Tomorrow, HiveFest: Timetables, 🗝 Decode Your Personal Secret Access Key and Livestream locations!

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In 24 hours Day 1 of HiveFest is in full effect. By now you should really have downloaded AltspaceVR and walked around a bit. This post has all the generic tips and tricks to make it easy on you late laggards!

1. Timetables:

HiveFest Checkin & Hangout lobby opens at 3:30 PM UTC. At 4:40 PM UTC the presentation room opens too. At 5PM UTC sharp the presentations start.

Day 1 - Friday 18 December

PM UTC Presentation Speaker(s)
05:00 Kickoff @roelandp, @poezio, @arcange
05:10 Core Dev @blocktrades, @howo
06:00 Hive in ASVR @themarkymark
06:15 Hive Keychain @stoodkev
06:30 Blockchain-Based Gaming @yabapmatt
06:45 Ecency @good-karma
07:00 GetBlock @getblock
07:15 Peakd @jarvie
07:30 Wrapping all the things @fbslo
08:00 Aggroed @aggroed
08:15 Koinos @andrarchy
08:30 Hive-Engine @cryptomancer
08:45 Hashkings Seeds, Pollen & Plots @qwoyn

Day 2 - Saturday 19 December

PM UTC Presentation Speaker(s)
05:00 Kickoff @roelandp
05:10 Blurt @jacobgadikian
05:30 HiveSQL Engage HiveBuzz @arcange
06:00 NFT Showroom @crimsonclad
06:15 3Speak @theycallmedan, @starkerz
06:30 LeoFinance @khaleelkazi
06:45 FullAlt @enginewitty
07:00 Founders Depression @martibis
07:15 New Game @scrooger
07:30 CryptoBrewMaster @rollie1212
08:00 FIO Protocol @lukestokes
08:15 @hellomsq
08:30 Ocean Planet @tyhran
08:45 BeerSaturday @detlev
08:55 Marky Just Joking @themarkymark

2. Livestream platforms

If you can't be there, join 'em!
Did you know AltspaceVR is available for Mac, Windows with 2D gamelike experience next to the full immersive VR headsets?

3. Your todo list to get ready for HiveFest

Learn about HiveFest's Worlds [X]
Download AltspaceVR & practice [X]
Customise AltspaceVR Avatar [X]
RSVP on AltspaceVR [ ]
Get some HiveFest IRL Merch [ ]
Decode your HiveFest Secret Word memo :) [ ]

4. You make it! Let others know they have audio problems!

In VR there is no such thing as annoying as glitching audio, or people you can't hear, or even worse... People echoing everybody.

You can fix it! Easy! Point others out when they are having audio issues:

  1. Echo? Put on a headset quickly fixes things.
  2. Glitching? A simple "room re-enter" most of the time fixes things. Menu > General > Re-enter.
  3. Muted no matter what? Check your apps permissions and/or reboot your device

5. Have fun & connect! Did you 🗝 decode your memo you received from @hivefest?

If all software plays nicely as tested and debugged you should be able to have some fun with your own conference badge during the event. Be sure to check your hive wallet and decode the 0.001 HIVE deposit which you received yesterday (Thursday) with an encrypted message containing your personal secret word to use in the HiveFest worlds!

6. Recap: HiveFest official worlds

Official HiveFest Worlds on AltspaceVR
AltspaceVR is a collection of worlds. Each world is an experience on its own with its unique design and rules. I did a recent (databased / api) count and noticed over 360,000 unique worlds (!). HiveFest on AltspaceVR will consist of 4 worlds between which you can easily travel through the Teleport Map, by clicking on your destination of choice:


1. HiveFest Lobby (campfire, chat, lolz, livestream)

This is your starting hub. RSVP for HiveFest on AltspaceVR and this is where you enter. Pick up your interactive badge and start the ride. The HiveFest Lobby is the place for:

  • Meeting, chatting and having fun with fellow attendees
  • Following a livestream of the presentation room
  • Play some hoops or have fun with hidden interactionables
  • Use the HiveFest Teleport map to visit the other worlds
  • Explore AltspaceVR through a curated list of worlds in "Portal Hub".

2. HiveFest Mainstage (presentations, discussions, on-topic)

Through the HiveFest Lobby's Portal Map or the dedicated blue portal near the livestream screen you can enter the HiveFest Mainstage. Note this venue is "On Air"-livestreamed during presentation times and here you can follow the presentations from up close. (Check all names on If available you can use the "🤚 Raise Hand" feature to ask questions and interact with the people on stage. In this world we encourage you to keep chats between fellow attendees to a low. If you want to have conversations invite your conversation party to go to the Lobby together.

3. NFT Showroom Gallery (awe at art)

40 artworks from the Hive based NFT Showroom Gallery have been selected and are on display in the High Rise art gallery. Hop in and explore them all. All artworks are for sale in the NFT Showroom website by looking up the artist's gallery. Here you can also play a game of chess or some piano.

4. Photobooth Island (remember december)

Grab some fellow Hivers and teleport to Photobooth Island for some fun pictures. Our dedicated photographer will tirelessly keep on clicking, don't you worry! All pictures will be published in the HiveFest Pics Telegram group

That's it! See you tomorrow! Pump it.
Any questions? First check the HiveFest FAQ then join and/or #hivefest on



I'll probably miss the early session as its like 4am Sydney time but i'll try to catch the later sessions! Can't wait!!

But it should be in person.

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I will be giving VR cyber blowwies behind the bar during and after presentations for the low price of 100 HIVE per a blow.. Comment below if interested! or just approach me in VR at HiveFest and give me a wink if you prefer being discrete.. ;)

LOL :) Will check that out, sounds odd and strange. I like strange

Is the blow season already started ? @klye

just figured out how to raise my hand in 2D mode. think a wink is asking a bit too much. :)

It should be in real life. I will be happy to meet you guys in real life. I am against hiding in basements.

I signed up and withdrew due to my son being in his post-surgery complications, and need constant intervention as in tube-feeding him. With the help of @littlenewthings, glad she managed to inform you about me not being able to join. Thank you @littlenewthings. So just swing by to say Hi. I shall see whether I can join the livestream. Thank you @roelandp for all this info! =) hats up to you and team.

Hope little warrior Jansen was doing all right last night

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So excited!

Wicked coolness,@roelandp! I wondered what that wallet memo was - thanks for adding even more fun to Hive Fest! However, it doesn't look like mine came through properly. Here are a couple of screenshots -

On my Hive wallet

Screenshot_20201217  traciyork.png

On my Peakd wallet

Screenshot_20201217 Traci York  traciyork PeakD.png

You'll need to decode it. If you use hivekeychain, and have your memo key added, it should have a lock next to it to decode it.

@rishi556, I just doubled checked and I do (as I thought) have my memo key on Hive Keychain, I'm logged into Keychain, and I still don't see the green lock at the end of the code on PeakD (the code doesn't even show on That's why I included the screenshots, to show that it's not there. But thanks for shouting out. 😊

I just had the same prob. I did not have keychain extension. I was using Hivesigner. I installed the extension and imported the memo key and it shows now on the history tab in the keychain extension

Awesomeness and dang, @krazzytrukker! I didn't realize keychain had that history tab (also didn't realize it had the auto claim account thingy, which I just activated), but it only goes back about 10 transactions, so I can't see the HiveFest deposit on it. Appreciate the attempt, and thank you for making me poke around a bit more in the keychain options. 😊

EDITED TO ADD: Okay, I looked again and while I do see the Hive Fest deposit (I missed it because I was looking at the memo, not who it was from), I don't see any message next to it...

keychain wallet history.jpg

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: OMG, my brain is not my friend! I just clicked on the wallet memo in keychain, which SHOWED ME MY SECRET CODE!!!


Sorry for the brain cramps, and thanks for the help everyone!


That sounds just like my experience with it. It took me several tries to figure out how to add the keys.

Then I figured out it needed the memo key. I was trying the master.

But all good glad we figured it out.

I was just over cruising around on the AltVR. 2d.

It seemed kinda glitchy/laggy.

My WiFi is mid level. So I hope it is good enough for the event.

I will see you there!

Good night.

Hey, looks like the UI is broken on your extension (for the history), which OS and browser are you using? I ll take a look and fix this.

What is this even for?

To get a badge that allows you to receive tips, follows, participate to the final prize draw, etc. You can still attend the conference without it though.

Yeah, I hope it'll be interesting :) 👏 👏 😎

Cheers for the timetables...Looks like a very early morning for me. :)

So, it's better late than never.... this was my drawing for the Holiday Season. It's better than we all deserve!

hive mc.jpg

That's a big lump of coal. It's what we all get in our stocking.... HIVE ... the new Coal industry.

Not a good experience here at all.

Piss poor WiFi.

I was in AltVR last night getting a 2nd test run in. And it worked fine. I noticed it was a little glitchy in a stand up comedy room of about 50-60 users.

I was in at the start 30 min early. Worked great. When it got up around 70+ Hivers it just would not work.

I am going to try again Sat from a cell tower at my delivery on phones hotspot. It might work better than this backwoods intrawebs we are stuck with at home...

Hope to find you. Take care.

Yeah, I figured that might be the case. It was quite glitchy for many, mic problems and all. I tied to get @riverflows from here in Australia, going but she just couldn't get it to work. I'm not sure if it was on her end or AltVR. I'll be around in the morning again, it starts at 5pmUTC but I don't think I'll be around until about 8pmUTC or so which is 0630 my time. I hope it gets to work but if not I was talking about doing a few chat groups there, maybe at someone's home in the future and with less people stuff going on it might work better.

So excited Can't wait! Finishing our VR character this afternoon!

Can't wait to meet everyone here, it should be a great weekend of HIVE fun!

Looks a little daunting. Think I'll take the lazy man's road and just lurk. 🤠

Damn .... HiveFest is full house!

This should be fun :)

Very much looking forward to presenting to all of you amazing Hiveians at Hivefest! 😁

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Thanks for letting us jump in the lineup, am looking forward to hearing everyone!

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Thanks for sharing

Congratulations @roelandp! You received a personal badge!

It's great to see you are participating to HiveFest⁵ in Altspace VR.

Have fun!

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I just tried running AltspaceVR on Linux using Steam+Proton, but it doesn't start up. Anyone got it to work? Otherwise I have to boot into Windows. I will be there anyway.

I suggest to use windows.... to see you later on.

I was in there but 2D Mac not giving you any voice of the speakers, so useless a but. Out now listening via YT.

Lass uns mal heute nacht oder morgen schnacken...

heute nacht :-)? Mach mir mal paar Terminvorschläge

zu spät jetzt....

besser morgen am Nachmittag bevor das HiveFest startet

That's what I did before. Linux would just be more convenient. I saw someone else say it worked for them. See you later.

This VR idea is genius


Hey Roeland! Probably silly question and right before the event. But will it be possible to return to the event in case you exit it for a break or by accident? Not sure if that is only once the event time has ended that you can't join back or also while the event is happening.

Edit: I think so, but I don't know that for sure. @roeland actually encouraged us to leave the main stage when not actively listening, so as not too waste the limited capacity.

I can not get in - too stupid to get my memo key to work for secret code - enjoy

Decode your HiveFest Secret Word memo :)

with tritusVR and google cardboard you sure can use a phone as a vr headset.

I'm in i didn't know that I had to register myself to enter i want to go to mainstage but cant enter now there goes the first hive fest i could join. bommers

I really really didn't know it I read soyrosa's post and the post she linked to and nothing said you had to registrate somewhere. it only said install check this and that If I knew I would have registered.

but for people who has I have one cardboard here if someone lives nearby me you can pick it up and have a cheap vr experience it works I will let you see it does.

I have the memo key and am in the VR (with 2d mode). How do I access the terminal to get the badge? I see star things with a face. I also see that on the stage, but I don't see the slides. I am using Windows in 2d mode.

I made it towards stage by following a friend but no speeches to listen, only bubbles :-)

I hear the talks fine and have chatted with people. Some had audio issues. Re-entering the world did not fix the slides problem. Despite the faults it's still better than no event at all.

useless for me - seems a mac version problem though

I saw a check-in terminal in the lobby area, on the porch of a log cabin. You have to walk up to it and click. Then you enter username:secretcode as decrypted with your memo key.

This is how the terminal looks to me. I spoke to Gandalf and he said that is what happens is the object does not load. I'll try again tomorrow.


Its all nice


So far all is great thanks for the time tables

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Please arrange next hiveFest to pakistan..great wish to attend HIVeFest..🙏🙄😍🇵🇰👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Excelente iniciativa el HiveFest, participaré hoy Dios mediante por primera vez. Me motiva poder aprender muchas cosas nuevas del #hivefest en especial de este @hivefest2020 .
Lo que he leído de la organización, las presentaciones y el contenido en general hacen elevar muchísimo mis expectativas de este gran evento.
Mi oración a Dios, el de @RepubliCultural y el de la @iglesiaPeniel en @Acarigua, @Portuguesa en @Venezuela es que todo sea un gran éxito.

Thanks for sharing

Is ther a list of all the artists, at the altspace's nftshowroom, with titles?

I got vertigo in the outside VR world but the main stage inside is OK.

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Do not miss the last post from @hivebuzz:

It's today! Do not miss the opening of HiveFest⁵

Is there a way to repair my memo key? It's literally broken. I have full access to all my keys, except the memo key is broken. Even the Hive Keychain extension throws an error. :(

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