Introducing Quello - A question and answer platform built exclusively on Hive

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Hello everyone, we hope everyone is safe and enjoying the recent price surge here on Hive.

Today, we're happy to come to you with more good news with the announcement and sneak peek into a new application coming to Hive, Quello.

Quello is a question and answer platform built exclusively on Hive. Quello harnesses the power of the Hive blockchain to allow you to ask, answer, and reward valuable questions.


What's coming?

Upon launch you can expect the following features in Quello:

  • Create a question in a selection of different topics.
  • Answer questions in a selection of different topics.
  • Ability to post to blog or as comment held outside of your blog
  • Ability to vote and downvote questions and answers.
  • User profile with user questions, answers, followers, and following and ability to edit profile and Quello related profile information.
  • Ability to indicate topics you know about and filter questions based on what you're interested in.
  • Ability to save questions for later.
  • Ability to vote, comment, and harness the awesome benefits that Hive provides.
  • View related questions and check if a question has been asked prior to asking it.

What does the future look like?

The initial phase of development on Quello is focussed on giving you the tools you need to create and answer questions, following this initial release the aim will be to bring a number of features that will separate Quello from its competitors and provide a unique proposition to attract content creators. A few areas we see important include:

  • Easy sign up to Quello
  • Engagement through gamification
  • Attracting content creators
  • Enabling community-driven development and feedback

Overall, we hope to develop Quello hand in hand with the community, taking your feedback on board, and creating a platform that becomes a staple of your Hive experience.

When will Quello launch?

Quello is set to launch in May 2020.

Who created Quello?

Currently, Quello is being designed and developed by @tobias-g. You can find more information about him by visiting his blog here.

Feedback & Updates

We'll be keeping you up to date with the latest news surrounding our launch over the next couple of weeks. We look forward to your feedback and are excited to build Quello hand in hand with the community.


That looks pretty nice. Are questions going to be root posts or will they be comments to a post somewhere?

By default it will post as a comment to a post that we create. However, you'll have the ability to post them to your blog should you wish to. Keen to make sure we give the flexibility to prevent your blog being clogged up for smaller questions or answers.

Have you considered posting questions in a community to hide them from blog feeds? I don't know which option is technically superior, but it seems we have a more straightforward option now, which is accessible outside of the app.

Anyway, I'll be happy to see an active Q&A app again. I love the name!

That's definitely something to consider and I believe shouldn't be too much of a tricky addition. I'll take a look into it.

Thanks for your comment and the tip 👍

Thats good.

Looks like I'm going to fit in nicely here 😀

You and I will love this.

Yes, you will!

I hope this is better thought out and lasts longer than @musing.

Thanks for the feedback.

Short term the features upon release will be your bread and butter for creating and answer questions, but moving past the initial release there's a lot of ideas to tackle some of the problems previous sites saw.

One thing I'm keen to tackle and keep in mind is that delegation and the ability curate with a massive vote doesn't make a site on Hive (or previously Steem) and isn't the way a site such as Quello will become a staple. I think there has been a lot of blame on this in the past as a reason for either lack of adoption or retention when instead it's covering up a bigger issue.

I think there will be problems to solve, but one thing I've learned during my time on Steem is that the feedback from the community is always awesome and through enough iteration, we'll be able to iron out any kinks that come our way.

Tobias, I think a Q&A site fits well with the Hive blockchain and I'm glad to see you building it. Great to have you here!

Thanks for the feedback, look forward to your thoughts when it's launched 😀

Hi @quello,

I remember you saying that a lack of funding was on of the reasons why you stopped your Dapp.

  • I am interested in looking for a way where my Team can help you relaunch your Dapp, and I want to cross-promote.

I just need to talk w/you 1-on-1 to find out your needs.

  • Please join the #DBuzz Discord and DM me personally 🙂👍

Maybe you should ask the owner directly. 🤔

I don't think I have the owners username.

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This is awesome, congrats!

It’s 2 years that I wait for something like this 🙂

How did you come up with the name?

I may be interested in helping you in future. What’s the tech stack?

Let’s chat on @gaottantacinque or #gabe on discord. 😎👍

Quello is written using Angular using Node and MongoDB in the backend. The plan is to open source mid term, but after initial release we might need some help. Keep in touch.

I will be getting a discord up and running closer to release (a week or so) so we'll be able to connect then.

Thanks for the feedback 👍

I'm assuming it has Hive Keychain integration? HiveSigner?

What are you using the back end for? To what extent does Quello rely on the blockchain and to what extent do you use the MongoDB database? Do you have some sort of a point system of your own in the works?

Thanks for the question.

It will be using Hive Signer for the initial release, however, extending that is possible in the future.

Each question and answer will be stored on-chain as either a comment or root post depending on user choice. Mongo is used for sorting, association, and a selection of custom features (answer requests, saved questions, etc), but each question and answer will be posted to the blockchain with enough information/context that they could stand alone without Quello as a front end.

By having our DB we'll also be able to introduce flexibility for voting and therefore ranking, this will mean that voting trails and stake don't necessarily mean that it's the best question or answer. Overall it will give more control to solves issues that pop up along the way.

With that said, if features on Hive become available to carry out more operations on chain (in a simple form), iterating the functionality will always be an option.

Thanks a lot for the answer! Sounds great. The hallmark of a decentralized application is not being completely reliant on a centralized back end. As you are naturally aware of, Hive can store text in JSON-format without it being a post. But storing some things in a proprietary database can confer some efficiency gains, to be sure.

Quello sounds precisely the kind of app that Hive needs. I like Quora very much but, regrettably, it's a centralized Web 2.0 application and has censorship going on and it only rewards for asking questions and very poorly at that. You have to be a partner to get rewarded for asking questions. The best earning partners earn about $3000 a month, which is only about three times as much as the best earning content creators on Hive - and, in fact, after the pump the best earning content creators may actually earn as much on Hive! Given that Quora has 300 million monthly active users whereas Hive has only 10,000 monthly active users, what Quora pays its users as contributions is totally pitiful. Hive pays 30,000 times better!

Your timing couldn't have been better. With extremely large numbers of people cooped up at home during the ongoing lockdowns, many people are asking about how to earn online. Posting questions and answers to Quello that the community finds valuable fits the bill perfectly.

There are countless people on Quora happily posting for free because they do not want to get paid for helping other people. Fine. But the economic value of their contributions does not go anywhere by them not wanting it. It's there and currently pocketed by the millionaire owners of a Web 2.0 corporation. These people are making a shitload of money on the back of other people's philanthropy. Quello's Web 3.0 model lets the valuable contributors to decide for themselves whether they want to give the value they create away, and if so, whether they want it to pay for some Silicon Valley investor's dreamboat or mansion or whether they want to delegate the Hive power to benefit some project that helps people in need.

I wish your project massive success!

Ha! Glad to see that the MEAN stack is still popular! :)

I do Angular/Node/MongoDB as well. I would love to help if there is a chance. I'll follow you but please keep me in mind if you need dev help and don't hesitate to reach out!

Hi @marcocasario,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

Thank you

Awesome! Well done @tobias-g! I always enjoyed Musing... it's a great way to interact with other bees that you don't normally hang with... and who doesn't enjoy sharing all the knowledges?

Welcome back! Questions and answers are the perfect fit for Proof of Brain. Excited to see the end product.

Like Quora - but on the blockchain. I can dig it. Awesome look forward to this as I'm an avidly answer questions on Quora. :)

Hi @cryptoastro,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

Hope this will be better than and last longer. I need reason to post. One of it was answering questions.

I know the feeling, I used to really enjoy both Utopian and Musing, if you're not an out and out blogger sometimes the standard Hive experience (larger blog posts) isn't always for you (at least not all time). I hope Quello will help solve provide a remedy for some of this. Looking forward to hearing your feedback once it's launched. 👍

Absolutely love the idea. The design is EPIC.

Can't wait to explore Quello!

Good times are here!

Hi @sidwrites,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

This is awesome!
Exactly what is needed for new user acclimation.
Thank you

Hi @sgerhart,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

This will might an better option who want and blockchain version of quora

Great work @tobias-g, if you need help do let us know.

Thanks @codingdefined, will keep you up to date with it all. I know you've built quite a lot on here too so would be good to see how it all progresses and if any opportunities arise 👍

Good luck guys, and see you soon

Great work Big man! Counting down to the launch date.

Fucking cool 👨‍💻👨‍💻
Welcome abroad

Good News.
Every single new App coming into Hive just adds more value to the project.

Really nice UI, will definitely try it out :)

Thanks for the feedback and also thank you for the tip. Look forward to your feedback when we launch 👍

Nice to know...great job

Nice, I've been looking forward to a platform like this. Also posting the questions to a comment instead of a top level post is important, I'm glad you have this as a standard.

Hi @okean123,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

Awesome. What a great looking site. I was into musing while it was around, I’ll definitely bee buzzing around Quello ;)

Nice one. Waiting patiently for it to be launched. Keep up the good work man.

Good and a much needed invention on hive. Will the questions and answers be stored on the chain or on a private server like what musing did?

Each question and answer will be stored on the chain as either a comment or root post depending on user choice. There is a private database involved for sorting, association and a selection of custom features, but each question and answer will be posted to the blockchain with enough information/context that they could stand alone without Quello as a front end.

I like this idea. Waiting patiently

Hi @detoye,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

Sounds interesting!

This is great! Awesome addition to the platform

Hi @mikelrbrts,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

I'm very excited to hear about this.

I've been having trouble getting some questions answered myself recently. I posted once to the Hive-Devs Community (because the topic is fairly technical and relates to software development) and later to AskHive, but I've received no comments on either front unfortunately.

If I can't get any info by the time you launch I'll probably be one of the first to use Quello.

Also here is a link to those questions. I know this comment section isn't exactly a Q&A platform, but I don't think it can hurt to cast a wide net so to speak.

Hi @a-non-e-moose,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

No I haven't, life has been crazy.

Thanks for the link!

Ah so this is Waivio?

its looks amazing seems good lovely......i appeaciate

Hi @rekha007,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

Awesome ! can't wait to try it 😃

Congratulations @tobias-g, the name is nice too !

Hi @anttn,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

Well done. Im really looking forward to using this!

Hi @kenanqhd,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

Sure did. Everything looks great!

@empoderat que te parece esto bro?

pues esta bien, ya veremos que producto sacan.

That's great, will be waiting desperately. Nice initiative and hats of to you and @tobias-g.

#Quello #Hive #Steem #Project

Hi @wasifbhutto,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

The website is just a domain parking page. Is this normal?

One month later and the page is still empty.

It's coming, it will be ready very soon, I'm in the final stages of testing. Last month was some what unpredictable. Apologies for the delay.

Hi @ond,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

I wish I have learned about sooner. I love asking questions on (and I still love to), but responses to my questions there are limited to my presented options, and nearly all respondents refuse to explain their responses.

I would try asking questions and post answers on tomorrow. Hope that from there, I receive answers to my questions and positive feedback for my answers.

Awesome, sounds great. Let us know what you think once you've had a chance to explore 👍


Upon posting my first question and first few answers on, I noticed that the text colors are hard to distinguish (light gray text on a white background) that I find it hard to read what I was typing. My temporary workaround has been to write on's editor, then transfer the text onto your platform.

We're going to look at improving the contrast throughout Quello shortly, a few users have had similar feedback and agree it's an area we could definitely improve 👍

We have made some improvements to the colour of the text within the editor and throughout the site, the aim was to improve some of the contrast throughout the whole of Quello. Let us know if you see any other issues or if you're still have issue with any of the colours 👍

What happened to this project?
have they moved it?
Whenever I try to access the site
It takes me to an empty domain.

That's awesome! What would be the category of questions? Only Hive related? Only crypto/blockchain or general?

Upon launch you'll see a selection of different categories to provide a little something for everyone, you'll see some Hive and cryptocurrency-related categories available, as well as Steem Monsters as we know it's a fan favorite.

The categories are extremely easy to add or adjust. If we miss something off, to begin with, it's no change in the code to add a new one.

To be sure we're capturing the interests of everyone I think we'll run a short post about it to make sure we've got the right categories on launch. It's important to note that over time we will be expanding out the category functionality to allow for hundreds of categories whilst still being able to keep the user experience personalized and relevant, this, however, takes a little time.

What categories would you like to see available?

So would we as users be able to add any communities? I would like to see maybe things like photography.

When are you guys launching? @tobias-g I have a lot of questions I need answers for :)

It will be in the coming weeks, I’ll add an update in the next couple of days. It’s very close 👍

Thank you for the update. Eagerly waiting :)

Hi @sharatdotinfo,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?

Hey there! Thanks so much for the message! I will check it out and ask my questions. is not working for me....

Screenshot from 20200426 212024.png

Hi @liondani, Quello will be available in May 2020. Apologies for the confusion.

Ok now, why is it insisting that I install a browser extension?

Hi @liondani,

Quello is now live, have you had a chance to check it out yet?