Celebrating the First Year of Hive: Community Driven and Tech Forward, the Hive Blockchain Wins ADVFN Most Innovative Crypto Product Award

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This week marks some incredible milestones for the Hive blockchain, and the community and technology that embodies the idea of Hive Power.


The first anniversary of the creation of Hive's decentralized, open source, fast and feeless network has empowered an entire community to show the world that the most important aspects of blockchain success are people and resilience. While a first birthday is always special, this celebration is made even more notable by the fact that it marks five full years of development on the legacy codebase, core community and the spirit that powers Hive. It's hard to express how important and exciting it is to have a battle tested blockchain with half a decade of history that has also been able to unite an entire network of people and apps behind decentralized community values. Value is created by people who are supported by the best technology, and the Hive blockchain is proof.

A full year has passed since the story of Hive captured the attention and hearts of the blockchain world as underdogs in a space where most new chains are dominated by corporations, exchange interests, or mining groups. In that time, new projects around the cryptosphere have risen and fallen with devastating rug pulls and financial structures, vaporware and abandonware are the norm- not the exception- and hype moves from start up to start up without creating a meaningful base of dedicated people. And for a full year, Hive has been expanding the technology that supports a vibrant, growing ecosystem full of immutable information, ownership, services, marketplaces, games, businesses, and connections between people. Momentum is building.

Taking a look at everything that has happened around our network over the past year, there's one thing that is becoming undeniable: Hive is built by community, and Hive is built to last.

This past year has been an incredible success at laying foundations for growth and resiliency: the codebase has been fully overhauled for scalability and functionality, for ease of use and eco- and cost-efficiency, and has focused on creating a decentralized network that anyone can use to take ownership of their data and their value in a world that desperately needs ways to do so. With this first year of work and prep behind us, the future ahead is bright- full of builders, dreamers, creators, and connectors- and it's time to focus on helping the world discover what Hive has to offer. There aren't many blockchain projects that can pair flexible, powerful technology with an ecosystem full of users, content, and social aspects the way that we do. Where the first year of Hive has focused on building, the future stretching ahead is prepared to power the next generation of the web.

Today, the ADVFN International Financial Awards announced Hive as the winner of 2021's Most Innovative Crypto Product

A panel of traditional market, cryptocurrency and investor experts selected Hive out of a wide range of projects as their top choice in innovation. This recognition of the capability of the Hive blockchain is a perfect way to enter into a new year:


Hive Power has a lot of meaning around here.

While the term HP is most notably a wallet reference to staked HIVE tokens, it's time to start talking about the power of Hive in ways that underline everything that this ecosystem has built over the past year. Staking your HIVE is a way to secure your voice in the ecosystem - you can allocate value, weigh in on governance, and create an immutable record of what value and connection mean to you. It has taken this past year and the challenges surfacing in social media, in governments, in economies, in education, and in self sovereignty to remind us of just how it important it is to take advantage of a network like Hive to take power back and use it to make the world around us the one we want it to be. People who have been a part of this genesis year, who have gotten in on the ground floor, and who took a chance on the curiosity about what a blockchain built for people can do all understand just how far that power reaches. As Hive enters this second year we're starting to see that rising energy impacting the markets, and the interest in how social blockchain can shape the world - not to mention almost every app and service in our day to day life.

It might be time to ask yourself...

What will you do with your Hive Power?

  • use a single human readable wallet address to log into an entire ecosystem of services, content platforms, games, marketplaces, chats, and more securely
  • create and engage with content and people to build connections that you own and no platform or person controls
  • earn, store, and hold to earn interest on a cryptocurrency that can be sent p2p or used in any network app seamlessly, in less than 3 seconds with no fees, on an energy smart, eco-friendly blockchain
  • store information, build dApps, start businesses, or create tokenized communities with open source tools and code, free public resources and nodes that decentralize and protect the blockchain with a global network
  • take part in governance decisions, allocate rewards, apply for and vote on funding proposals as a community to bring new development, products and ventures to life
  • play games with tokenized, unique assets; create and buy and sell NFTs in the art space and beyond; explore interfaces that specialize in decentralized video and free speech; trading and investing in crypto, finance, and DeFi; live streaming and gaming; podcasting; 3d VR and AR metaverses; blogging and short-form posting, commenting, and curation
  • be part of the incredible community that has routinely dominated the rankings on Dapp Radar, Block'tivity, and LunarCrush in real world blockchain use for its entire existence

    This list barely scratches the surface of the things a Hive account can do and all of the projects and people that Hive was created to power. These are the first days of the future ahead, and after a successful year of getting ready to take on the world, it's time to start talking loudly about all the things that Hive has to offer.

The Hive blockchain was created because a community was determined to see if a decentralized network could break away from controlling interests, traditional social media and content platforms, and slow and expensive transactions on restrictive and stagnant codebases.

To the users, community members, developers, project managers, content creators, node operators, cypherpunks, decentralized and open source evangelists, traders, speculators, gamers and bloggers... thank you for making this first year an unbelievable one. Thank you for showing the world that it takes people and technology together to build an ecosystem that lasts, and get ready to start showing the world just why that matters so much. Innovation starts here.

It's been a full year since the Hive genesis block, and we've proved that it's not just possible - it's powerful. 🐝

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Well blow me, some appreciation from the outside world!

Congratulations and thank you, to all those involved in the Hive ecosystem xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Best day ever?

I don't remember a better one as far as publicity and price action, and I bought a car. Feel a bit bad the thing is blue and not red :D

I'm impressed. Hopefully folks share this all over social media. Hint Hint. If not for Hive then, at least for you, so some day you'll be able to get rid of that nasty blue.

Yes me too. Screw the pushups let's share the big news. Not that I dislike pushups, they are certainly preferable over burpees.

.... some day you'll be able to get rid of that nasty blue.

Something like this?


Screw the pushups for sure if you ever plan on fitting inside that thing.

It's the long legs I am fearful of.

Come on @abh12345 & @nonameslefttouse... You know you love to do pushup's! (Especially for Hive!) lol! 😜

I notice they didn't mention @Actifit and the growing fitness community... We gotta change that! 😁

Its very important...am happy to be on hive even though i had lost my account to spammers...this is a new one..no HP

It's been an amazing year that ended with a well-deserved award for the entire Hive ecosystem. Couldn't be more proud to be part of Hive right now.

It's been an exciting year. We have proven how powerful our community is and what great developers we have. They chose to go with the chain that offers freedom and decentralisation rather than being bought out. It seems the markets have started to realise that too today. Great to see it getting that award too. More people need to know about Hive.

Wow! That's incredible news! It's good to see the outside world is beginning to pay some attention to Hive and it's community! Let's keep this momentum #UP!

Well, lucky me. I'm part of the amazing community here in hive. Congratulations and thank you for the hard work

well deserved! so happy how this has unfolded the past year. I think we al know that it could have turned out differently. Thanks everyone for making this a success! <3

It's been one hell of a year, but I'm feeling more certain than ever that the next year will be even more exciting than the last.

Thanks Hive for being awesome!

A strong core community is what it takes - people committed to success and ideals.

It's a testament to the world of what can be done when we stop being selfish with our resources.

Together we make so much more and in abundance.

First years it’s always the hardest

Hello hope you remember me....can you please tell me what's going on here and something about hive and if there is something new can i do for you just like #Sevem77....

I live on Twitter for Hive.

Message me via Twitter DM https://twitter.com/NathanMars7

Finally someone from the outside realize the value of HIVE. 🤓 Most people don't know how amazing this place is without getting into it.

Hell yeah, decentralized open source software is the future :)

Some day I get to tell me children that I was in Hive from the start !

Proud of Hive and yes, it's been a slog for everyone, but the results speak for themselves.
As the years roll by may it be that we will all see many more astounded faces at Hive's progress.

Blessings to all.

I want a smacked face, this guy's face to be more explicit.

Congrats Hive, well deserved! 🏆

Congrats to all #HIVE members!

Happy anniversary #hive with good vibes.

"The most innovative crypto product" - that's an awesome award to receive. Well done!

Love the chain.. love the community! Thanks and to many years more!!!

Wow! So awesome! Finally good to see some gooood news!

Congrats to Hive community and everyone who made this possible.

Finally the outside world is beginning to notice how world changing Hive is and can be .

Congratulations on such amazing achievement in such a small time period Hive devs and all members.
Keep spreading the word and keep buidling!! 😉😉😉
All the very best.

Decentralized Web 3.0 coming in like a wrecking ball to the competition😁

Congratulations Hive

congratulations for Hive and your nice post, full speed ahead!

Awesome news @hiveio
Congratulation 🥳🥳🥳

That is awesome news

Congrats Hive!


We soon see what going to happen in summer 👌👌👌

I want to congratulate the entire Community for their dedication, passion, perseverance and loyalty to what we call freedom and independence for giving us the opportunity to be part of something as gigantic as #Hive and to be one of the first to be part of this great family Who wholeheartedly wants to build solid foundations for a Magnificent future.

Where we are the pioneers in changing social networks forever and showing the system that we are free and owners of everything that comes from our hearts.

That censorship will never silence us and that we will be free as the wind and as strong as a rock that impacts the hearts of an entire community that dreams big and breathes peace.

I have been on Hive for 4 months and have accomplished much more than what I was able to accomplish on other platforms.

I have saved every penny and invested it in HIVE POWER as I believe in this project and dream that within 3 or 10 years this will change my life completely.

I love you Hive and I dream that you continue to grow and become that giant that will change the world.


Time flies!



Hello; @hiveio

We appreciate your work and your post was manually shared on Twitter by @papilloncharity from the DNA team!
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Please also visit the @combination account and participate in the weekly giveaway numbers draw to get this badge and to stand a chance to win some Hive!

This is a great timing for @lordbutterfly 's marketing campaign and ain't started yet right?. Let's make Hive the revolution it's mean to be.

Bom!!!! Ainda tentando entender algumas coisas na #hive mas... Feliz por fazer parte da Hive Comunidade! Voltando aos trabalhos!!!

We are the strongest community and everybody in the cryptospace are starting to notice.

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happy year for this beautiful community and hope keeping like ever :)

Congratulations. I am glad I am on Hive Blockchain.

Love Hive.


if just one year of hive could be this accomplishing then i would want to be part of this till many years to come congrats to us and thank you for giving us this community

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