Would you mind coming onto Discord or Telegram for a chat? The left agenda part of your comment is untrue. I don't believe in that shit. But I want to talk to you because you've been involved in positive and negative curation for some time, many people message us about you, yet no one ever had a chance to have a chat with you. Just let me know what decentralized platform you want to use.

Just let me know what decentralized platform you want to use.

??? If you are asking me what I would do with spam, here is my answer, decentralized solution:

Pinned on all Hive interfaces community called Report spam (or something similar) where everyone could cross post posts (with a short description) that are spam, plagiarism, identity thief etc. Since community would be pinned, all Hive members would have a quick access to it and would downvote abusers and even upvote a person who cross posted

It is just my idea, probably better ones exist.

I remember @polish-cleaners (4 guys) from my #polish community, they wanted to be “authority” just like steemcleaners/hivewatchers. When they come out with idea to downvote automatically all new posts on #polish, then read them and remove downvotes from the ones they like, I had to destroy it.

I don’t think that centralized body like hivewatchers on decentralized network is a good idea

I don't believe in that shit.

Go through comments on both posts, learn yourself, whom you are working with. Warning: real shit

I have translated for you part of the comment that he wrote in polish language:

However, you can be sure that any accounts you create will be quickly blacklisted. You just made a new enemy for yourself here. Generally, there are not many people standing behind you on the platform and I have not heard of anyone who thinks you are intelligent (except a few fetishists who like anal beads, twisted from your hair and they are licking shit from your anus), including almost all Poles here, regardless on political opinions.

It's a good idea but here's the problem with it: a few years ago we had to entirely remove public reporting because people started receiving threats, in some cases death threats, from those that were reported.

There are many such great ideas for service decentralization. The issue isn't with the ideas but with what type of abusers we have these days. In 2016 we started off with the usual plagiarists and a few scammers. We then got several organized exploitation initiatives, mostly thematic, the complexity of which borders on organized crime levels. Now that plagiarism is fairly routine to detect, we're dealing with a surge in fraud and ID theft. We had a case a while ago where I sat on it for days wondering if me taking action will result in victims being targeted in their homes offline. We had another case, discovered by a curation group, where two people stole the identities of their own family and friends and fabricated fake accounts with their images. One of those was a child. The types of abuse we're discovering is getting worse and worse. No one ever imagined we'd see this when Anyx originally started this project.

We don't blacklist accounts except in the case of specific parameters. What I meant by my message is I'd like to chat with you off chain because in the comments here there's no real way to have a natural conversation. Many people have asked me to connect with you in the past and I think it's a good opportunity now that there's discourse going.

Widać, że klika złodziei pod przykrywką rzekomego pilnowania porządku działa ponownie jak na Steem. Z czasem znaczną bastować malutkich i grabiąc z postów jak to było na steem. Zaczynają tą samą taktykę i wspierany przez te same osoby itd. Historia koło zatacza...

Cytuje fragment: Foto zachowam dla siebie

?logic the head of the corrupt bernie sanders fanclub (steemcleaners)
and in charge of ADM account steempower stolen from the community before launch using exploits
I can't believe the dumb fucker actually posted his own identity

It must have been my first such comment in Polish that I have written on the platform. In general, I don't write much in Polish here so I must have been really annoyed :-) I decided to write in Polish so he could get the point better :-)

No one really knows what his actual opinions are as not many can understand Polish to read his posts, comments and chat conversations.

He is pretty much anti anything that is intelligent and progressive for sustainable future of humanity.

He has been bashing and insulting gay/LGBT, emigrants, feminists, EU and also scientists while spreading conspiracy theories that climate change is a hoax, covid 19 is a hoax (but caused by 5G network), anti vaxxer nonsense, etc (that's why he curates krnel).

What's ironic is that he sees "commies" everywhere but at the same time has supported commie Chinese and Korean shills of Justin Sun.

@logic none of the things you mention above are relevant to the function of Hive Watchers.
They are political opinions (no matter how crazy you think they are).

Hive Watchers is supposed to be about stopping fraud:
-Identity theft
-Identity deception
-Plagiarism (text, image, art)
-Malicious deception
-Phishing/malware links

If someone engages in racial or sexual abuse that is not the job of Hive Watchers - it is the job of individual Hiveans to downvote if they find it unacceptable.

Sadly they ignore every comment like this, I tried to explain logic to logic... but that is a dead-end street once he realizes he has to accept people's opinions who disagree with him, which is VERY illogical...

I just removed my support for any witness that supports this circle jerk a.k.a. pay to play spam moderation.

I'd be curious what the highest level of education most of the admins at hive watcher have with the amount of bias they get away with.