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RE: Community Discussion and Updates: Hive Airdrop Exclusion List and Code Corrections, Core Developer Meetings

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I'm very very glad to see this mistake getting reverted slowly. This was an utterly unfair mistake - such things must not happen in blockchain code which is taken live. I know that the hardfork was very rushed, but that does not excuse this mistake in my opinion.
What I expect to see is an apology by those responsible for this error to the accounts whose funds got seized due to the error. I know errors happen, and errors are human. What needs to happen in such situation is that you own up to your mistakes.

Now to the new script. That one looks pretty solid overall, and I'm very sure it puts out the right results. There's a thing about it that bothers me a little though. Here voters_with_errors and errors_names get defined. The former is a list of accounts that voted on Justin Sun's puppets either directly or by proxy. The latter is a list of accounts which had puppets in their witness votes, but had a proxy activated. The problem with those lists is that those lists more or less come out of nowhere and are so to say hardcoded into the script. They should've been created in the script from zero. The only hardcoded account names that should be in the script are those of Justin Sun's puppet witnesses and maybe those whose Hive stake was removed at the Hardfork in order to make the script more resource efficient. I suppose that those lists were created by another script, which is okay, but that script should've been included in the gist, or been part of the main script.
In addition to that the voters_with_errors seems to have been tinkered with. The first entry in the list "justyy" uses " opposed to all other entries which use '. While this is no difference at all for the computer it shows that someone tinkered around manually, which is a no-go in my opinion.
As I said, I don't doubt the results, but I believe that the script should be reworked in order to fix the aforementioned problems. That takes the unknown out of the script and makes it very transparent and easy to confirm the results, as it then only requires a quick check of the list of the Sun puppets and running the code and comparing the results. As of now, in order to confirm the results you actually have to write code yourself in order to create the voters_with_errors and errors_names lists.
I already discussed part of this with @pharesim (thank you for providing information and your time!) but I thought it might not be bad to put this out here as well.


No one's funds were seized. They still have all their Steem.

This was a creation of a new coin, and the efforts of all those involved has enriched all Hive airdrop participants. It will also shortly enrich those who were mistakenly excluded. It's kind of amazing to me that you think that the dev who made the coding mistake should apologize for it, when he and everyone else involved worked their butts off and rewarded people (for no payment, I might add).

Second, it was admitted that it was a mistake. No one has attempted to gloss over that. But all the devs were working under serious time pressure, which was completely outside of our control. You're expecting too much, IMO.

No one's funds were seized. They still have all their Steem.

I look at Hive as more of a rebranded continuation of Steem, than a new coin with an airdrop where the old coin "Steem" gets maintained by a few people after Hive advanced. But that's just my viewpoint, and my choice of words.

[Y]ou think that the dev [...] should apologize, when he worked [his butt] off [...]

I admit and realize after sleeping over this for a few hours that I put that very harshly. What I wanted to say is that I would appreciate it very much if there was a "We are sorry for the inconveniences cause for these accounts" or something along the lines of that in the next @HiveIO announcement.

You're expecting too much, IMO.

I expect a lot, but I would like to say that I am also very grateful for your work, and those that work a lot behind the scenes. I am very glad that Hive exists, and that I am able to be on here. This might not have been clear from reading my comment. That comment wasn't much more than nitpicking.

Hi @flugschwein ,
I would like to thank you once again that you have taken care of this matter so much and that you have engaged yourself!
I was very nervous and worried after the blacklist, and it did me a lot of good to see that you were always up to date on this matter.
For me personally, it would have been much more important than an apology if I had received a small message from a witness as soon as the mistake was known to the witnesses.
Without this message the time since the mistake was known to me was very long.
Kind regards, @double-u

If I promise to bring my daughter a gift from a shop but then forget it unintentionally (because I have so many other things to do), then probably I will apologize to have disappointed her (even if she wouldn't have to pay for her 'enrichment'). :-)
Anyway, you are right that most important is that the problem is solved and the sricpt corrected now. Thanks for all the hard work!

I'm not sure the situation is exactly equivalent. While I agree it's never good to promise free things to anyone, then fail to deliver in a timely manner, I feel like there's a stronger duty between a parent to his child.

If the situation was reversed, for me, I'd be grateful I'm getting a free gift, even if it's delayed a bit.

But I can certainly understand disappointment at the delay.

I'm not sure the situation is exactly equivalent.

Not exactly. :)

If the situation was reversed, for me, I'd be grateful I'm getting a free gift ...

Concerning me, I am.

But I can certainly understand disappointment at the delay.

Oh, I guess that for most affected users the delay wasn't really a probem, but for example I know that at least at the beginning my friend @double-u was very nervous because he felt uncertain if he would receive the money of the airdrop at all, respectively if he had to make a proposal etc. Had I been on the list I probably had felt the same kind of uncertainty ...

Thanks @jaki01 !
yes, a very quick notification that it was a mistake would have been very, very nice!
Without this information, the time of uncertainty was very uncomfortably long.
Stay healthy!

if it was a mistake dear @blocktrades, than why still so many NORMAL USER are until on the black list? THIS is by far not any mistake!

There was certainly a mistake in the script, and the mistaken accounts are being corrected now.

If it was intentional, like you are suggesting, and not a mistake, why would the developers exclude those accounts, only to include them later?