Why am I getting downvoted for posting my own videos on this site?
Ive already been banned from fascistbook and spotify, is that the way it is going here as well now?

I negated the downvotes with one of my votes. I'm handling personal matters atm but I will speak to those that are downvoting you and see what's up. Hive is one of the only places that is for free speech, don't give up on it because of a few, possible, misplaced downvotes. I'll keep an eye on your account in the future and vote you if it happens again.

Well thanks for that I appreciate it but its not due to the $value, I cant withdraw or spend any of it from here anyway, so that makes no difference to me. Its just the fact that where ever I go Im stalked by coordinated attacks from troll farms, flat earthers, and the "everything-is-fake" brigade. Programmed assholes who call themselves "truthers" yet have their head so firmly shoved up their own buttholes that they believe they should hate attack, defame and derail anyone who does not think exactly the way they do, and Im kinda over it

With decentralization comes chaos. There will always be people out there that just do things like this and in a centralized world we could just ban them but we can’t here. The only thing we can do is balance it out with other stakeholders in sort of justice by anarchy kinda way. I won’t let your post get nuked to zero, so I urge you to stay and I’ll let some other good whales know about you. I know it’s not about the money for you but it still pisses me off, so I got your back.

I'm not pro or against your content. I am a pro-free speech and want to give people a comfortable as a possible place to express themselves. Downvotes are fair, let's be honest, people can disagree and have the freedom to express that with their stake. Just as I have the power to express myself with my stake I see someone who feels targeted. The votes go both ways and I hope to see you around Hive, open debate is what this is all about.

Here's what happened. Guy from @hivewatchers calls @xxxxxxxxxx to downvote @krnel post, then he realizes that he made a comment from wrong account and deletes it

posting same comment from another account @logic


Same reason for downvoting @maxigan posts


when you check (use block explorer) comments from this guy, you will see more calls for downvotes

It looks like hivewatchers is a hidden leftist agenda that wants to clean this blockchain (with leftist whales support) from independent citizen journalism

"posting same comment from another account"
Wow. Such investigator. So amaze.

Obviously, I posted with wrong account by accident. I changed to correct one so it could be seen that it is me exactly.

"leftist support"

Put your tinfoil hat back on.
your blog.
Hate to anything that is "left" (which majority is delusional and imagined), hate for EU, obsessive Islamphobia, hate for anything gay and gay rights, hate for abortion, hate for feminists etc.
Typical, ignorant Pole. Everyone in your eyes is "czarnuch" (en: nigger), "zyd" (en: jew), "kurwa" (en: whore), "komuch/lewak" (en: communist/leftist in derogatory expression), "rusek" (derogatory for Russian person), "konfident" (informant), etc.
Plus all sorts of propagation of bullshit lies about harm of GMO, anti vaxxer bullshit and other scientifically illiterate bullshit.

In your worldview there is a conspiracy and lie by scientific community about climate change, vaccines, covid-19, GMO. In your limited comprehension, millions of scientists and engineers from all over the world have been getting behind our backs doing fraudulent research and creating false consensus, designing fraudulent technology to study the Universe since at least 1900s (not counting proto scientists like Newton, Galileo, etc that lived before 20th century) in order to sinisterly deceive all humanity and lie.

Let me use your terminology: this is hate speech.

aweeeee, poor baby! Another fucking whiner.

PS - I would have hit that shitpost anyways.

On not being able to spend your rewards, I don't really think Hive is going to go up significantly, but I would help you out. Did you know you could buy web-hosting with Hive Dollars? Check out There are also crypto-currency people on Hive.Blog, SteemIt, and BitcoinTalk who want to earn it. I count myself in that group.

Anyone who has millions of Hive I see as an insane person I respect. We have seen how blockchain can also have its own bail-ins. With Proof of Work coins, it seems it should be less of a problem, though. Even so, I still would work for Hive Dollars (that I'll convert to something else)

Well, it is not suprsising that you attract this kind considering that you publish such nonseense as claim that Covid-19 is a hoax.
Following your "understanding", tens of thousands of scientists, engineers and medical experts from all over the world must have been getting behind our backs doing fraudulent research and creating false scientific consensus (by designing fraudulent technology and research?) to make up fake Covid-19 story in order to deceive us.
Considering how bad is understanding of science in our society such science confusionist nonsense is dangerous, people tend to watch this stuff and believe in this nonsense.
It is really bad that Hive blockchain has made up this content trending while scientifically community has been struggling to fight pseudoscientific, science denialism and science confusionism content being published on FB, Twitter, etc.
It just shows that such bullshit is welcome here and rewarded.
There is a reason why you have been banned on other platforms. Likely happened after these platforms recently promosed to help eradicating such dangerous pseudoscience after recent outcry. While they have allowed it to go on for years.

ok so you're a tv programmed fucking idiot who believes anyone who dies from anything must have covid, that wearing masks that massively increase you viral load and affect your oxygen levels is good for your health, and likes to downvote anyone who does not share your boxed TV educated view of the world... my bad, I thought this site was for intelligent people and free thinkers. I'll just forget it

you should be more honest and change your name to Illogical

I've been downvoted for weeks. Last week the so-called "curangel" (laugh) started as well. They can both hit for about -$67 off a post with their trail and supporters downvoting. One post went down to $0.25, with the xxxxxx account saying they plan on making that $0.25 reward a blessing.

And why do you feel so entitled to those rewards? Because they've been handed to you for so long? They're automated. Get over yourself, whacko.

and why do you feel the need to fuck up someone else's day simply because you can? Get over yourself dipshit, stop being part of whats wrong with the world

Y'know Max, I like the engaged you. Thanks for chiming in =)

My best guess at this point is that your videos are being noticed on trending, and some accounts with high stake have decided you are being over rewarded, so they are chopping your payments back.

It doesn't seem to be an attempt to ban you because those same accounts have recently upvoted some fairly similar content - although I don't think they look at anything other than the payouts most of the time.

It sucks, and I hope someone with some serious following or voting power backs you up - at this point not many people will be aware of any of this, but it is the sort of thing that could suddenly become of great interest. Hang in there!

ah... so this fork is as politically motivated and lacking in fairness as steemit turned out to be then huh? Seems strange since I thought thats why they left steemit. Oh well, thanks for the headsup anyway. I wont bother posting here anymore either then. All the best

Oh please give it some time @maxigan, I don't know why you are getting such big downvotes, for me it is real important that you post your content on here. I would like to try and find out why it is happening. Please consider waiting until then, but I also do understand your frustration at it all as well xxx

I know its true. The Bitshares people got into Crypto to escape the banker mafia, and then created their own mafia.

bummer Max, see you on bitchute - however it is telltale to me that the Hive Logo is a hexagon and the peakd logo is a black and red upward facing triangle - to me that tells us that the cult of the black sun is in charge of Hive - call me crazy but I didn't learn all this shit for nothin'.

I fully get where you are coming from, getting flagged is bullshit, but this is already attracting some attention - this post has the most comments any of your posts have had in years and you have over 1700 followers, including some who really want to see your posts on this platform - the reason I started watching your vids in the first place was because you posted on Steemit and we all know what that site is like.

Bitchute works really well for storing videos, but it's sites like Hive where new viewers see you.

If you can be arsed continuing to share your posts here we will do our best to get you noticed - maybe not well paid but at least noticed...

Flagging is a key problem with this platform and you are high profile enough to bring attention to it. Things move slowly round here, but seeing your posts being flagged could potentially bring about a change. This is all a bit new, but if you mentioned all this in a video who knows what might happen!

ya it just gets frustrating. Im banned on faceberg, banned on spotify, 153news banned me the day I signed up... get trolled on steemit and now downvoted here, probably by flat earthers and people who believe no one ever dies at any shootings... dunno why I still bother, I may as well just watch the world burn with the other drones.

If you need any info on how to sell Hive it's actually pretty easy - I use this New Zealand site for all my crypto buy's and sells - they are really good -

Here is all the info on Hive:

I think it's worth hanging on to - it does take 13 weeks to power down, but liquid Hive is no problem to sell, and I think it will go up in value.

What just happened with your post is the worst thing I've seen on Hive in three months using the site constantly, and things are looking better in this case already.

Actually I've personally downvoted flatearthers as they were plaguing steem in the beginning so there's not many of them getting trending attention anymore. As I said my downvotes aren't based on the content but more about the engagement your posts get even though they are trending for many hours. Here's a tip, let's you earn some referral rewards from bringing in new users. If you would mention Hive to your big following on other platforms and get them to also comment on your posts here and engage with your content you could earn some extra hive off of their post & comment rewards. Now this may not fend off all your downvoters, some may just disagree with the rewards for other reasons but I personally wouldn't be downvoting as I focus on the engagement aspect and only adjust the rewards down a little bit (for instance I removed one of my downvotes on one of your posts recently that I felt was overdownvoted).

Your followers can rest assured that they can never get banned or censored but it's important for you to understand the difference between being downvoted and censored first. If you need a good example to show the difference I'd suggest checking out my curation project that is literally being censored on Steemit: whereas on Hive all active posts and history are still visible:

I hope you do keep posting on Hive, though, and be more social either with the users here or with bringing in your following from elsewhere and engaging with them. Wouldn't it be great if you could vote up the best commenters with real rewards to at the same time filter and have those great viewers coming back to your next post?

Censorship is any disruption - not only more effective disruption.

Please use the dictionary definition of censorship, which has remained unchanged for decades.

"Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information..."

Flags are censorship.

"Your followers can rest assured that they can never get banned or censored ..."

What mechanism on Hive is different than Steem in that regard? None. Only those presently controlling governance is different.

Seventeen consensus witnesses can censor or ban anything they want.

Please speak forthrightly of these matters.

You're over-rewarded and get 0 engagement here. Plain and simple, quit your bitching and get on with your life. You don't even bother replying to the two people who do comment on your posts.

At least you're not banned. Whiner.

I'll tell you what, you go eat shit and I will find a platform thats not infested with self absorbed holier-than-thou, 3 brain-celled fuckheads who like to attack and derail anyone who doesnt share their boxed view of the world... Enjoy your Hive

obviously it's because you're spreading fake news

Every single one of you whiners gets absolutely NO engagement and nothing but ridiculous automated upvotes by people who don't read your posts or watch your nonsense videos.

Piss off and quit whining, you're not ENTITLED to shit here.

Eat shit princess, Im outa here anyway

Snowflake bitch.

I posted on discord to @hivewatchers about this flagging of Max's post and just checked my post on there and although no one commented, I saw that had checked it off as if read... I guess maybe it worked...

Max - I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Especially the words you gave us to stay to cowardly store owners regarding wearing unhealthful masks - FANTASTIC! I managed to download this vid from youtube before it was censored. Wild times we are living in.

thanks for saying so.

max - where is the link to the studies? I am trying to weed through the tons of material online to find real studies regarding mask-wearing by physicians and so I am asking you instead...

Preliminary Report on Surgical Mask Induced Deoxygenation During Major Surgery:

I will post about the results of my query to the local health food chain - if/when I get a response. Thank you so much for this!

thank you so much!

be careful just posting videos with no comment unless they are YOURS because the hive police already slapped my hand twice for doing so - just fyi - all you have to do is write a few sentence commentary on the vid and you should be good to go!

This is a bit odd - it is a video by Max Igan that he posted on his own Hive account - it was a good one so I shared his post - but he has since come under attack - the video has been deleted by youtube - no surprises there - but what is odd is that he is now under attack on Hive as well with his posts being heavily flagged - this post has gone down from 38hp to 3hp and his other posts are being flagged as well. A shame to see that happening.

I was worried that censorship was rearing it's ugly head on Hive, but I think he is being punished for earning too much - personally I think he is a draw card who should be rewarded for posting on Hive, not punished for being too popular. But this is a comment I saw:


Max is probably too busy to read all the comments, but just in case he sees this (it is his post) - Thanks Max for all the amazing work you do - you are an Aussie legend!

It's also here on his Bitchute channel:

thanks frot, I appreciate you saying that

Holy shit !!! I downloaded from Youtube tonight!!! It just shows that Hive is CIA because the logos are so OBVIOUS that it is hard for me to even look at the triangle one without getting nauseous and the fucking saturn hive logo is vile. Sad, but not surprised really. But I will comment also.

I know - but the whole fucking internet is CIA - we either use it or give up and hide under our rolls of toilet paper...

It may be delusional but I have a feeling that all these things set up by the CIA have completely gotten beyond their control and at least 10% of us are doing things on the internet, and on Hive too, that are messing up their plans. I hope...


Oh yes - you are prob right about that - and yes - the Great Spirit is greater than the fucking CIA so i can use the internet - and the stupid smart phones and the whole 9. They will never get my freedom - they will have to kill me first.

I think I wrote that comment and I stand by it. He has a big following on youtube yes but being rewarded just because of that and there barely being any engagement on his posts (except for this one) does seem a tad unfair to the rest of hardworking content creators that are also social and grow an engaging following on a social media platform. I'd love it if his followers joined Hive and started commenting here, him rewarding them with votes as he has done in this post and them realizing that there is no such thing as censorship as you don't seem to grasp but that we all share the same reward pool and we want the rewards to go towards deserving authors that not only share their videos here but also drive engagement and bring out the true value of Hive. There's nothing wrong with just sharing your content here but when no one is questioning the big autovotes he gets on any post you shouldn't be questioning some downvotes he may receive in return. Please note that adjusting "pending" rewards is not censorship.

I left him a comment explaining why the downvote and all he replied was "ok, comment downvoted as a return courtesy" and his last comment before that was 6 months ago if I remember correctly. I may not agree with all the downvotes his posts receive, I even removed one of mine as I felt that one post got overdownvoted but you guys are really pulling at straws with the "censorship" arguments. Having trending posts with almost 0 engagement not only looks unfair to other authors that work hard on their accounts and connections but it also makes the platform look dead when in reality it isn't.

Thanks for your reply @acidyo - flagging tends to be very anonymous so it's good to see an explanation.

Back in August 2016 I was listening to James Corbett and he was talking about a new platform called Steemit. I joined up that day. The combination of videos by both James Corbett and Jeff Berwick that same week brought in a huge flood of new users to Steemit.

What we tended to share was a history of being censored online, and a hope that Steemit would be different. The main reason I became totally disillusioned with Steemit by 2019 was the rampant censorship. Several of my friends were driven off the platform - all their posts were flagged and their reps taken down to below zero - also they were told in no uncertain terms they were being flagged until they left.

Despite my best efforts they still refuse to have anything to do with Hive, and the outcome of this latest flagging is being watched with interest.

When James Corbett started sharing his posts on Steemit he got some huge payouts - I think his first post got about 5k! He is all over the internet and never really engaged on Steemit - but he was never flagged either and everything he posted paid over 50 for years.

Max Igan is in a similar position - his Youtube channel will not remain for long, and where he goes his followers will also go. He is a marketing opportunity for Hive but it's not really up to him to work for our platform. Hive can be the platform where Max was supported or the one where he was censored. Look at how Bitchute have gained from Youtube censorship over the past three months.

People who are into gaming or cat videos don't have the same history of constant online censorship. We are watching accounts that I can't mention upvoting themselves large amounts for shitposts meanwhile down voting "truthers" for excess rewards. And right now all this could go either way and will be plain for all to see.

Is this picture accurate? I hope it is!


gaming or cat videos don't have the same history of constant online censorship.

I get that, and again my downvote wasn't much about the content but about interaction. To me a user that is here and active and working on his hive account is worth more than a user who may at some point bring in more users once/if he gets banned off that platform and mainly uses this one as another of the tens of other platforms they share their content on to either earn ad revenue or some other form of monetary reward. Looking at his video descriptions I can't say that this is someone who really understands why a blockchain is censorship resistant and different from the rest and at the same time how different the reward structure is. We don't rely on ad revenue, a front-end might add that as another layer at some point but the rewards are called "pending" for a reason and the "free" downvote pool was added for a reason also. Some may downvote him because they don't like the genre or content or any other reason while others might because they think the rewards would be better somewhere else. The pool sends out the same amount weekly (although decreasing constantly) and the voters direct where they land.

I realize some big stakeholders are not as careful with their votes and do a lot of self-voting on shitposts and there may not be as much pushback there compared to smaller stakeholders but that's just how the ecosystem is. You get certain benefits by having skin in the game because you are also partly the reason the currency has any value to begin with.

Anyway, without sidetracking too much, as you can tell these big voters voting on this account are mainly interested in the genre of this creator as they vote for similar posts. Other stakeholders disagree that this kind of genre should get this size from the reward pool pie and use their downvotes towards it, both the creator of the content and the voters lose out on this. They'll either have to find a better balance in the long run or find more support to negate the downvotes. It's all community driven and as someone who's been working really hard to distribute this pool as wide as possible so the wisdom of the crowd is more effective and has a bigger voice to be able to possibly over-throw a "bad whale" that might singlehandedly be the reason most of the rewards get removed I can tell you that if this content was indeed sought out and appreciated as much there would be a lot more comments about the downvotes and posts talking about the unfairness they are witnessing, etc, or comments in general on his posts that often get trending time due to the autovotes hitting at 5 minutes and being really big along with front-runners maximizing on the curation rewards and it yet lacking a lot of engagement.

So in other words, you can't compare hive with bitchute (not too familiar with them but pretty sure they don't have an inflation based reward pool) or any other centralized platforms that rely on adrevenue which most of the time is the cause to demonetization, banning and censorship. Downvotes are not censorship, yes they may remove some visibility off of trending or the hot list but you'll still see his post in your feed or have to click a button to show the content. The text is forever in the chain unless witnesses are going crazy and hardforking past blocks, funds and accounts out like a certain chain has started doing, cough cough.

I used to sometimes post links to youtube videos on my blogs but they kept getting deleted from youtube - and after 7 days on Hive I can't edit the post - so these days, if in doubt, I upload the video to Bitchute and link to that copy. There are no rewards, but it stays there and plays OK. Other people are using 3Speak or LBRY for the same thing, but Bitchute seems to load faster and work better here in NZ.

What I really hope to see on Hive is an end to the control of content by using flagging - it's not about rewards so much as having a bit of respect for the content curators and not trying to determine who deserves what. Over my time on Steemit I saw just where that leads, as I'm sure you have too, and we know that some of the very accounts doing the flagging are also the ones who repeatedly "raped" the reward pool.

In this case, are we talking about a bad whale or a witness? - this stuff is all totally over my head, but something is not right here.

That's like saying you wish your content on Reddit wouldn't get downvoted but it's okay if that same user goes to trending daily no matter what he submits. Surely you must see a problem with excessive autovotes that possibly no one checks on, right? I'm a bit biased cause I only curate manually but I'm pretty sure the amount of autodownvotes are a tiny percentage compared to autovotes because the former don't pay you anything and the latter does. So no, they aren't getting paid for downvoting and since you mentioned you can't edit post past 7 days I'm assuming you've not been around during some updates (hardforks) and missed out on a lot of changes. I'd recommend checking HF22 out (or maybe it was 21) that added the 25% downvote pool and why there is a need for it because literally no one was using downvotes for disagreement of rewards which meant that once in that position of receiving excessive autovotes content creators could literally post anything and make the rewards all the time while the rest of the platform and ecosystem suffered for it. I understand the respect part and that's why I often at least leave a comment explaining my downvote and I also understand why it is something difficult to grasp for newcomers and older users why there is a need for downvotes to be used and how they get a vote, see their post hit x $ and already count it as money in their pocket which makes it so much harder when they receive downvotes.

I'm no stranger to them either, after the EIP I was using them to disincentivize profitable bid bot vote buying and fighting off some very closed voting rings that only voted on the same authors on a daily basis and they retaliated on my account and my project's for months. It's just something that exists right now and it's fairly new and will be a new feeling for many on the receiving end of their first downvotes for any reason. Of course if the reason is something completely personal or dumb there will be other standing up such as @theycallmedan who showed up to check what's going on to cancel them out, but it's not easy to defend these posts trending daily and making the whole frontpage look like r/conspiracy. Again no offense and I don't mind the genre and I may realize that Max's content is less conspiracy-ish than the rest of stuff that gets the same votes from the same bigger accounts but we're more than just that and the small negatives that come with something as experimental with this tech and economy as the newly added downvotes will surely not outweigh the rest of the pros that this technology provides, and one of them is true censorship resistance. While we may not have a truly decentralized video storing solution yet (i know 3speak is working on getting there but maybe bitchute already is (i don't know)) you can rest assured that this text from me and you and anyone on this platform will never be altered.

Oh and yeah, you can edit posts older than 7 days now (that HF change was a long time ago).

Thanks for the tip about editing older posts - I think an ongoing thing here is that most content creators take no notice of hardforks, back end, or any tech stuff (I generally don't myself) - so we have no idea if something changes - I'm coming up to my four year anniversary on using Steemit and then Hive, but I don't know most of this stuff.

And I wouldn't touch reddit with a 10 foot pole!


I love Max Igan's work. I watch his content regularly. Why would anyone downvote anyone unless the person was plagerizing another's work, spamming, phishing, or using the comments to promote their own work or agenda - is a MYSTERY to me. But it seems there are people here on Hive who are paid to downvote or who are here to downvote - and I just do not see how this promotes unity and creativity. Max Igan and other's like him are getting banned on mainstream channels - having them on here creates a vibrant community of FREE SPEECH. But - it still seems to be a hierarchical structure with the higher-ups believing they have the authority to govern others - and that just means that it will end up where steemit has ended up. Until people get that there is NO human authority - we will just end up with tyranny over and over again.



I am disturbed to be living in these times - I love that Max gave us the words to say to store owners re Masks - that's prob why he got flagged. I don't actually see where he got downvoted here...

PS - another six downvotes and dropped another 1hp since this screenshot - someone loves this post!


well clearly HIVE IS INFILTRATED - there's no 2 ways about it.

I queried on discord under "Hive Watchers" as to why this is ok - we shall see if now I get the downvotes.

You're right: We can overcome our challenge when more people speak the truth.
Keep up the good work!

Where is your study link?

in the video description as always :)

I would've given this post a 100% upvote if it was shared via @threespeak and not bitchute.

This post is just a link that redirects you to a ANOTHER WEBSITE. Not cool bruh ...

ps. I do appreciate the info that you shared in your video though. 👍

I have tried to upload to 3speak a dozen times but it will not load. But dont stress on it, I wont be posting here again anyway

There's no other platform that provides you with custodianship of your social media account. I strongly urge you to reconsider staying on the blockchain.

I will use blockchain, but it wont be on Hive. Not with the type of ego driven bs I have seen on this thread. These guys seem to want trained seals who must seek their approval for anything. There seems to be some nice people here but in all, my short stint on Hive and my overall experience here has been less than pleasant. Kind regards

Max, let them do what they do, please remember that most of them are young, they have been brainwashed their entire life, from preschool to university. They don't know what is freedom, freethinking, free speech or individualism. They are here to make some tokens. That's all. All they can do to you is a downvote worth a few bucks lol Fuck it! Think about people like me. If you didn't publish your posts on Hive, I wouldn't even know that you exist. Now I'm watching your every video on big screen and leaving upvote here when I see your post.

You have strong supporters here. theycallmedan is one of the largest stakeholders and co-owner of You should try this site out. Post your videos to Deep Dives: so you can gain more followers

Don't give up. Don't argue with idiots, don't waste your time for that.

I cannot upload to 3speak... I log on, it tells me I need to import my hive account, so I enter my username and click next. Then it asks for my Hive active posting key, I enter it and click next and it never leaves that page, I can leave it overnight and it will still be on that page... its the same when I attempt to withdraw any funds, I get to a point where I have to make a Hive password and confirm it, I do so and click 'get started' but it never leaves that page no matter how long I stay on it or how many times I go though the process.

I'm strongly recommending you to install hive keychain
You will need to enter your master password and it will import and store all your hive keys. You will have no problems with power down and transfers
I hope @theycallmedan or someone from @threespeak will help you with the login issue on their site

ok I installed it, signed in with my username and password, but when I try to send hbd to my desktop wallet it says "Please add an active key to send HIVE or HBD."

the first time I did it I was able to just send it out via blocktrades.... now there is all this rigmarole to go through :( its almost as bad as steemit which has made accessing your steem dollars virtually impossible without supplying ID, signing up to an incomprehensibly complicated crypto exchange and jumping through several hoops.

I hope you reconsider. I don't have the time to chase folks all over the internet, and count on Hive to deliver relevant content. I also am flagged by those that flagged you here, but I do not allow them to determine my actions. I hope you resist their pressure to leave.

Staying will defy them. I hope you do not comply with their demands.

Shove it up your ass whack job.

so @logic - why did you tell @xxxxxxxxx... about this post??? So he could downvote it? Just curious.