3 weeks till HiveFest 5! Names, pre-events, merchandise (blackfriday!) and the HiveFund proposal.

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Oh time flies. Totally forgot to post an update last week. An initial (under the radar) Pre-Pump event to test the headsets was held and some initial experiences on how meetings go (from an organiser perspective) in AltspaceVR. Great findings which will be applied for HiveFest. Three more weeks to go!

New names have been added to the HiveFest website! HiveFest will launch with a coredev vision for Hive's future and Q&A with @Blocktrades & @Howo. Also added to the list are @Crimsonclad for NFT Showroom and experienced VR lady. @Yabapmatt & @Aggroed from @Splinterlands and ofcourse Aggroed's extensive fire behind various other Hive related project won't go unnoticed: Hive-engine, smart contracts on the side chain. By the way did you know this saturday 28 November they run the initial Dygycon event! Long time hiver @Detlev will present something somehow and we need some beers for that! @TheyCallMeDan & @Starkerz will represent @3Speak. Blocked on Twitter but alive and well on Hive with some fresh air... More speakers to be announced next update.

Recap: HiveFest will take place in AltspaceVR: Mac/Win/VR supported

AltspaceVR is social virtual reality software available for Macintosh, Windows and several VR Headsets. HiveFest will also be livestreamed. If you want to join HiveFest through AltspaceVR, please setup your account right now, this can only be done in-app of AltspaceVR.

Check out the FAQ about HiveFest for all information.


  1. Register for Hivefest on https://hivefe.st (free until December 7)
  2. Download AltspaceVR
  3. Register your AltspaceVR account
  4. Customise your avatar.

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It's BlackFriday! HiveFest merch prices slashed + extra discount code.

I checked the printful merchandise fulfilment backend and noticed the difference between cost and selling price was ridiculously high. Fixed that! So now prices for almost all goods have slashed with 25%-30% off regular prices. Additionally, if you shop over 20 EUR you will get 25% extra discount using blackfriday as discount code. Visit merch.hivefe.st to explore the offer and be VR in R.


Please review the HiveFest Hive.Fund proposal #142

HiveFest5 is free of charge (if you register before December 7th) but will see some costs in organising the event. Some of these costs have been kindly covered by sponsors but still looking for support for the Hive.Fund Proposal. The proposal extensively details the real costs and proposes a partial cover for those costs through blockchain fund issuance. Currently the proposal is 75% voted in, and looking for the last 25%. It is number 142. Yes that's one the answer to live & everything.

HiveFest day 2 (19th of December) added!

Where Day 1 - Friday 18 December - will be the "serious" program with plenary sessions, discussions and panels, day 2 will be fun. Together we explore AltspaceVR through games, an NFT Showroom Art Gallery, and a world tour exploration through bizarre, creative and wonderful 360 Immersive creations deep in the other reality called Alt. Also, it's #beersaturday then, so we should find something for that.


HiveFest Pump-It II - Sunday 29 November - 8PM UTC - AltspaceVR

Let's huddle up for another pre-event. Very informal. If anyone wants to present or perform: the floor is yours for 10 minutes tops (send an email to [email protected]). We'll be testing live-streaming, audio and maybe photobooth app for the real HiveFest event in 3 weeks time. RSVP for the pre-pump 2 on AltspaceVR.

See you there?

And at HiveFest of course - 18 & 19 December - AltspaceVR.
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My HiveFest Attendee CardMy HiveFest Attendee Card - Generate yours at https://hivefe.st/attendeecard/index.html


Get your avatar ready in AltspaceVR, share it here (and elsewhere!) and win part of that 3,333 HIVE prize pot.

Basically all you have to do to have a chance to win (part of) that juicy Hive, is to get ready for HiveFest 5.

  1. Register for HiveFest on the website on the website
  2. Download AltspaceVR (free for Mac, Win, VR) and setup your account
  3. Customise your Altspace Avatar and make a selfie
  4. Create your HiveFest Attendee Card using your Altspace Avatar's selfie via this creator
  5. Share your HiveFest Attendee Card as a reply under this comment (hit reply).

Prizes allotted on 7 December!

Prize categories:

  • Random selection winners
  • Most original avatar
  • Attendee Card with most social reach (so be sure to share on Twitter and Hive and link back here together with your attendee card-reply!)

Please read the above 5 steps carefully
Only original submissions are elligible



Welp, Lets put us all on FBI watchlists and have a good time. :D

You know how we do!

Here we go! ^^


Yo! 😃


See ya in AltSpace tonight! ;)




hivefest_attendee_card_Deathwing 1.jpg

Let's break Altspace's servers!



une réunion virtuelle où tout le monde écoute certains présentateurs de projets, mais aussi où on peut discuter entre nous dans une salle virtuelle en VR.
Bref on exlpique, on pose des question, on discute autour du sujet du HIVE , des blockchains et des projets c'est organisé anuellement par @roelandp un voisin virtuel de hollande ;) C'est aussi lui qui a fait la Steemwhale ;)


My name dont fit. :(


Pssst: you can click the letters to get adjustment handlers :) Don't tell anyone :)

hivefest_attendee_card_rmach 1.jpg

My HiveFest Card

And the tweet :)

Hey hey - so your event DJ is ready for #Hivefest



I have no personal Twitter or FB though :-)

Olá novamente... tudo bem? Podes relembrar-me a conta do Rui?

Olá :)
A conta dele é @rmach :)


See you there Hiveians! 👍


For those of us who aren't particularly well versed in ALtspaceVR.. How do I find this room for HIVE on here?


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Stoked to be going to my first fest! See you all there, I have some BIG news coming! ;)

yaya! so excited to be part of this even if is just in 2D

I’ll be there! 😁



Hey @roelandp, here is a little bit of BEER from @definethedollar for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Here's mine, finally figured out how to shrink my name so it would fit 😂

hivefest_attendee_card_juliakponsford 1.jpg




And here's my tweet!

here you go!


I just dropped in there again to get a selfie and found a few Hive people chatting. See you at Hivefest!


Let the Virtual Festivus Begin!

Hey I'll see you there!


Looking forward to seeing you all @hivefest Virtual! 😎


Better late than never?


A huge hug! 🤗

@roelandp, Kindly find my Avatar and Tweet Link below:

HiveFest Attendee Card


Tweet Link:

Have a blessed time ahead.

I'm ready for the shindig! Let me get a piece of that 3k HIVE! 😎

I got my top hat poppin. The mustache tidied up, ready for the ladies, and a new pair of glasses! Hello!


Works fine now! THANKS!!!! <3


Whooot - see you on Sunday...
Have a great weekend and enjoy #BeerSaturday week 180

Registered, donated, proposal supported :)

No headset but hope to catch some of the action in 2D.

Thanks for working around Covid-19 Roeland, I hope to see you and many more Hivers in the flesh sometime in 2021!

I am curious!

Liebe Grüße Michael


Ooo I might pop in on sunday to test out streaming with my VR setup also. Not tried it yet so gotta make sure it works.

Thanks for the update. I am excited about the forthcoming event and the abundant opportunities it provide for new ideas and conversation around the future of Hive, Cheers!

hivefest_attendee_card_clean_planet 1.jpg

Yes Mr & Mrs ! Would you meet again with me ??? KRAKOW & BANGKOK were AMAZING.... This year will be UNBELIEVABLE...
Hope have the Chance to meet you there !!!


Cool. A question about the live stream (I don't have any experience in that): will be possible to stream from me to the AltspaceVR or just upload files to AltspaceVR and then stream files from there? As I mention I'm short in that.

i dont understand what exactly you mean.

The livestream is a broadcast recorded inside the event and broadcasted live over the internet to the regular Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter etcetera.

If you want to show a livestream inside altspacevr, you need to write a simple video player and host that inside your world.

Thanks for the answer. Yes, I mean that. I don't have the knowledge to write a video player. Maybe is the chunk of code already in Altspace? Like module/addon/plugin? Or not? As I said I don't have any experience with that ...

That all sounds fun. Unfortunately, I won't be in attendance, but the lineup looks great. Of course, will support the proposal.

you will be missed! Please note you can also join with Mac/Windows if that's whats keeping you...

Exelente post. muy instructivo y muy bien esplayado, gracias por compartir.

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@roelandp, I am excited for the HiveFest. And good to see that Hive Blockchain and Community is about to taste the Virtual Reality era. Stay blessed.

Just signed up!! Cant wait

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I will be seeing you there! VR makes it possible for me to actually attend so I couldn't turn it down, that's for sure.




I met you roeland


Getting the badge...