The New Blockchain Game Arriving With A Baked In Fan Base Of Millions. Doctor Who.

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So over the past three years or so I've become more and more attached to block chain gaming. For the most part I'm not what one would call a "gamer". I don't own the latest console or get into the world of discord chats while playing in communities. My most recent gaming console is a Nintendo that I own so I can still play Duck Hunt and Zelda when nostalgia and mood take me.

However as I've been involved in crypto for so many years, I began to slowly get into different games in the block chain space and today enjoy many different games from Hash Rush to EOS knights, Spells Of Genesis, Gods Unchained, etc. But the one thing I kept noticing is there's a continual lack of simplicity with games in the block chain space. Every game feels a bit like... a game with a block chain attached to it/dragged behind it, rather than a game with a block chain in the background that you don't notice from sign up to full game play. There's complexities like keys to play with and a general feeling of clunky. Though Gods Unchained did an ok job minimising this a bit, it was still noticeable. However I managed recently to get my foot in with the alpha sale for a new game that's to be released soon so lets get into it.

Doctor Who Worlds Apart.


I think one of the things that jumped out to me with this game is the fact it's rolling in with mainstream endorsement (BBC), as well as a global fan base. I know people from all over the world who love this delightfully cheesy long running series. So it's rolling in with advertising and potential community in the bag is a massive plus and attractive from an investment standpoint. Added to which sign up is easy, and it will be a free to play model. So not a penny required to advance in the game. Reality Gaming Group who are working with the BBC on this have a pretty good track record as well which is encouraging.

So when I received the email to the Alpha sale ages ago I grabbed a few cards and I've been picking them up since. I've been aiming at the mid range priced packs and had some reasonable luck so far with my purchases. I think what I find fun is the diversity this game will be bringing to the crypto gaming community. There will be a market place, there are loads of different frames to to loads of different cards, etc.


But what is cool is the fact that the cards played will have stats, and a history of how they were played making them unique. So having two of the same cards, but one with more loses than wins and more or less experience points will directly impact the value and standing of the card. In short they are the same card, but two different cards. Two separate NFT's basically. This struck me as fun and a great way to add more incentive for players to win. The mechanics get a bit more complicated from there though so here's a link to the website and details for those who are interested.

At the moment we are looking at release of the game in the first quarter of 2021. It will be an alpha release, but for those who enjoy NFT games in this space it's certainly worth a look. So far I've managed after a modest investment to gain some pretty cool cards. A few legendary and epics with cool frames. Below are some of the legendary cards I've managed to score.



All in all I've got 75 cards in the game ready to roll for the release. If they keep loosely around the roadmap we should be seeing a mobile app roll out once the game exits Alpha release. Having said all this my optimism around the release and the NFT's in the game having value is tempered with realism. I haven't sunk a huge fortune into the game (few hundred), and by no means am I buying the hype around any game... including one rolling in with a global fan base and potentially on a better footing than any NFT game released in the space as of yet. The day I start getting get rich ideas or that I can retire from assets in a game.... well... I'm booking a scan. I don't buy hype. However if I net some hours of enjoyment out of what I've purchased then it's a win. If I net hours of enjoyment, and a profit then it's a win win.

Well guys this was a quick post to spread the word around what could be a big game in the block chain space. Who knows? Could be the biggest yet. Time will tell. If you made it this far thanks for reading and best of luck with all your posts and projects. As always looking forward to checking them out. :)

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Good luck in the game, I hope it is enjoyable. I'm not sure I am a card game player anymore, splinterlands kind of burned me out on them, along with drugwars. I see a lot of people on Hive liking Rising Star, but once more it is buy cards, they all just seem like pay to play games where the person that can buy the most wins the most.

edit: So funny right after clicking reply and reloading my feed I see that @lordnigel posted about IBT Survival Island, looks like a new demo release coming soon for them.

Yeah... I was disenfranchised (still am really) with Splinterlands. My partner likes to play though and while I'm setting up the new house I just pass her the lap top and let her crack on with it. The cards are there so why not. Personally I went off the pay to win model. However I believe from reading up on Doctor Who it seems they are aiming for a Magic The Gathering style where you can play for free and advance on skill, plus win cards. It seems (if they deliver) it could be a big backed game that solves some of the cash grabby things we see with others, or the small pond only appeal to investor strategies we get with other games. I mean... all games will be tilted in favour of a whale who comes in dropping tens of thousands...on...a... game. Something I'll never fully understand personally. But there's promised more room with this one to be tilted more towards skill which could be interesting and onboard people. Personally I'd just like to see any game have a chance at bringing over the numbers from any gaming genre. Hell, it could be a covid apocalypse kill the toilet paper eating zombies game and I'd play it if it had the diversity and numbers drawn to it with a comprehensive marketing strategy around it. So admittedly I have my fingers crossed on Doctor Who. Staying realistic, but also optimistic. ... I have noticed a churn out of games on Hive recently, but none I want to pay for yet. I'll jump over to lord nigels and check out the post though. I've never heard of survival island?
On other notes, it's good to hear from ya bash. I've been absent a while due to arranging life to be as old normal as it can be in our "new normal" world in the UK. I don't have discord atm but give me a shout when you next throw up a post. I've always enjoyed your content. :)

...while I'm setting up the new house...

I take it you found a place? buying or renting until things settle out more?

Yeah. I was in the process of sorting my fiancé visa to move to Canada, but covid and how the Canadian government responded threw a wrench in it. I've never had to apply for a visa before as I'm a dual citizen (UK/American) so never needed it. I ended up moving my other half here and found a suitably rural location that ticked the boxes. I.e. shut the doors, and let the world lose its tiny mind. It's sorta like lockdown isn't happening out here in these parts. Small population, plenty of woodland, nothing near by, etc. How's things over in Alaska? Your camp keeping well?

Not so much covidicy as other places, we can shop with out mask in 90% of the stores. We are able to go out and eat, so 2020 did not involve a lot of significant change for us. It has also been a very mild winter for us. Rural Life is pretty nice.

Hi! Sorry you feel that Rising Star is a "pay to play" but actually I designed the game to be fun first and the fact that you can earn crypto is secondary.

If you get a chance to give it a go you can play for free and see if you enjoy it.

This game is my lockdown project and merges my two passions of music and programming and we put a lot of love into it.


I have not tried it, but I have tried some of the other card type games, I am just more of an open worlds gamer like skyrim, and fallout, I like lots of exploring to do with being able to go off script and still enjoy the game.

Damn holmes, long time no see! Good to hear from you! Yeah, I agree with you regarding the big boys eventually getting involved. Sorta inevitable really. I'm steady stacking D Who cards atm in the off chance I end up with a real pricey rarity. I'm looking towards summer of this year before I see any real value though if any. In the meantime it will be fun to just screw around with like I have with so many games... Having said all that... nothing beats Duck Hunt or Zelda on the original Nintendo. One you play a few beers in when bored, the other when you have three weeks of nothing to do.

I'm gonna head over to your blog now and give the post a look. Always holler at me when you chuck something up though. Plug away. Lol. I don't have my discord anymore so shouting me in comments lets me know what's going on.