My Four Year Blogiversary | Some Awesome Giveaways For You!

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The 17th of july marked my 4 year anniversary on the blockchain as Purepinay, a big milestone which I intend to celebrate with everyone that was part of my journey. It has been a real privilege to be part of this amazing community!

What started out as a pastime for me has become a comparable earning through my blogs, short posts, and even more exciting, I finally own my domain site on the blockchain, through hosting or previously called @engrave.

The blog name “purepinay” was the only thing I could think of that time when I was creating the account and since it cannot be undone after the creation. I have thought of rebranding and made other accounts but only “purepinay” sticks to what my blogs would be all about, random niches, from food, lifestyle (fitness, travel, and a day in the life), and inspirations of bringing value to the Hive blockchain.

Even though there was a time where I was awol for a couple of months because I was expecting our first baby, I told everyone instead that I was working on a different project and kept my pregnancy and motherhood journey as a private matter but it was an extraordinary experience that I have yet to share .

I didn't realize that my Purepinay page on this blockchain might become more than a tiny digital public journal when I first started in July of 2017. If the tale about how this page came to be never heard, let me just give you a small narrative.

Four Years is now Behind

It was the old platform back then, called Steemit when it was first introduced to me by my partner. Although confused with all the technical terms, I spent almost all of my free time learning about the platform and a little bit about the blockchain technology.

After about two or three months on the platform, I finally discovered some different ways of investing time and money on the platform. I geared myself into a different direction, not just the blogging side but also the investing part.

Some people were asking me how I got that amount of money in my wallet. There was a point where my account value could buy a condominium in one of the most prestigious condominiums in Cebu. But it all started with my stock market earnings.

That day, when I decided to risk it all! I transferred all my stock market investment to Steemit. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, with butterflies in my stock, I went ahead and took all the risk. And I told myself, if things won’t work, at least I have my grandparents farm, I can still live a sustainable farm life… the Hancedera life!

I earned my first million at the age of 27

Some people might say I got lucky but most people didn’t know how much time and money I invested in order to achieve that success. The big part of it wasn’t just about the money, but experience, the real struggle and growth that I had achieved. I collaborated, and hired some people to work on my blog page.

I gained almost 10k followers in just about four months!

There was a time where I had over 1,000 comments in one post, awesome! But I had the most stressful time of my life. It was something that people overlooked.

People thought it was a good thing to get bombarded with comments, but what most people didn’t know was that I was getting a really bad anxiety because of all this attention. My partner almost sent me to a therapist. So, I had to go off grid for about two weeks while some people were working on my Purepinay page making sure that I still got activities going on on my site. But the truth is, without my partner’s help, I don’t know where I would be right now.


It has been a roller coaster ride

But I believe everything happens for a reason and I admit I made a lot of mistakes all throughout this journey but those mistakes helped me where I am now and helped me become a better person.

I can say that I am in a good financial position in life and getting ready for our child’s great future. As I mentioned in my previous blog, we want our kid to be financially independent at the age of 25. I have been reluctant to share this online as I am a fan of watching documentaries and the other side of the real world out there, is somewhat a little scary and this is why I am reluctant in posting my baby’s face on the internet. Plus, we are living in a world where privacy and security is a real big issue. On a brighter note, I am proud to have a trustworthy partner whom I know would give all his life for his family.

Back to the Hive life

I hope to bring some spark to other people who are looking for inspiration in life and in the financial world. And this is why I joined the @OCD’s Onboarding Program because it is one of the best projects I have been a part of. Honestly, didn’t expect it would be as early as the first month when I planned the project in sharing the hive awareness to my fellowmen and to those who see the things that Hive has to offer.

You might be thinking, oh it’s because you get upvotes on your blog and posts, that’s why you’re still here. I want you to scroll back to my previous blogs where I was barely getting a dollar but this didn't stop me from posting.

There was a time when I had a really bad argument with my partner because he told me I was wasting my time when I am no longer earning anything with my posts, even on my long blogs. He wanted me to just focus on long term investment without spending my time writing and just let the money grow steady.

But for me, Hive is a self flexible lifestyle. I would just post whenever I want to, work on my blog on my own time and I gain profit directly from the revenue I receive regardless of the amount. And that is the beauty of working as a freelancer but there are a lot of perks that I also benefit from this. Like acquiring good friends, I was able to virtually and personally met some people whom I have connected with on this platform like @ybanezkim26, @indayclara, @thegaillery, @chillwithshanna, @bellatravelph, @tegoshei, @bien, @themanualbot, and @jumpmaster during her visit in Cebu... those are just a few names I remember. Whether it was because we shared the same interest or simply just virtual conversations that turned into a trust relationship.

Also, I truly believe that the ecosystem of Hive gives the real value of the Hive cryptocurrency. This includes the different communities, and I had emphasized this during my presentation on the first Hive Seminar in Cebu that I recently organized for Ocd’s Onboarding Program.

This time, I want to take a little time to appreciate how much this four year journey has transpired and the fact that everything has happened, as I have created my own tiny space online on this platform to share my thoughts, inspiration and story with others.

To my 11,226 Followers & Curators

Some might not be active here all the time but I want to thank you for your contribution to this page.

To all the curators who have upvoted my short posts and blogs, I am beyond grateful for your support. To everyone who engaged in the comments, I appreciate you for sharing your lovely time.Even the smallest upvotes and those small virtual talks really mean a lot to us, it’s the fact that people noticed our work, it makes a person's day brighter and motivates us to keep moving forward. I would love to mention everyone but one page won’t be enough, though you know who you are.

To @acidyo who has given me the trust of onboarding some new Hivers using the VIP sign-up link, which until now, I am thrilled of this opportunity and it is just a new beginning.

To @foxkoit for the delegation, really inspired for appreciating my work on bringing new talented Hivers to the community.

To @nathen009 for delegating to the new onboarded Hivers of our group, thank you so much for the support.

To a new partnership with R&R Urban Cafe

Thank you for this wonderful collaboration. I highly recommend you check out their cafe and don’t forget to use the promocode “purepinayhive” to get a 20% off discount on all drinks, more info on this blog.


Now, it’s time for a celebration and you all know how I love giveaways!

This time I am giving away some cool Hive merchandise and Hive!

  • One winner of Purepinay’s customized tote bag
  • One winner of OCD’s customized tote bag
  • One winner of 30 Hive

Sample of customized tote bags

How to join?

Just reblog this post and get a chance to win any of the giveaways! Winners will be picked through and
announced on the 31st of July 2021!

For the eligibility of the tote bags, only Hivers in the Philippines as long as you can be found on the google map (*wink). Free shipping nationwide! I love to send my international supporters but the shipping is a real deal but I do have something for you, 30 Hive on the line. I know this might not sound a lot for some Hivers but there are people out there that sees a huge value of it.

Also, this is only a virtual celebration, I will be having another celebration with some Cebu Hivers and this will also be a part of sharing the Hive awareness to others. I will announce the official date and activities once I finish collaborating with some people who will be part of this event. So, make sure you follow me so you won't miss the announcement.

Happy 4th Birthday, @purepinay!


For more visibility of this blog, your support through upvote and reblog is much appreciated. Also, feel free to share on your social media accounts. Thank much! ❤️

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UH ... Thank you what this kind words.... it makes my morning look here also more good .
And I'm very happy that your work have been given you lot knowledge here, and you've been in the mud, and you've gotten out of there, too. Hard times are the ones that teach life best and make you mentally strong.

And this text ....

"You might be thinking, oh it’s because you get upvotes on your blog and posts, that’s why you’re still here. I want you to scroll back to my previous blogs where I was barely getting a dollar but this didn't stop me from posting. "

I know how it feels, I have been in this also, not get nothing , but I did not stop... I did 4 yeasr every day 4 post... I mean every day and I not joke... some users was say .. "who are you? , are you some kind BOT what fuck :))) " ... I'm photographer, I have small camera and I use what I have to make photos, even when photos are small, I use them all :))

Haha I know how it feels too when people think you're a robot 🤖 I was once also called.

Cheers to more Hiventure! ❤️

Thanx :) We have 6 more months ... then we see also how this year have worked out :)

Fingers crossed 🤞 .... A better year!

Lets try make it better some how :)) But yes ... I also crossed my fingers :)


Yay! Congratulations on this milestone Gilaine! 😊 I'm so happy that I get to meet an awesome angel like you. Keep inspiring others through your blog and May God bless your kind soul😊 if it weren't for you I wouldn't be here in hive. Salamat kaayo! And cheers to more blogging years! ☺☺

Thank you, Rica!

Happy to help! I can't wait for your Hive story ^_-

Idol since steemit days hehe

Thank you so much for supporting me all the way!


Congratulations! Only a few months to my 4th and I will always be grateful and full of admiration for you as the only person who always took the time to answer every comment you received, and back then, that often ran into the hundreds on your posts!
Hope you have a great weekend and my best wishes to you and your family :-)

Thanks a lot! And I remember you since the beginning. You have have been one of my virtual bodyguards,haha I remember when you were the one responding to the hate comments, and I would just read and laugh but proud that I people like you had my back!

Thank you also for all the support and the friendship. I hope we meet in person, I know somewhere down the road.

Thank you! You too, have a lovely weekend!

❤️ Gilaine

I'm glad I came across your post today, reading how you've started, the investment you made, the rainy days you endured and how you've grown to this stage. It's enough strength for people still growing up like me to keep pushing.

I'm glad you have a supportive partner and that means a lot. Congratulations on your fourth year anniversary on hive, wishing you more successful years.

Aw! Thank you for the thoughtful comment. ☺️❤️

You're welcome

What an amazing journey! 🍾🥂 We need to celebrate this milestone of yours. A champange for everyone!🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂 😀👌🏽😁🤣See you soon! 🧡🧡🧡

Thank you bhe! Yes, very soon, just need to recover. Too much exposure to the sun, lol

Got the balloon garland already from @gerel but I have to wait for her to do the decors lol

See ya <3

See yeah. 🧡🧡🧡

Happy 4th cakeday! 😀

Yay, thank you ☺️

Happy anniversary sis! Daghan achievements sis bisag nagkalisod-lisod.
Cheers for more anniversaries to celebrate! 🍻🍻🍻

True sis! And look at us. We're still here kicking stilettos! Haha

Yes sis! Fighting pa rin. Hehe

Awesome. I've followed your exercise posts, food blogs, your love for coffee and you love for travelling. I can sense the passion from your posts in the same order.
Never knew about you bringing a life into this world. Many congratulations on the motherhood. Happy parenting.

Omg! Am glad you're here. I know! I would never forget that day you arrived on the platform! Thank you for the friendship!


Congratulation on your #HIVEBIRTHDAY @purepinay. Thank you for sharing this platform to us. God bless on our Hiventure 😊 cheeerssss !!! 🍾

Thank you, Rodel! ❤️

Happy 4 years! Congratulations!

You really always make wonderful post's! The bags are really cool. I have to make me one of those too 😎 Very best regards from Germany ✌🏻

Congratulations ate @purepinay❤️

Thank you dai 😘

Congratulations! Happy Hiversary🎉

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Thanks a lot for constant support 😊

❤️ purepinay

Yayyy Congrats On 4 Years 🙌🏻❤

Thank you so much! Thank you also for always responding to my DMs! And looking out with my blog layouts 😄 ❤️🤗

Your welcome 🙌🏻❤

Congrats girl🥂🍻🍾

Thank you bhe 😘❤️💃 let's get ready for the party 🥳

Aw! Thank you so much for the tip, that was quite a lot! 🥰❤️😘❤️

I'm glad I came across your post today, reading how you've started, the investment you made, the rainy days you endured and how you've grown to this stage. It's enough strength for people still growing up like me to keep pushing.

I'm glad you have a supportive partner and that means a lot. Congratulations on your fourth year anniversary on hive, wishing you more successful years.

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wow congrats to you maam, and to this milestone of yours, thanks for sharing your journey since steemit days, your story brings high moral, Cheers maam, may the 4th be with you..

Daghang salamat! ❤️

Congrats for the 4 years!!

Thanks 🤗

So cool!

Thank you for the lovely virtual cake 🥰❤️😘

Happy 4️⃣th Hiversary!
on your successes!


Thank you ❤️😘❤️

You're very welcome!💓

Upvoted and rehived

Congratulations @purepinay for your 4 years onboard.

Thanks for the mention Gil~!! Happiest HIVE birthday to you... :) It's awesome to know someone like you through this platform. Good luck on your future endeavors! ☺

My pleasure!

And thank you for the greetings 😘❤️

Congratulations and happy 4th blogiversary♨️♨️♨️

Wowww congratulations sa milestone nimo in blogging, Ms Gilaine 😍🤗😘 and thank you so much for sharing this wonderful opportunity of crypto blogging. I wish you more success for purepinay blog, yaayyyy😘😍🤗😘 @purepinay

Thank you so much Jong!

You're most welcome and thank you for the trust. can't wait to read your Hive stories in the future! ❤️🤗

Congratulations @purepinay for your 4th year Anniversary here on Hive🥳💕. Actually we both celebrate meaningful event on the same day. July 17 is my birthday😁. I just turned 21 yesterday ☺️. By the way, I love giveaways so I'm excited to join here💖. Wish me luck🤗💞.

Omg! Happy birthday to you! 😘❤️ How did you celebrate birthday?

Thank you😊💞. We had get together with my family and it was so fun💖. You can see it here in my post🥳.

Happy 4th anniversary with the HIVE family darling, how fast time passes we hope there will be many more years here with us. Greetings and good luck to everyone with your giveaways and congrats @purepinay. Good luck for the all Hivers 👍🙏🤞

Aw! Thank you so much!


I'm surprised by the mention. Congrats Gilaine!

Don't be, I actually forgot so many names but it's been a pleasure sharing this with every Filipinos I met through this platform! Thank you for the greetings ☺️❤️

Congratulations @purepinay! You received a personal badge!

Happy Hive Birthday! You are on the Hive blockchain for 4 years!

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking

Muy motivadora tu publicación, en ocasiones he querido desistir y no continuar y me ocurre que veo publicaciones alentadoras como la tuya. Felicitaciones por tu 4to aniversario, que continúen mas años de éxitos.

Gracias! 😘❤️

congratulations friend you are very lucky

Happy fourth anniversary. Congratulations on your achievements.

Congratulations on reaching a new milestone!

Your story is really inspiring. May you continue inspiring people and bringing people to this platform. Hopefully, there will be a lot of Filipinos who would join this platform.

Keep safe always!

You're a rock star! Grateful to know you and stoked that we still stay in touch. Was so epic seeing you when we were in Cebu, and hope that can happen again sometime soon! Happy Hive Birthday!

Congrats for your 4 anniversary in the family HIVE

Four years? Wow! Congratulations and more anniversaries to come.
I really enjoyed reading your post as it served as motivation for me. Especially the part where you mentioned that some previous post you don't get up to a dollar at times. I have really learnt from your perseverance and consistency. I celebrate you. Though just started blogging on hive earlier this year I hope to also celebrate my 4years anniversary some day.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Omg! Sorry, I just read this one. Happy 4th Anniversary🎂🎉 I'm not active on blogging from the past few years since 2019. But the friendships I made from this platform is for a lifetime. And thank you for that. I, honestly don't know how hives works. So, I really need to attend one of your events soon. Thank you for creating a quality content all the time that inspired me. 😍

Happy Hive birthday @purepinay

Thank you, @arcange! ❤️

Wooow, 4 years is a long time in the community, congratulations and Haapy Blogiversary!

Thank you 😊