly to you while you play the "victim" card as a rebuttal to people calling you out on things, because you're a bit biologically different than me. Sorry, not sorry. I'm going to treat you as I'd treat a man, on all fronts. [Unless we were to ever (no.) be intimate (no.) with one another (another no.), then (in a hypothetical and never-to-exist situation.) I'd treat you as something other than a man, but only because nature designed me to be this primal, carnal, insatiable being and I'm attracted to women.] It's as simple as that. I'm not going to (ever) sit here and hold my tongue or change my dialogue to cater to every single different fuck's wants that I meet on here. I'm not going to dumb down or pussy up my dialogue either, because other people might get hurt by imaginary words.

D) They will just ignore you instead of confront you. People sometimes tend to just look the other way when they see things they don't agree with or support, sadly. That is why the world has so much injustice. They should confront you when you're in a public social media space and tell you they think your shit sucks, if that's what they think. That's their right. You shouldn't let that shit get to you tho, cuz then it's on you. There's not going to be much shift in that tho, because people who don't like you and want to make sure you know it, will find a way to express that no matter the platform. You can run if you'd like, but you're more likely to do well here than anywhere else, even with haters. At least here, you have a community to reach out to instead of one shittily-maintained-and-run website/app's "support team" which is generally an email account that you get automated responses from and rarely hear back from, due to the amount of reports that come in daily across the network.

I'm sure I could think of a few more reasons why people won't be straight up with u and say shit to your face, but it is what it is and I'm tired of wasting time typing about this. Stop playing a victim tho, cuz anyone with any respect for themselves, or you, is not going to go for that childish shit. People say hurtful shit to me daily, but who the fuck are they anyway? If you've got haters it means you're doing something right even if you're doing something wrong so take it for what it is that your energy, your existence, had enough reach to make people actually spend time and energy of their own, bashing you. That's why people say "haters are your biggest fans" cuz just think about how much time and fucking energy people put into having to hate shit and then think about how much that means they care. LOL. You don't have to be weak and it's not "in our nature" to just be one way or another. It's a conscious decision moment to moment to either let people's words affect you deeply or to not. If you let them, then you are the one losing and they are the one's winning. You stop being weak and playing the victim, guess what, assholes tend to stop fucking with you. It's your reaction that they're able to illicit that makes them continue on with you. If you give it no mind, no energy, then it goes away. As far as perception of value goes, if you care about your earnings which you clearly do, engage more in a real, human way. Just be fucking genuine. Stop with all the "If you wanna support me do this or that!" bullshit shtick. Search for posts from other people pertaining to topics you enjoy/like or write about your own experiences. Most of what you post is just random babbling about what you're going to do or this or that or a fucking selfie like that means much, like I can't just go on instagram and stare at bitches all day or something... it's just shallow and vain. That's why you're probably getting shit, because your content is what for so long has continued to just earn and earn and earn and it's essentially shitposting for promotional reasons, so that people see a cute face and ref links and fuck around and make you money. It's obvious is the worst part, so how about you connect with the community as you would in the real world. Would you walk the fuck up to me and hand me 20 different business cards with different graphics and ref links on them and talk to me for 10 mins about yourself, only to not even bother to hear my response or put any thought or feedback into the things I say? To me, it just comes off as self-absorbed and for monetary gain and if it's not like that, as you've stated now, then don't just fucking leave cuz that just makes us think we were right about you.... instead, engage more, give your opinions, feedback, express yourself, your views, your beliefs, your interests, and do all that in-depth. Don't just give us a paragraph or a few lines about some basic shit. Let us know what goes on in your mind when you contemplate any number of things.

I think what's lost on most people is that social media is supposed to be a way for us to socialize with one another as if we were face to face and since we are not face to face, we act differently and we put on masks and faces and pretend to be what seems to appeal to the most people when it comes to our image. Break that shit, stop going with the mould. The meta is fucked. lol. Be human again. Ask questions about people's lives, engage them, show them someone gives a fuck to hear the story that is their life... It's a whole different experience that way. :)

Yeah instead of supporting you... they put you down more i already said to others there must be a board against this kind of misusage.. a few years ago there was a channel that you could go to if a whale is putting someone down this could just be one person on several accounts. Just go zennn enjoy your dog time and I hope you air a new video soon. 😉 come on.. ohhh you are from America... You can get headspace for free for a year I believe try it. 😊 keep up the good work.

Isn't it funny that THIS is the MOST you've engaged with people on HIVE since it went live??

THAT says a lot about you and your motives here.

Again, you're a paid shill. Nothing more, nothing less.

That 20+ line signature of bullshit ref links tells us all we need to know about you.

Her content is fucking trash. She's brainless. She knows NOTHING about crypto and likely couldn't even explain how Hive actually functions, although, I'd definitely love to get a good laugh out of hearing her try.

I can use my stake however I want. That is my right. Fuck off.

Your first sentence is a legitimate opinion.
Your second is an unjustified personal attack.

Please let's keep the discussion civil. This is one of the great things about Hive.

You are perfectly entitled to downvote her content and criticise that content.
But you shouldn't attack her personally.

I wonder you didn't say the samething about justineh ridiculous approved proposal. Didn't see you call her out there.

Why am I even being mentioned here? I’m so confused.. how is my work with getting hive listed on exchanges months ago have anything to do with someone posting content and upset about downvotes or reward disagreements? How are the two even related? How about not trying to drag me into some random drama ffs..


I literally just spent two hours in a chat trying to talk with stakeholders about how you could be beneficial for hive. How about you just stop whatever manipulative bullshit game of yours and stop speaking about me. Because the “OMG people are so mean to me” while you attack others only works on the dumb fucks who simp.

Can’t believe I had to come fucking comment on this shit due to your sad desire to cause drama anywhere you can for the attention you are desperate for.

Get a fucking dog and leave me alone.

I have never brought your name up in my life.

You have consistently attacked me across platforms Justine. Nobody is talking to you. Please just leave me alone.

Sweetie, I have you muted on all platforms and have only spoken to you twice? Once when you passively aggressively commented on a tweet and second when I came across you bullying someone and called you out on it.. then you played victim.. like now.. so I’m not sure how you think I’m attacking you?

Also, literally someone mentioned me up there and you responded.. which is what brought me here .. I guess it’s hard to keep track of stories sometimes.

Good luck.

I understand that your perception of reality is limited, however, nobody has attacked you in any way at any time.

I hope that you can find a way to move on from these strong feelings about me. I have not engaged with you in any way other than to watch you continuously tweet about me & make claims of "bullying" as I call for inclusion. I don't have any more to say to you than that.

Hey @tngflx, I asked you a question.

Why was I brought into some dumb crap about rewards disagreements? Why was work that I did, that I applied for and was approved by consensus, being compared to a post and auto votes with a few downvotes? How are the two even comparable? Or is it that this community is so damn focused on the most ridiculous things that this is all you can think of?

As now, thanks to Lord butterfly and his ridiculous love for drama.. I’m being blamed for something that I didn’t even know was occurring.

Thanks to our lovely influencer here.. who apparently thinks anyone who dares speak of gender in a way that may conflict her apparent push for inclusion of females (which I wasn’t aware of even as I muted her) is somehow personally attacking her due to jealousy. Yes.. any opinion that does not agree with someone’s of course is a personal attack.. how silly of me, this is 2020 after all. Now apparently I’ve called on my dear friend ngc, to come punish her for daring to speak out about gender in the space.. because literally people have lost their minds.

I can’t believe we actually have people who are so wrapped up in social media that they would think anyone would care what they say on twitter that much.. really.

I can’t believe we have people who get off on saying vulgar comments.

I can’t believe we have a platform that was built in the hopes that the community would FINALLY be able to achieve everything it wanted without Steemit holding it back.. and all people do is shit post, suck rewards, and bitch about upvotes.

I guess we have determined the true cause of the issue then - all of us and not Steemit inc afterall.

Well since I have apparently done nothing and just been “the evil queen of hive who calls her mad dog to attack anyone who speaks against her” (did I get that right butterfly?) I guess you all get your wish.. I’m officially done. You all can destroy it yourself with your bs.. or maybe pulled your head out of your asses and make it what you wanted, either way.. you have no one to blame but yourselves.

So, I’m here.. asking you, since you brought me into this and now I’m having to deal with all the bullshit, Why? What does anything I have done here have to do with some chick bitching about a downvote? Since you brought it up...

Oh boy, one of @cryptofinally's moronic trolls. You can't even compare @cryptofinally to @justineh. Justine has done more for Hive than the shill @cryptofinally has done in her entire "career". The fact that you don't see that says a lot about you, ignorant troll.

Don't you feel pathetic having to drag her into this especially after I've made you look like a fucking twat?