Introducing HiveURL: The ultimate HIVE promotion tool - Track Click Analytics with short HIVE links!

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HIVEURL: The ultimate HIVE promotion tool - Track Clicks with short URLS.

Hello everyone! Today is the launch & release of a project:

Hiveurl was coded by @originate with ♥ for the Hive community!

Please follow @hiveurl for future updates!

What is HiveURL?

Hiveurl is a shortening service that is bespoke to the Hive community and eco-system. It's time we step up our link sharing game!

Along with the ability to generate short hive branded urls to share your Hive content, you can now see analytics for your efforts including click count rates & inbound traffic sources as you share on various outlets such as (,, chat, whatever you might fancy).

This can be useful analytics for users who want to see the effectiveness of their link sharing with new data points.

Content creators will have access to these data sets to give them greater understanding how their links are performing.

In the future a great deal more features will be added including

  • Link automation & much improved link management.
  • Detailed Inbound Referrer Information for Links.
  • API functionality for 3rd party services inside the Hive eco-system
    (Front-ends, dApps or developers) who might want to incorporate in bulk fashion for their users or with custom domains.
  • @hivesigner & @keychain integration.


How exactly does this work?

Here is a screenshot of your intial dashboard until you add your first Hive link

After creating your account, you will be shown your new hiveurl dashboard.

The main call to action is the option to "Generate new short link" which will bring up a small form to insert the long Hive link you want to convert.


Example Conversion:


Will become:

With your new short URL, when you post this short link on the internet it will now have access to additional data for click count and even traffic sources.

*Currently referrer information(where the end user clicked from) is being recorded. A update soon will allow you to see all the traffic sources for each link you generate in a list format with clicks associated.

Users also have the ability to create "campaigns" which is an easy way to organize and group together links for various purposes.

Hiveurl is currently in beta, as time permits many more features will be coming with the goal to provide value back to the hive ecosystem with powerful link utility.

Get started now -- generate your short urls and get to sharing!

Lastly! Please consider support for my Hive Developer Evangelist Proposal.

By supporting my proposal it will allow me to be full time coding:

  •, my previous job at Steemit Inc.
  • Front-end Hive wallet improvements.
  • Creating & improving more great Hive Tools for the community(like
  • Developer Portal ( ) maintenance and improvements.
  • On-going Developer Outreach to the masses(online & offline).

Proposal posting:

To Vote "Yes" with hivesigner:

Hive Developer Evangelist & Creator


Could you provide an api?
Then I could write a script shorten all my posts links before the Hive creation date and put them to steem and replacing my content there.

I was thinking about using the tool to remove all my Steem content, but this may be better 👍🏽

Hmm, steemit will just ban all posts containing links...

Using shorting links while you save space and track links you lose personal brand awareness sure advertises HIVE but not the user

Good point regarding the loss of the username but I think if the tool brings visitors, I'd be happy with them arriving any which way.

Meaning more to do with SEO if shortened links get volume will be blacklisted a unique URL is always better to rank a site

That should be good for blogs on Hive then as even ones with the same title are given a slightly different URL if the current one is already present and written by the same author:

Great work! So much better for twitter and POSH posts!

@tipu curate

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Great idea, The example link needs 3-4 seconds until the site is loaded. It seems to caused by the huge amount of comments. Could you show a short message to inform the user that the site is loading?

@holger80 yes good idea! I'll work on a solution later tonight I have more updates coming 👍

The version loads much faster:
and I see the long URL within a few milliseconds.

Yep it's a problem with how Condenser renders the comments, Peakd does a better job. There's a component in the Condenser code that needs some changes.


Good news. Thanks.

You nailed it with this release. I’m excited to get started. Finally a recognizable URL 🙌

This is so useful! Ill make sure to use this moving forward when i post on twitter or youtube

This is an awesome tool! If there is an API, I can make a quick change to HiveRSS to link to HiveURL in RSS feeds.

I would love an option for the redirect to go to interface instead of yep API is in the works so you can automate short links in that way 👍

Custom url's would be a nice to have feature as well. can link to where I want.

Great idea! I'll add it soon 👍

Damn this is really nice. Appreciate it.

oooo very nice, I'll be using this for sure!

This is great! So, there's both sharing the Hive brand and the analytics data, which will be very interesting to see.

It would be nice to have a way to report URLs. I could see this being used to phish by redirecting to a site that looks similar to Peakd/Hiveblog.

Great point 🤭

A handy tool that will definitelly help out POSH initiative. I will even use it when sharing my articles on Facebook. That got you closer to my my approval of your proposal:)

This is indeed a great tool :D Now it would be even more amazing if You guys and work with dapps like peakd, and esteem for example to find a way to create a short url with hiveurl when we click on the option to share the posts.

This is amazing!

Hi @originate! Can I find you on discord? Have an idea... :)

@originate - can I contact you somehow? Preferably on discord if possible :)

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Amazing tool which brings novelty on the HIVE blockchain and allows analytic on HIVE posts. If common blogging had tools to do this, now with the HIVEURL also this blockchain has such capabilities which should make it more appealing.

Great project with the right mindset!

Just want to drop a bit of feedback but could you perhaps order urls in dashboard by date as they order kind of randomly atm making it hard to know which is the newest. (mine are all the same link just using it for analytics)

Am I allowed to use this for sharing YouTube links I also share on a daily basis?