That was Hivefest 2021!

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👉 Click here for HiveFest 2022 - Amsterdam announcement 👈

Ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for coming out of your caves, or actually, staying in your caves and connecting together in the world HiveFest. This year was another epic edition and thanks to all speakers and attendees we managed to make the best performing social hangout of the year on AltspaceVR :)

Group Picture HiveFest 2021

I enjoyed many of your presentations when I was not to stressed out of some little bugs, but all in all the event went way smoother compared to last year. AltspaceVR's upgrades made the app work better for more people. Personally I found it pretty cool to see the "conference badge" application work this year across all "rooms" and therefore being visible also on the livestream. All the HiveFest 2021 presentation video recordings will be cut up later this week to bitesized format and posted on for you to enjoy.

Thanks all for coming out to the 2021 edition and let's hope for an IRL / Hybrid combo in 2022 for HiveFest 7!


HiveFest 2021 was joined in VR from 84 countries

  • 256 HiveFest Hive users registrations managed to decode their memo secret word and unlock the badge. Very decent! Last year had 174.
  • 1146 unique users joined the event worlds, this is badged and non-badged users! In comparison: last year saw 782.
  • The HiveFest worlds saw 14,895 visits (2020: 4,629) from 84 unique countries across the world, see below for the top 20 in a table and a worldmap of all countries!

Thank you!

This event would not have been possible with support of:

  • You: for your enthusiasm, devotion to stick with the Hive community and join (again) in the realms of VR. Also, because of your vote of approval for the Hivefest HiveFund!
  • All speakers: for introducing and/or updating us on your projects and educating and entertaining us!
  • Splinterlands, 3Speak and Blocktrades for your sponsorship support!
  • All donations to @HiveFest, big and small! Thank you! Did you see that epic sponsors (100 HBD+) had special conference badges in the HiveFest world?
  • @poezio for being such a great sidekick, overall support, anchor and helping out for the 5th year in a row!
  • @arcange for the HiveBuzz integrations
  • @detlev and @wehmoen for the beertokens
  • @crimsonclad & @juliakponsford for NFTShowroom Art Gallery
  • @jeanlucsr and @traciyork for HiveChat!
  • @lordbutterfly for support through his managed Hive Marketing fund for the give away and ads on Twitter!
  • @guiltyparties for the background connecting and promoting of HiveFest speakerslots to many Hive partners and projects in our wonderful ecosystem


So that's it for this year. The videos will be cut up and published soon on some internet video hosting provider and brought under your attention in a separate post.

Thanks for coming out and hope to see you (IRL???, yes please...) next year!

As always, see you on the chain

Btw. Have you been Punkd? I missed out... to busy with the event and aftermath...

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This was nice.
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to present @hiq (or @hiq.magazine for our international readers)
I hope to see everyone next year as well

Great event @roelandp as per usual in your very capable hands. It was a pleasure to meet so many people who I've been following for years and finally get time to have a chat. I think @thelogicaldude and myself forgot the time as we were the last ones standing in there lol. It had closed already and we were still in the ALTspace! 😂👍

Hi @roelandp it was a blast and we all looking forward to the hybrid version or even better a meeting in person.

Since than, have fun and play BEERpong

The stats of the beertoken giveaway from the badge had

  • 186 Hive people who got BEER and
  • 90 Hive people had send all this BEER
  • 752 BEER send in total

all this tokens will delivered into the virtual fridge within the next days - means each user get his amount staked into his hive-engine wallet.

Finally, here is another !BEER for you

That was awesome! Thanks for all the hard work! Solidified my choice with Hive, as if it wasn’t already, haha.

Was nice to chat with you.

#HiveFest was SO much fun! It was my first successful one (last year, I had too many tech problems) & it was so worth it. Meeting more people & building more relationships has been really the highlight of my experience.

You all did such a great job in making this all a success. Thank you for doing this & making it a joy to attend. :)







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It was a great experience to meet people thru Altspace VR. THANK YOU! It was my first time joining and it was great, I'll make sure to attend again next year!
☺️ Thank you for the tokens and treats! More power to the team running the hivefest and to the sponsors and guests..!

Thanks for another great event @roelandp, although I didn't hang around for as long as I would have liked, it was still very nice to take part in it. Hopefully the next one can be in real life again.

Bro I was on stage in VR and when you said turn around for a pic I had an EPIC fall that knocked me out and scraped me all up! xD

Gotta love VR!

Man thank you for making this happen, because 5 years ago I asked for this EXACT thing bro!

And thank you for using my track "House of STEEM" for the very first edition of Hive Fest!

You are awesome brotha, and I have some big ideas like we talked about YEARS ago that we can do for HiveFest7 ;)

Yes! I think a Cryptovoxels type project on Hive would be a nice stepping stone to something more robust ala Second Life. I'm hoping the success of Hive Punks acts as an accelerant for more cool NFT projects on Hive!

THANK YOU!!!!!! That was an AWESOME experience and a huge amount of work from you. Honestly very impressed.

And I'll let you know what Adam Curry has to say about it when he watches.

BTW the phrase in Dutch that I completely massacred was this: Wat je zegt ben je zelf met je kop door de helft. I hope that makes more sense now.

This event was great, I hope to be there in 2022.

with my Virtual Reality glasses.

Thank you this was my first experience with the Metaverse.

Captura de pantalla 2021-11-13 144144.png

It was fun, exciting and educational. bedankt en tot volgend jaar

I couldn't make it this time, but I'm sure it was awesome!! Congrats on another successful fest!
Hopefully next year we'll see each other in person again :)

It was awesome @roelandp!
I'll share my experience tomorrow as well, first have to pick the @hivechat giveaway winners.

Weird that there is no little blue dot in Suriname on the map. Did manage to unlock the badge. Wonder what country I got registered from.

This was an absolute blast @roelandp my first hivefest ever and enjoyed meeting so many awesome people including yourself. Hoping you do this again next year as I don't know if I could travel to the event in person however if I can I think it would be an amazing experience to meet you all in real life.

Either way this was an incredible experience and so happy to have had the chance and opportunity to join in on something so special :)

Even though I couldn't attend after registering as a participant due to device limitations. But I followed him via @hivefest youtube channel. But this is really cool in my opinion. thank you

Greetings from hivean Indonesia

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Thanks for making awesome. Keep up the good work

The videos will be cut up and published soon on some internet video....

Cool missed it this year, all a bit early in the morning for me. Got my punks though😄

I had a great time,I joined on 2d and I am not used to navigate VR but as soon as I found old friends (some I met in person at Krakow) I felt right in and I did not talk to as many as I wished, including you, but happy for the reconnections and new acquaintances too abd understanding I must catch up about quite a few things lol


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You earn it @roelandp, congrats!, 🍀❤️💪

Thank you for organizing and managing!

Thank you for being such a great host and to everyone who attended! It was a blast!

We had a great time.

Thanks a million for everything you do for our Hive.

i had a lot of fun, was great to meet many people who i'd never connect with otherwise! cheers.

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Excelente trabajo.

I couldn't attend but I saw two people from my country :)

This year's #HiveFest was superb!

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can you explain the process of decoding a special word or how you get it? so i can participate next year? thanks! new to community

The word was sent to your Hive wallet via a transaction with a little lock icon next to a long string of text and symbols. When you clicked on the lock icon, you were able to "unlock" the code using your MEMO key. Then when you got to VR you could get your badge from the "machine" by using the code word you unlocked in the wallet transaction.

I only care about the women and their art communities and nfts

That's the real thing here

The real thing

That's it

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Thank you, it was awesome (as always)! :-)
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for IRL one (which of course doesn't mean that we have to resign of VR side of things :-) ) looks interesting too...

Thanks for making it happen again. I had lots of great conversations with people and met some for the first time. Great to see so many interesting projects presented.

See you next time.

Was cool to see you there


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First time on #Hivefestband it was certainly an awesome experience. Can't wait for the next one.

Loved it! Great stats too! Congratz on another succesful event :D

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Congratulations to the organisers, I look foward to new ways to earning crypto for safe keeping on my decentralised application from, which supports multiple coins.

Thanks for hosting such an amazing event as I'm sure it must have been tiring as I saw you were one of the first people there and last ones to leave both days. This was a awesome experience and my first VR event ever and can't wait to be able to meet some of you guys at a physical meetup if possible next year.

Get some well earned rest and again awesome job

Thank you so much for all the hard work that goes into hosting these events. It was a great fun and so lovely to speak with other hivers again.

While I hope that next year we all will be able to meet in person again, I also hope that some parts of Hivefest will remain in the virtual world as it seems that a lot more people are either able or willing to partake due to advantages this format provides to the anonymity aspects of the decentralized world. Or perhaps, there could be some sort of dueling between Hivers in popular vr games in the mixed reality for fun since so many now have vr headsets.

Thank you so much for all.
Meeting new poeple in VR this year was UNBELIEVABLE again.
I was enthousiast to come .... happy to be there.... and can't wait for the next year.


Ah zut je t'ai manqué, mais on se parlera sur le discord :)

Oui bien sur ! On ne change pas les habitudes ! Des news de temps en temps !!! Tiens... est ce que tu joues à VALORANT , j'ai un de mes fils qui se dit assez bon et voudrait percer ou je ne sais pas quoi ...
Si tu fais des games ou live ...
des bises chez vous
HIVEFEST était rapide pour moi , mais bien !!! De jolies rencontres...

Valo c'est pas mon kiff, mais s'il veut percer il doit voir s'il y a du ESPORT lié à ce jeu...
A très vite sur discord du coup :-) Belle journée à toi

I saw you @cleanplanet but I think audio glitched. I am not sure if you could hear me, so just to say it was nice to see you again

Yes @yidneth I was really happy to meet you again, but you right audio was so bad at this moment.
I hope an other time and for sure IRL would be better nice !
Well I saw you and just a good fiber was there ! kool
I guess you are well and had a good HIVEFEST arround ! I an really happy to see "NATURE LOVER" on your profile

@cleanplanet @yann0975

Aww and thanks, it was great to see u too, so sad audio glitched. And yes I am a nature lover (tree hugging and all) and I try my best during my hikes, even if I do not usually take proof, there is always a bag for garbage in my rucksack
Cos even the actions of a person can make a difference. Thanks for creating awareness
And greetinf

It was amazing! Thanks for organizing it!

Thank you @roelandp for all your effort in making this wonderful event, we really do appreciate you bro. I heard you shouting my name and even mentioning my full name but I was still figuring things out on AltSpace so I missed responding. Hope to meet you again bro, great job

I'm really happy to be able to attend #HiveFest even though I only participate in the karaoke room 😀 it's really a very interesting experience to be in a VR event and talk to a lot of people about the latest gossip 🤣

@roelandp We very much appreciate the opportunity to speak about the project! Thank you so much for your hard work in putting this together and ensuring a smooth experience! The !PIZZA crew certainly had a wonderful time!

See you all next year!


Here's a slice of your favorite !PIZZA

Had a lot of fun, the Hive !PIZZA presentation was definitely my favorite!
Cool to see my avatar in this post, very excited to attend the next one as well!

you rules!
and I love the entire experience!
awesome days

I really hope IRL next year... I missed 4 times already LOL, but now I don't care... wife will have to back me up. Maybe depending on the location, I can sneak the kids too? Let's see...

That was awesome! Keep up the good work!

Thank you, @roelandp for all of your hard work on this event! Ben and I enjoyed our time in AltSpace, and even got to chat a little (lol)

Your hard work and positivity have been (and continue to be) greatly appreciated.


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