Pfizer And Moderna Crash And Burn. The Day Funding Freedom Became Terrorism

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Former Blackrock Executive and investment adviser Edward Dowd calls for Moderna to go to zero and Pfizer to end under ten dollars per share. (desertnews, feb 22, 2022)

Moderna is down 70% and Pfizer 20%, we read, although their earnings were predicted to skyrocket in 2022, earnings from the vaccines and the antivirals were going to top $102 billion for 2022.

So what is happening here?

The fact is that truth is catching up with reality. Investors are sharing their fear over Pfizer products' approval by the FDA and came to the realization that massive fraud was perpetrated. It is former Portfolio Manager at Blackrock, Edward Dowd, who sounded the alarm on Moderna and Pfizer as sinking Titanics.

Dowd's argument is indeed very compelling. He compares Rating Agencies to the FDA which is the trusted third-party verification of pharmaceutical products. 50% of their budget comes from Pharma. The same way the 2008 mortgage crisis proved that Wallstreet Rating Agencies got corrupted, Dowd contends that the FDA is in bed with pharmaceuticals and approved unproven products with this unproven technology. He led his own investigation after reading that the FDA, together with Pfizer, were trying to hide the clinical data. We blogged about this several weeks ago. See: The Death Of The 'Freedom Of Information Act Request' (FOIA)

Dowd goes on confessing to having serious connections in the Biotech Industry, and all of them are horrified. That does not bode well for the pharmaceutical giants at all as the fraud has the potential to ripple through the global economy. As a matter of fact, the Blackrock former insider expects a global financial market collapse with the debt bubble getting ready to burst.

Our conclusion is that speculation has allowed delaying the ugly truth about monetarism itself. We can rest assured that Dowd and co are not going to give back their portfolios' earnings that have enjoyed a great boost from the perverse vaccine rollout. Such a dilemma cannot be prevented as long as monetarism will continue to exist because speculators always turned a blind eye to the true risk when seeing something (highly) profitable.

Maestro Alan Greenspan gave us once a memorable speech about irrational exuberance. And he is absolutely correct. That is our emotional state that drives the markets and shaped our perceptions about materialism as a whole, and that means that we cannot get rid of the fact that metaphysics is the prime cause and motivation. Eventually, we'll have to come to terms with that immutable state of affairs. And rather sooner than later.

Sadly what we foresaw in our blog When Funding Platforms Turn Freedom Into Occupation came true. We stated that unless fundraising is set up to sustain the illusion of the status quo, this is how any rally causing financial threats to the system will be thwarted, via funding platforms.

In the video above at the 130 min mark, Canada's Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland assimilates the donations amassed by the Freedom Convoy with "money laundering" and "terrorism" and requests that funding platforms reassess their link to such entities and urges them to report suspicious activities. The government also has the absolute right to seize the financing of such illegal activities. Any truck company caught participating in a blockade will have its corporate account frozen and truck drivers driving these trucks will have their licenses suspended.

No less.

Not so surprisingly, Chrystia Freeland (her last name sounds like a mockery) then sugarcoats what the government is good at spending money it does not have and saddling provinces with more debts which is just another way to slow down creeping inflation of course, but reassures Canadians that the money will help them get around. What is quite surreal here is that the Deputy Prime Minister ascertains that they now have the "power" to follow the money!

Equating freedom to terrorism and fear is the ultimate Orwellian message here. Anybody supporting such an unlawful endeavor will become a pariah.

The conclusion here is pretty straightforward and it is time to put an end to the insanity. Freedom is not and can't be for sale!

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Realistically speaking, it's the thinking that we can buy our way out of financial servitude that is perpetuating the "logical fallacy" itself because the hierarchy is structured in a way to protect itself from undesirable outsiders

What is next? With the "quantum computer" on the horizon, the faith in cryptos is doomed to be seriously challenged and proven futile. All new tech is released by the Davos Rulers only once they know that they can get around it later on hence the research is much more advanced than what we are told.

The ruling ideology is always ahead by much and ready to lock us ever deeper into the Matrix. Materialism is the illusion which the Matrix is built into and it is time that we grasp the inner workings of the trap or nothing good is going to ever happen.

It has never been clearer than that: we are in the midst of a metaphysical battle aimed at the human soul. The fear of death and the fear of separation are the same. Exclusion from family and friends, one's possessions and social rank, being left behind, etc. But if we have the courage to scrutinize our entire civilization history, our souls have always been blackmailed like this for centuries. This is nothing new. We are just witnessing a state of affairs that can no longer be ignored or denied.


So now we will see the next generation of covid vaccines. Those will be pushed by the likes of McCullough, Mikowitz and Malone, who have been saying all along "not these vaccines, but the one I have invested huge sums of money in will do the trick." We who know better will still be considered domestic terrorists, not sensible folk.